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Home again


Location – back in MN in my own home

Nap – I got one, told them all to sleep or not but don’t bother me! Locked the front door and scattered snacks on the floor.

House – doing well for not being touched for a week.

Cat – back from cat vacation and happy (or as happy as a cat shows) to be back


My most recent Instagram is a picture of me at 4am.  Our flight was at 6, I woke up at 3, it was a good flight really but nothing is actually ‘good’ at 4am.  The kids are getting very adept at travel and I wish they would have slept, calmly playing a game for an hour was good enough even if I had to ‘look!’ every 2-5 minutes.  The best thing about a flight that early is that even after getting to the car, getting home, dropping off Lars and going to go get the cat and then getting home to stay I felt like it was 5 pm but it was only 10:30.  The kids chilled with TV powered by a remote they know and I kicked them outside to play in our spring sunshine.

I marked this last day of vacation by eating a cookie with my coffee, to say good-bye to unrestricted eating.  I didn’t go crazy eating on vacation but I also didn’t try and count because we were out so often.  The food, on the whole, was very good, we went out to a fancy steak place and a well known tex-mex tacarita.  We found a phenomenal sandwich shop that I could go back to every day and even the ‘Whataburger’ fast food was solid.  Our goal was to avoid any food place that we could eat at here.  The weird side of food was the lack of grocery shops, they must be hiding because we had a ton of trouble finding them.  The kids ate more pop tarts in the past week than in their entire lives but I think it balanced.

On the exercise front; I got a good run in plus some time at the hotel gym last night and most days we walked 5k steps or more. My exercise log should also reflect that I carried Fiona a quarter of the time too.  Spoiled little girl with no baby to take her place on my hip – she was toted around like an infant but in return she slept on me most days, fulfilling her nap requirement and keeping us from abandoning her.  Travel with kids is a balance of food and sleep and fun and managing the extremes of schedule changes while still actually doing different things.

I unpacked a bit and I’m glad to have the rest of the day to get to the remainder of that. My camera is not yet out so this won’t get pictures – just average it with the past two posts and we work out square.  Just in case, I never actually write another post on this adventure the brief itenery was;

Friday night – travel and arrive at the Dallas hotel

Saturday – hotel shuttle out to the Perot museum – stayed until lunch.  Went out to the mexican place and then strolled up the road to the Art Museum.  Saw a brief, but good, round of art and then rode the street car up and back.  To a public park that was way too crowded and back to the Perot again.  That was the night we tucked the kids into bed and left them with Becki and we went to the fancy steak place.  The day was very sunny and warm and just right to walk around Dallas.

Sunday – collected our ride for the week, a 10 passanger van that reminded me of the space shuttle.  Out to Ft Worth to the stock yard that is a total tourest place to view the cowboy side of Texas.  We left there and drove drove drove to Galveston to check in at the Air B&B house. (the house was its own story, in short, I give it 2 stars of 5)

Monday – wake up to waves and sea air!  Head into the main part of the island and take the ferry on a trip across and back again.  Ate at the fun sandwitch place and drove around a bit taking in the victorian houses and finally finding a grocery store.  Back to the house and the rest of the afternoon on the beach where boogie boarding and sand building were the order of the day.

Tuesday – getting mega storm warnings all day but nothing more than a sprinkle actually happened.  First I dragged them to the visitor center that is an 1830’s house and along with good info on where to go, we got to peek in on the house and its exibits (it was closed).  They directed us to the library across the street for genelogy info and it also had a huge Texas history museum floor as well as a nice and modern kids area.  It was an unexpected find and very fun for all.  Lunch in town and then we went to quite a few shops along the historic main street including the beef jerkey and choclate shops.  I strolled a sleeping Fiona while they went to the pirate museum.  Last, we got to the Bishop Palace and begged our way into a tour  even thought they were just about closed and finally back to the house for an evening beach walk.

Wednesday – Close up the house and drive drive drive (in the rain) back with a brief stop in Huston for the space center.  We had no time to really go in so we just ran around the outside a bit.  The rental car had a hard deadline of 5 pm and there are somethings you can’t talk your way out of.  The end of the day was a mash of finding food and a not so great hotel but when you select for proximity to airport and 24h shuttle you have to compromise on the actual quality of other things.  Hey, it had a pool, so that worked out.

And that, in a thousand words or less, was the vacation.  We got lucky all around with weather and got most of what we wanted to do done.


Now on to part 2 of spring break since the kids had zero snow days, we have Monday off too.  4 more days of break!  I wish we had more time in Texas but I’m glad to have some days here to enjoy.  Lars is just about done tuning up the kids bikes so I’m going to leave this and go enjoy some MN springtime.




A few days behind on here but I’ve been on Instagram. 
We are here and enjoying the sun!


three things thursday


health – got more sleep that 2 hours so that feels good. still a couple of colds but nothing dire

Lake ice – I don’t think going out there is a good idea…. poor season overall for ice but great for us who like spring

Weather – sunny today and we are expecting over 50 this weekend!?!

TV – started Colony, like it so far.  Missing Downtown since Lars won’t watch it and I have not had a free tv night in a while (ok by me really)


Three things this week…

  1. I’m glad to be working on some projects.  I feel like I’m at the perfect level of emails – I get some but not too many:)
  2. Vacation plans!  There is a ton of fun things to do, we will NOT be bored and I love planning and I double love having a friend to plan with.
  3. Cookie sales.  I’m happy to say we are within sight of our goals.  Not counting cookie booths, both girls did well.  I think Niamh did more and actually sold a ton of Zoe’s cookies, but, without Zoe, Niamh would not have wanted to get out there in the first place.  They make a good team.

That is all for now.  I need to get things done before the bus because we have a busy night!

ahhh home keyboard


Naps; I got to sleep late, Fiona is sick so is more or less sleeping all day

Bird Tree; picked clean, time to refresh!

House; left it clean, came back to that weird closed house smell, now it has luggage-splosion going on

Health; Fiona has a fever, Niamh and Zoe are ok so far, Lars and I have the nose/minor cough thing.

Lake ice; in 10 days it went from nothing to solid enough for crazy people to sit on (and they are).  No trucks yet

Mom Miles; YTD 10, today (so far) 1.67

Today has been major catch up and I’m stealing a little time from my workout to write so I won’t be doing a real post right now but I wanted just a little something here to greet the new year’s word count.

We got home yesterday in good order.  Flights were easy and on time and kids were reasonable.  Fiona was coming down with the community cold that our NY cousins had so she wasn’t delightful but she could have been worse.  Lars and I are still pretty pro at family air travel;  He went to fetch the car while I waited for luggage and when he got to the curb I loaded 2 kids and took #1 to help with the luggage.  SWA lets you have 2 checked bags per person so transporting Christmas was not a problem but getting it out to the car is still tricky but Niamh was a big help hauling 2 rollers herself!


We did a mini Christmas in the evening with the few things that we didn’t want to transport because they were already wrapped and/or too big to bring.  The animals were a big hit, I’m glad we indulged, plus now we can talk about the elephant in the room….IMG_7582


Today was very home based since Fiona could not really go out.  I took Zoe for a massive shopping trip since we left zero groceries to waste when we left.  Now we need to start resetting ourselves for a regular week including putting away a ton of clothes (brought home clean!) and making backpacks school ready again.


Now I must hop on the elliptical so I can earn my steps for the day.  I passed my misfit on to Zoe so I have in-house competition for steps and she is very very good at moving around:)

Reverse trip

LGA. No comment. But we are at the gate and ready to get back home. 


Midnight 1.0

Party w friends and back to 299 for “midnight” thanks to Netflix at 9pm. 

Now on to the grown up going out side thanks to grandma who volunteered to mind the kids.