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Nope, I won’t marry you…

This weekend I had the most random of lists of things to bring to the SCA event;

  1. 200 boxes of girl scout cookies, and, 2 girls to sell them, and all the ‘stuff’ that goes with selling cookies
  2. A tunic I made for a friend
  3. A set of flower girl dresses, and, 2 girls to wear them
  4. A form someone needed

I also brought all the normal stuff like lunch and outfits etc but it was a very multifunctional day.


The most odd item is the flower girl dresses, because, SCA events tend to focus on an era where brides didn’t even wear white and there were no such notions as flower girls HOWEVER a photographer friend is launching his site and does NOT want to do wedding photography.  He did want a cute way to say that though, cute and also very clear, because brides to get rather persistent…  Anyway, his vision was cute flower girls being a little sassy and holding signs that said ‘nope’ and ‘sorry’.  We did this mini photoshoot in the end of a hallway by the bathroom with his studio lights and a backdrop all set up in less time than it took for me to put the girls into their dresses.  He also provided props and I just love the results!


The funny side of this, beyond the pictures, is that they were posted on facebook, so I could see them, but, that meant that all my other friends could see them and the ‘why’ of the situation is not very clear.  I started thinking from an outside point of view and my brain started churning out ideas for these images beyond their real purpose.

  1. They could be a very simple meme – like when I just don’t wanna anymore I will just post the ‘nope’ picture16730530_833461313469921_7959922486969901883_n
  2. We can also launch a line of demented cards for when you can’t figure out how to decline a proposal – send a nice ‘nope’ card.


3. Finally, if you miss declining early and need to leave someone at the alter – just post this ‘Nope’ plus ‘sorry’ picture and all thats left is the crying.  Adding the sorry is just polite at that point.


Happy Anniversary day

Married 11 years… wow


Some things are still just the same, some are a bit different~

Cee’s Foto Fun – Churches

Hummm, this is so not one I’m going to ‘win’ because while I do think there are gorgeous churches and religious buildings  out there and I’ve seen my fair share I apparently never take good pictures of them.  I combed my archive, always fun for me, and ended up with a few cool ones to share.  I’m sharing them because I had fun finding and picking them, not really because they are super spot on with the theme this week.

I do hope you enjoy anyway 🙂

Zoe and Konrad – the wedding in Tennessee

One of my favorite from our friends wedding. Can’t see much church but it is on campus at the University of St Thomas.

Here is a more theme worthy picture but since churches are also dark, not all that awesome a picture. It is where my cousin got married and is a very very pretty church.

Churches make good backgrounds 😉

And these two I technically get no credit for since our wedding photographer took them but I can’t resist

Wherever I live, I’ll always consider this ‘my’ church (even if it does look like pizza hut from the outside)

Also from our wedding and not even the church we got married in- this is a church at a historic building park and only fits about 20 people inside but I’ve always loved it. The model like man in front is Lars’s frat brother ‘Shoop’ (he got lucky, another brother was name couch… took me years to find their real names)


These are just the pictures from my iPhone, a good but not superior camera that I actually lost for a while during the reception so no pictures of that.  The wedding was so fun that the bride forgot her overnight bag (I found it and got it to her but not before teasing that she would have to make an outfit from hotel towels).


Comparing this to my or my sister Sineads wedding is like comparing apples to pineapple to spicy chicken wings.  This wedding was full of kids and we had to plan around the crew of 8 where my wedding had a single 1 year old. Since I was NOT the bride I got the chance to put in some of the cute details I would have loved to do for my wedding but had no time to do.  No bridezilla (or groomzilla), the photographer seemed the quintessential wedding guy with all the bells and whistles.  While the venues were identical between mine and Josie’s wedding, they were still very different feeling.  The priest was great, he even said “this marriage is already blessed by God” the best possible way a priest can reference an 18m old son of the couple.  There were little things like every party but overall it was a 10.


kisses for the bride

waiting in the limo

first limo ride!

limo’s are big….

hiding in the bushes

zoe finds the bar…

3 bridesmaids

3 groomsmen

attracting wildlife

the limo kiss picture 🙂

wedding wedding wedding

I must do some other things too like laundry (to pack for the wedding) but full steam ahead for MacLiving Wedding!

In the middle

Someecards, you always know what to say


I’m mid ‘thing’ on many many things that I’m not quite sure what to do…

The deck is waiting on 48h of sun in the forecast and that isn’t happening this week.

The birthday party is basically shopped for and I still need to make cupcakes and frosting but can’t really do that too far in advance.  We also need to get balloons, scoop ice cream (the best party tip ever!  Pre scoop ice cream into cupcake wrappers and keep (covered) in a cupcake pan in the freezer.  Take out at party time and Vola! no waiting, no annoying scooping while 10 kids are sugaring themselves up)  I suppose I can make the treat bags but that really is not a big deal and we are semi unsure of how many people are coming.  I’m positive on 4 kids (plus my 3) so I’m going to just make for 10 since I have a ‘firm maybe’ and then a bunch of people that never answered.  Zoe’s most desired guest is coming so that is really all that matters!


My sisters wedding is on the horizon and I finished my one major task of creating this flower girl dress.

Don’t give me too much credit – it is actually a flower girl dress from my wedding that I took out all the blue flowers and added coral and changed the ribbon and we are set.

 I’m lucky that she picked this dress (a style I totally love btw) and that my friend kept the dress that was her daughters.  There are close to the wedding things on the list but can’t do them here or now so I wait until the right time.


I’m waiting on the bread in the oven so I can’t really leave… it is also pouring rain so no lunch hottub.


There are dull things to do like clean my desk or clean a number of other things but I plowed through the bills and things that had to get done yesterday so everything else can be easily procrastinated.  I do have a few sewing projects but I am generally busy for the next few days that I would just be pulling out the stuff to leave a mess because I won’t have time to finish.  Tomorrow we are going to a cool petting zoo, Saturday party, Sunday mothers day, Monday normal Monday but should start packing, then Wedding extravaganza! Then home again.


There is just a weird feeling right now that I SHOULD be doing something but everything I can remember is either done, can’t do yet, or don’t really need/want to do.  I’ll just eat lunch I suppose and get ready for the afternoon.