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three things thursday

Oh my day was so full!  I could nearly put three smiles from just today!  I had an early morning at the dentist and while my teeth are still not so perfect (everyone needs a flaw 😉 the kids behaved beautifully and when you are taking a 3 and 5 year old to the dentist all bets are off.  Their teeth are all good so far.  Jet over to school* to drop off Zoe and then to the gym for a really good workout.  Home and home stuff and then out to an insurance meeting and then to a GirlScout event!  I kicked Lars out for a guy-game night and I’m home with kids asleep and the TV to myself.  I can’t help but do a little projecting but I do like that sort of thing…

Without further ado, here are my 3 selected smiles from a pretty good week overall**


  1. Crazy deck dwelling robins are reproducing.  IMG_8951
  2. Zoe, after a brief few months of going to bed with relative ease, is back at her “I’m not tired” visits 5x an evening.  The other day out of sheer exhaustion of her complaints of bedtime boredom, I told her to see how many cats she could fit on a piece of paper.  She asked “does it need to be the whole cat?” and I said no, draw whatever you like.  This is what she produced.  120 cats.  I’m pretty impressed by both the absolute graphic style and how many she seriously fit in there.  IMG_8980
  3. I like that I can have an idea for a banner and have all the things in the house to make it.  Scrapbook paper, paper cutter, paint, and vola!  “Happy BARKday Zoe” to fit the puppy theme.  I also sneak in my show; Gilmore Girls.  It is a show that just stands up well in my opinion and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching it and I hope it is still available when my girls are old enough because I’ll watch it again.IMG_8981



.* I have a habit of either NOT going to their school or going 2x in one day.  Dropped off Zoe AND had a GS event there tonight.  Always 2x, really weird….

** I’m leaving off Mothers day but that was a smile full day all by itself but it already got a post.

*** I almost put a picture of Mr Pink that Fiona took but too many other good things trump the fact that the cat is still alive, but, someone asked so yes – Mr Pink continues but the birds mock him because that nest is so cat vulnerable its silly and he has not noticed them yet.

3 Things


weather – seem to be reverting to winter… uncool MN spring

nap – she needs one, she is in her room, I am here typing

House – major shake ups coming, playing room merry go round and kitchen mini reno.

reading – not much!  keep falling asleep too fast


  1. This game – Neko Atsume – my mom introduced it to us and it is so fun for the kids.  incredibly low interaction, you really just go look at what cats are there.  You fill the food up and maybe get a new toy out but really all you do is check on the cats.  Purrrrfect distraction for all the kids and certainly makes me smile.IMG_8687
  2. Thing two that is a happy thing is finally listing the rental.  I listed yesterday and its like a feeding frenzy!  4 inquiries in under a day.  I already have a favorite but there is a strong second too.  It is such a relief to have demand!
  3. After a year of sitting on the project, I nearly have bedroom curtains.  Don’t worry, we had shades so the neighbors were shielded from our PJ’s.  I say nearly because I’m still working on some options but they are cut and 90% sewn.


    not yet perfect but they exist – top is a close up

I’m also looking forward to my MOM night out tonight and I have an excited/scared feeling about taking on my closet.  Its time, its been years since I wore my work uniform of nice pants and a button down that I need to say good bye to that segment of my wardrobe.  I have ignored the closet for years, it needs help, I think this is the time to reclaim it.  Sure, my life is full of glamour and excitement, you should see what I don’t tell you about 😉

three things thrusday


nap – she is sleeping, I should be

health – minor cold turns into major breathing event….

Weather – awesome, this is why I live here – sunny, 70, light breeze

House – getting party ready so a combo of clean and crafting piles


This week is full steam toward party, plus, keep up with normal life and fill in the gaps from our week last week.  On top of it all Fiona had a breathing event…  All night…  I’m getting better at this at least so I guess my #1 thing is;


  1. 2 very healthy kids and one kid who’s health I can handle.  There are so many parents with such worse conditions that I consider this breathing thing not so bad.  She just gets a sniffle and it turns into a major wheeze.  We also were not on top of her allergy medicines and the world decided to bloom.  So we missed a playdate, that’s fine, sitting quietly looking at books is nice too.
  2. Pool noodle horses!  These are really super easy and pretty inexpensive.  I got the noodles at the dollar store, I got eyeballs, clothes line, and pipe cleaner (bridle) at walmart for under $8 total.  The manes are scrap fleece and I got way more than I needed.  I already had a glue gun and a sharpie and clear packing tape so over all an inexpensive craft.  I finished all 15 in about an hour and a half.  They are the ‘goodie bag’ for the royal theme party this weekend.  Kids will have some horse races, maybe some art, a bit of ‘fight the knight’, and we will see what else.IMG_8491
  3. Brushing up my balloon twisting skills and making sure I can make plenty of swords for the party.  This was also my wordless Wed pic but I’m still happy about it


I thought I was done since so much of my week is focused on party, cleaning, and kid care that I totally forgot about this picture until I was uploading from my phone.  This is Zoe at the hotel and she is reading the only book she could find…  They tested my limits that night but this picture is just cute enough it will be all I remember.



Three thing Thursday 

Turning 8 today!
Dinner at her favorite Mexican place 

Bow “crown” for school and fancy pancakes  
  Waiting on the cake with cousins on the iPad 

And we did lunch at school and gifts and I think it was a good day. ** I also plan on waking her up at 10:06pm for the real anniversary of  her uber slow emergence into the world. 

Three things Thursday

It’s been a while so I have more than three, and, some are from other weeks that I didn’t get to write about.


  1. Happy Birthday Dad!  My father turns another year older and for once in a long while his birthday is NOT a special lent day so he can eat and drink without bending the random laws of lent.  I’m calling in for birthday candles tonight at 7 but I’ve been thinking good dad thoughts all day.


    dad making a turkey hand print for my collection

  2. Fiona, my little firecracker, is your typical 3 (almost 4) year old with her moods and her crazy but in general she is a happy kid.  This week she helped wash dishes but spend most of the time cleaning the scrub-daddy and Monday she scootered almost a mile to the park.
  3. These cool creations from Borax actually came out very cool, I’m glad we did it – Thanks Pinterest! IMG_8416
  4. The Figgoli – you saw me make it, then decorate it, and the moment of truth – the taste!  It was really really good.  That recipe makes tons so we are still eating it because you cut a bit about the size of ‘fun size’ candy bar.  I’ve been eating it for breakfast since it is basically a big pile of egg and almond (and butter) and I’m contemplating making it again to just cut into bars as my own power bar…  It is not overly sweet and I’ve very very happy how it turned out. IMG_8357
  5. In a random cleaning I found my 1999 date book, you know, from when you had to write stuff down.  I love this little bit of history and I even have the date I met Lars on it.738A0FB9-80D8-4EEA-B7D9-2822D52FF65E
  6. Last but not least – Niamh made me this bracelet.  All by herself.  I actually have no idea how to do one myself even.  She asked for help finding how on youtube (not allowed to youtube alone) watched the video and started churning them out.  I’m happy that she wants to, I’m happy that she can use resources to figure out how, and I’m happy that her goal was to make something…  IMG_7927

three things thursday


health – got more sleep that 2 hours so that feels good. still a couple of colds but nothing dire

Lake ice – I don’t think going out there is a good idea…. poor season overall for ice but great for us who like spring

Weather – sunny today and we are expecting over 50 this weekend!?!

TV – started Colony, like it so far.  Missing Downtown since Lars won’t watch it and I have not had a free tv night in a while (ok by me really)


Three things this week…

  1. I’m glad to be working on some projects.  I feel like I’m at the perfect level of emails – I get some but not too many 🙂
  2. Vacation plans!  There is a ton of fun things to do, we will NOT be bored and I love planning and I double love having a friend to plan with.
  3. Cookie sales.  I’m happy to say we are within sight of our goals.  Not counting cookie booths, both girls did well.  I think Niamh did more and actually sold a ton of Zoe’s cookies, but, without Zoe, Niamh would not have wanted to get out there in the first place.  They make a good team.

That is all for now.  I need to get things done before the bus because we have a busy night!