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ahhh home keyboard


Naps; I got to sleep late, Fiona is sick so is more or less sleeping all day

Bird Tree; picked clean, time to refresh!

House; left it clean, came back to that weird closed house smell, now it has luggage-splosion going on

Health; Fiona has a fever, Niamh and Zoe are ok so far, Lars and I have the nose/minor cough thing.

Lake ice; in 10 days it went from nothing to solid enough for crazy people to sit on (and they are).  No trucks yet

Mom Miles; YTD 10, today (so far) 1.67

Today has been major catch up and I’m stealing a little time from my workout to write so I won’t be doing a real post right now but I wanted just a little something here to greet the new year’s word count.

We got home yesterday in good order.  Flights were easy and on time and kids were reasonable.  Fiona was coming down with the community cold that our NY cousins had so she wasn’t delightful but she could have been worse.  Lars and I are still pretty pro at family air travel;  He went to fetch the car while I waited for luggage and when he got to the curb I loaded 2 kids and took #1 to help with the luggage.  SWA lets you have 2 checked bags per person so transporting Christmas was not a problem but getting it out to the car is still tricky but Niamh was a big help hauling 2 rollers herself!


We did a mini Christmas in the evening with the few things that we didn’t want to transport because they were already wrapped and/or too big to bring.  The animals were a big hit, I’m glad we indulged, plus now we can talk about the elephant in the room….IMG_7582


Today was very home based since Fiona could not really go out.  I took Zoe for a massive shopping trip since we left zero groceries to waste when we left.  Now we need to start resetting ourselves for a regular week including putting away a ton of clothes (brought home clean!) and making backpacks school ready again.


Now I must hop on the elliptical so I can earn my steps for the day.  I passed my misfit on to Zoe so I have in-house competition for steps and she is very very good at moving around :)

Reverse trip

LGA. No comment. But we are at the gate and ready to get back home. 


Midnight 1.0

Party w friends and back to 299 for “midnight” thanks to Netflix at 9pm. 

Now on to the grown up going out side thanks to grandma who volunteered to mind the kids. 

What day is it?


blogging; like the weather expect anything

naps; I’ve had more than Fiona

Books; Onto the next in my Golden Fool series (Robin Hobb), started a new collection of Stephen King short stories on audio, Have written nothing in 2 weeks but my writing partner has so that counts :).  **forgot to mention a pretty weak romance I listened to called ‘Montana bride’.

Health; everyone around us is sick so I’m hopeful that our kids hold out.

Visiting; have seen every family member in the state, 1 friend briefly, and met a few new people at the yacht club.

Exercise; ? what? my exercise apps think I’ve died and are sending reminder beeps.


I should probably have an entire category dedicated to the fact that when my schedule is off I no longer have the ability to remember the day or date.  I’m in NY, I believe it is Monday, but I can’t even say that it feels like an X day because I’m just in vacation muddle.  Fortunately the kids are all having a good time with different toys in a different space so my lack of planning looks more like ‘taking it easy’.  I know some people plan vacation to simply do nothing but I’m not that person.

All the holiday festivities of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day all had prescribed and traditional things that I was happy to participate in and plan little of.  I made more rainbow cookies and other than that I’ve been in the helpful crew rather then the leadership team.  That is nice for a change :)

I am getting in the mindset of the end of year review.  What went well, what didn’t work as planned.  Mostly things feel the same but if I give thought to it tons has changed.  My big personal change was leaving behind problems I could not solve and had no business solving.  That has simplified so many thing!  I can’t worry about how other people lead their lives, and with that, I accept what they choose and if I strongly disagree I just drift away from the situation.  That isn’t what I planned on writing but I don’t totally plan my writing here anyway.

Well the day moves on and I think I’m going to force the nap issue today since the last few bedtimes have been not ideal with #3.  It is also sunny so I’m going to enjoy the double reason to go out for a walk (plus I need to know what happens next with Mr King’s person eating car).






Packed and ‘ready’ to go


nap – me now, Fiona IDK she was at school…

ice report – lake has a solid layer, might support a squerral or small cat

Packing – as good as I can

House – surprisingly tidy

workout – see above two items

Cat – needy but needs met


I’m very glad I scheduled this entire day to prep for leaving.  Before 10 am I had done all the normal monday plus get Fiona ready AND special Raindeer hair.  I also went to the DMV and renewed my lisecnce (I fear the TSA won’t allow expired), returned all the library books, got special cat food from the vet and special cat litter from the pet store.  Worlds fastest trip to the grocery because I broke the frosting for the cupcakes and needed more cream.


By 11 am I had frosted and decorated festive cupcakes and made a very nice treats tray including rainbow cookies and delivered it to daycare.  I also oversaw (Lars actually did it) a tasty lunch box for our postal worker and stashed it in the mailbox (we know her).


Over the next few hours I did all the laundry, folded it all, sorted out what we are bringing.  I coordinated outfits for 5 people for 2 events including shoes and accessories (yes I dress my husband).  I mined all the spots I hid presents and made sure I was fairly equal betwen the kids and packed them all into a box and added a note for TSA since I’m sure it will look extra special in x-ray.  I cleaned as I went more or less but Lars took his lunch to clean the kitchen and he is probably why my day went so well.


Now that I have a fit bit I can see how high strung I apparently am.  Lets just say my resting heart rate is awesome, 65bpm when I’m asleep, that is very good.  However… while not actually exercising my BPM rocket up to 80-90 often.  To try and be healthy I took a lunch break to eat up leftovers and watch Ballers, for medical reasons obviously – nothing to do with The Rock.

Now final lists are in place, final load of laundry is in (towels etc),  kid food has been served, dishwasher is awaiting our dishes and I think that means I’m at the packing finish line!


Wish me well tomorrow as we navigate 2 airports and a car service with 5 people.

A new little hobby – Ingress

Everything in my head right now is either boring (dishes, laundry, oppressive pile of to-do) or something I already talked about (kids, summer, is it time for school yet?).  On top of that I’ve just been out of the loop for ‘things’ because I’ve not been reading news or other blogs (or really doing much other than the aforementioned cleaning/parenting) so there isn’t much sparking conversation in my mind.

However – I did start playing Ingress.

There are plenty of tutorials about how to play, I know because I had to find them because just downloading the app is not all that explanatory.  This is not a tutorial, this is a how-orial and why-orial.  Here are some reflections on ‘why’ and ‘how’ this is a great game for anyone, especially a stay at home mom.

Statement; I’m doing so many things already it seems silly to add a game

Reply; This game actually fits in a normal active lifestyle because it is location based as long as you leave the house it is pretty easy to play.  There are ‘portals’ all over the place and they are most often in places you probably go already.  Library – yes, parks – yes, yes, yes (all of them), soccer field – yes, baseball field – yes, Post office – yes, church – yes.  To get to level 100000 you need to do more than just play in your normal run around life but there is plenty of fun to be added to the mundane errands that it is worth it.

Statement; what else is there?  turning it on during my errands is only so fun

Reply; Given that the original game (started a few years ago) put portals at every registered landmark and people have added to the list over the years, there are new fun things to discover if go you hunting for portals.  We had a great time at Shoreview community, a place we have gone weekly for years, wandering around and discovering new spots.  Within a very easy to walk radius we found 6 portals.  Part of the point is to find new things and enjoy the walk between.

A little trail through the woods to find the next portal.

Statement; How can I use Ingress to make my life more fun?

Reply; Open the big map and look for portals, plan around them.  Feel like a walk, find some near each other.  Feel like a run, use mapmyrun to make a trail for you.  Finding a portal in an area of your town you have never been, or, turning it on when you are at a new place and have some time to kill.

Fullscreen capture 8252015 55232 PM.bmp

Ingres map and mapmyrun working together…

Statement; I’m too busy with my kids/I don’t like using my phone around them

They have wanted to go through that tunnel for years – We finally went because of this game. Sometimes moms need a push to do something out of the routine…

Reply; really?  My kids think it is awesome – they love to hold the phone and follow the direction (orienteering).  They like to push the buttons (who doesn’t?).  Good incentive to walk and read, and, something we can easily and enjoyably do together.  Not to mention that half of these things are at parks and playgrounds.  This also keeps me engaged with my kids as I too, try, to not play with my phone while they are playing.

Statement; sounds like geocaching and last time I did that I got ticks and mosquito bites

Reply; This is similar because it is  walking around, but, instead of tracking down trails and poking under rotten logs to find a cache that is supposed to be hidden therefore hard to find – this is mostly in very public easy to get to locations and you just have to be in the area for it to work rather than looking for something the size of a tictac box.  NOTE; I know there are geocaching in the civilized world, and, Ingress down wooded paths – but – it is usually the other way around.  NOTE 2 – nothing wrong with hiking, just does mean more scheduled time and this is more doing during regular life.

Super easy to find spot in an inside place we go weekly :)

Finally, this is a motivator to get out of the house.  I want to go walk past a few of the closer ones daily and that means I find ways to get out and do it with the kids (or without).  Its walking with a purpose and a general goal and that does make walking more fun for me.  This works really well with my lifestyle since I do go out often, I like to walk, and I run fairly regularly and am always looking for new routes because the old ones get dull.  Who knows if I’ll ever achieve ‘big things’ because winning for me is just doing it~  If you want an invite let me know or you can just download the app.

PS.  The walk in the woods was SPESFICALLY motivated by Nerd the brains “go climb a tree” challenge and it is gravy that I got 3 portals while looking at trees.