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Why is NaBloPo in November?

You know, I look forward to the challenge of blogging every day for a month.  I know, I could do this any month or every month but the community of doing this together is part of the fun.  I know the original concept was to write a novel of 10,000 words in the month of November and I think that might be either a ‘get it done before the year end’ for last minute publishing dollars, or, ‘I have no family so lets do something else’… Either way, 10k words or every day posts with basically a WEEK of real life in the middle is asking for trouble~

I’ve done it every year, but, every year are days with almost nothing or just a picture.  My computer is far away from the family center (on purpose) but when my kids are home and parents are visiting I’m just not creating time to run away and post.  I actually have posts in my head that I planned on doing this month but I think they will wait, or, they weren’t that important in the end. 🙂

So Thanksgiving!  Parents were here for a week, kids were home, we went out a few times and stayed home and visited a bunch.  We did the normal things like games and puzzles and watched some John Oliver highlights.  I can’t exactly take a week ‘off’ but the load was shared among more for a week.  Grandparents love to hear kids read (or at least its novel and they are willing) and every time I turned around my Dad was tidying or making tea, making it way easier around the house.  He also did a minor project that he had an idea about using a real tool and not just the saws-all that I had planned.  Mom re-taught the girls knitting for the 5th time and she knows that it takes about 10x so she is half way there.  Cooking was a joint effort and while it was not a giant fancy crazy vacation week it was a nice and happy and home vacation week.

On the other hand….  while I did pre-do 95% of my paid work, I had a big pile of things to sort through today, and, more for tomorrow.  Today I skipped the gym but I did 7 loads of laundry, took down all the thanksgiving and started putting up a bit of Christmas.  Washed all the dishes, did all the baking, wrote a press release for Turkey Bingo as well as edit and post a ton of pictures from the event.  I also got in a good walk with Fiona and we got two Magikarp, and tonight before I sat down here, I did 45min on the elliptical and rounded out my 10k steps for the day.  Not too shabby a start on the list.

Speaking of ‘the list’ the next countdown in my world is not to Christmas but to our trip to Hawaii!  In 16 days we leave so that is not a lot of time to get quite a bit done.  I’m toying with the idea of not doing all the decorations this year, but, I do need to get on the ball about shopping and some crafting etc.  Same with Christmas cards and teacher gifts, my timeline is pulled up a week at least.  I’m sure the trip will be worth it, I’ll swim in the ocean on my birthday (a once in a lifetime event) and be ready for a Christmas on the beach picture in 26 days.

To anyone who found me during NaBloPoMo, I don’t usually post daily but I do post often so I hope you don’t leave.  I hit 1000 followers this month, something I intended to post about but obviously did not.  That is a pretty big number and I’m sure not everyone actually reads often at all, but, I hope you that do feel you are getting your monies worth.

It is time for me to wrap this up and expedite bed time and then back to the list.  That laundry won’t fold itself and I have 1 season of Gilmore Girls to finish before I can watch the new movies. (ps. saving the movies for Hawaii with my sister, can’t wait!)


Blog posting month


Weather; Fall again, feel the chill

Kids; 100% in school today

Workout; 1 bodypump class today and maybe I’ll walk to get that elusive 10k steps

health; heard a dishearting rattle in a sudden cough that was not there yesterday…

calories; resisting the candy.  Not resisting a cookie for breakfast.


Here I am again!  In my old job there was a predictable season for all sorts of thing.  The time I would send this or budget that or schedule the other…  One of my odd worries when I started to stay home was that I would lose that rhythm to the year.  I was wrong. Plenty of things.  There were the expected holiday and birthday things that roll around like clockwork but those were already a given.  Things like posting every day in November is oddly like when I would review the prices of every item in my zone of influence.  It is nice to have built a new framework, there is basically no dull time in the year, no time when I’m just doing the same thing week after week with no variation.  I think I actually have more variation now than I did at the mundane job!

On the other hand, posting every day the topics start to get thin.  I have not decided if I’ll go with a theme or jump onto the prompts they send out daily or if I’ll fall back on my routine prompts from last year.  Each have merit and I guess we will find out tomorrow!  One thing is for sure, its going to get a bit random because I am using all my strategy and planning on the 5 other blogs and web presences I’m managing right now!


In the vain of random, here is a picture of Niamh in a shirt she was given when she was 3.  It says ‘my dad rocks’ and has been in her wardrobe ever since.  The friends that gave it to her are expecting their first baby in March but back then just had no concept of kid sizes – soon they will laugh at themselves (more, because they laughed in the first place too).


ps.  I just remembered I could have gotten away with just a picture today as ‘wordless Wednesday’  oh well, I just can’t keep my days straight when my Monday is off balance.

Wisely using my child free time

Today I have actually done so many of the things my head says one should do .


  • Got up a little early to read and snuggle with Niamh
  • I made healthy lunches for kids
  • ate breakfast on the go, but, ate breakfast
  • dropped off and hugged 5 kids at school
  • worked out with a friend who totally made the workout possible by pulling out equipment for me too
  • Showered!  before noon!
  • met up with friends for an hour
  • took a 1 mile walk where I got 5 pokimon
  • Finished an awesome biography on Birdseye
  • ate lunch with my husband
  • answered a few pressing e-mails
  • did a work call

And now I look toward a major project – swapping kid rooms – that I’ve been trying to get underway for weeks.  The bed is here, the mattress arrived this afternoon, I cleaned the kitchen last night so that’s still good and I have a ‘free’ hour before my first sewing lesson student arrives.

This week has been decent in rhythm.  I’m working out more if not at normal/regular times.  I can spend time with the kids doing individual things because I can get some of the annoying chore things done faster solo.  Work is increasing since I’m onboarding a new client so I have way more setup work than normal but its also fun.  I still need to work out my computer time because if I’m not with Fiona I tend to work all day non stop and if I’m with Fiona I can’t break away as regularly as I used to.  I’ll get that dialed in sooner or later 🙂

So thats my life right now.  I need to do some posts on projects I’m working on because the big Halloween holiday is coming and we have a few new hobbies going that are totally worth talking about but I’m too busy doing to get writing.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Mine will involve a chainsaw!

Getting back in my bubble

Weather – cloudy but warm, sunny afternoons.  Can’t complain

Bath water – unwashed!!! given more daylight and less strict schedule we somehow lost the routine.  Zoe and Fiona did roll down muddy hills the other day, that bath was NOT skipped and was very dirt colored.

Naps – Fiona just requested one.  Poor bug, we have plans, feel free to fall asleep early tonight (post bath)

Exercise – the Y opens tomorrow!  I’ve done 35min or more on the elliptical at least plus parent.


Last week I had some intense anxiety.  Usually I know what I’m worried about, its a trip or an event or something but this was just free floating like something really really bad was going to happen.  I even had nightmares of loved ones dying and overall my normal 5 hours of sleep slipped down to 3ish.  The problem was there was nothing I was actually really worried about personally, especially after the bogie of a last day of school/party/another party/camping trip was complete.

Then Orlando happened.

I have seriously no ties to the city, I care on a human level but I’m not personally linked.  I don’t even want to make the claim that my ‘premonition’ had anything to do with knowing something like that might happen.  The anxiety, however, is gone.

The thing is, if you are lucky enough to live in a nice place with good health and friends living in the bubble is a nice place to be.  Poke your head out of the bubble on any given day and you are likely to see something bad happening in the world.  This week it is 50 dead in Orlando followed by a 2-year-old being snatched and killed by an alligator – just to show us all that nature won’t be ignored just because you are paying attention to the horror show caused by humans.  And I’m not even looking hard!  If you start looking you can find any number of massive atrocities and minor tragedy.

Last night we watched a movie titled “Look who’s back” and it is the story of Hitler appearing in 2014 exactly where his bunker was.  Starts a little along the fish out of water and is vaguely funny but progresses to show how easily he picks right back up.  I could write thousands of words (I have actually, in various papers for college) on the fact that he was a brilliant man who identified real problems but solved them with a VERY VERY bad solution.  The thing is, the movie shows how easy it was to start small and build up using a mix of truth and hate and it pulls in the common man.  New Hitler marvels at the TV and the internet and how wonderful a propaganda method they are.  It’s a really well-done movie but a bit too close to home right now in the US.  I’ve ignored the ‘like Hitler’ references up to now because people overuse the phrase , every president/president candidate has been ‘like Hitler’ to someone.  Now though, it is closer to truth and I’m not sure what can be done.  I fall back on the fact that we are not electing a king, unlike 1933 Germany our government has a 3 angled check and balance system of government, and, I hope the good people who will stand up for themselves and their neighbor outnumber those who watch or follow.

I fall back on the fact that we are not electing an all-powerful king, unlike 1933 Germany our government has a 3 angled check and balance system of government, and, I hope the good people who will stand up for themselves and their neighbor outnumber those who watch or follow.  The outrage over each thing that happens gives me hope that we would not be silent.  However, it makes me not want to leave my bubble, because in here the biggest problem is who got more blueberries.

There is a little saying going around now and while I usually will appreciate and move on, this is one I will stand with and share; IMG_9326

And now I go out into my bubble world of friends and garage sale and sunblock and sprinklers.  I think I need a break from the news and the world.

Thinking about Therms


I think people who have read for a while here know I bake.  I bake all our bread, I bake muffins weekly and in this season of birthdays I’m churning out cake and cupcakes like its my job.  This is NOT the time for our oven to go nutters.

For a while, it was just running off but predictably so.  I have an independent thermometer so I would just go by that and adjust – it was roughly 30 degrees hot.  Kinda like our car that the gas gauge was highly unreliable so we kept mileage tally for about 3 years.  Recently it has lost any reliability and baking has become a hazard.  Thanks to a really good tax return we are looking at replacements.  Yes, it might be fixable, however, it is mid range in a mediocre branded came with the house that we have lived in for 16 years.  It’s done its time.

Just like the washer replacement last year, Lars is drawn to the higher end replacements.  I was very reluctant until I found that double convection ovens are now ‘the thing’.  The only down side is my ability to research like crazy so I can find people that hate everything….  The local store did not have any of the brand we wanted but it had a different split oven so I eyeballed it myself and confirmed you can put a turkey in the bottom and a good sized dish, or 2 cookie sheets in the top.  I will miss the storage from a traditional model but I bet I’ll be using the top oven 90% so I can keep my spare pans in the bottom anyway.  The other primo feature is a central griddle burner.  I’ve been using 2 burners and flipping it between batches of pancakes for years, I don’t know what I’ll do with my extra found time while cooking …


For over 1k this thing better be awesome but the washer is so I’m hopeful.

Share your world week 14

I like the mundane yet interesting nature of this weekly challenge!  Here I am again, filling in the blanks after the questions in bold.  Please join me, I would love to know your answers too.


If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?

I do hire out the yard work but they really just mow, I wish they would make the yard into a garden but we do what we can!  I would love help with cleaning but as I’ve said tons of times I’m really not good with cleaning services because they don’t tidy and what I need help with is putting all the things away (endlessly, on repeat).  Seriously, if I’m already removing a bike helmet, shoes, barbies, a ball, 2 cups, a can of trash, 35 wet washcloths and a pile of laundry, how is it more trouble to wipe things down (with some of the 35 used cloths) and spend 30 seconds cleaning the toilet??  And yes – those were all things I’ve picked up from the bathroom very recently.  Bottom line, I’m already cleaning, might as well do it all.  Cooking – well – I won the lotto on that because husband cooks 🙂  We also subscribe to the Blue Apron/Hello Fresh style service so it’s even easier.

What makes you laugh the most? Books, TV, YouTube, kids explanations of things, bad jokes, playing games with friends + wine;  I actually laugh a lot, can’t say what is most

What was your favorite food when you were a child? Bacon… and probably candy and I consistently requested spaghetti sauce for birthday’s but at one point I said I wanted nothing but bacon at my wedding.  Ironically, I can’t eat much anymore, maybe I hit my lifetime limit.

List at least five favorite flowers or plants. Aren’t there billions?  I love lavender because it smells nice and is hard to kill.  My parents raspberry patch.  Gerber daisies because they are crazy fun but I can’t grow them. I love black magic roses and calla lilies (both were at my wedding).  And any flower, bush or tree that grows nicely without me giving it too much attention.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?   I’m grateful for a low-stress mom who can visit on a random rainy week and be fine with just joining my life.  I’m looking forward to Niamh’s friend party (and looking forward to it being done)