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iPhone wall… send help


Eye – nearly normal

Nap – got a little one, it was grand, better news; Fiona put her own head down in her own bed and took a nap!

House – still clean ūüôā

Cat – getting a kidney nutritional supplement and diet rather than a shallow grave (so far)


I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been instigating communication and family togetherness with a Sunday Text String. ¬†Its worked well, we have good participation and I feel like I know my cousins way better than I did in July. ¬†The problem is there are 11 of us… ¬†11. ¬†Like one more than 10. ¬†Did you know that 10 was the limit for text recipients?

For a while the answer was simple, one of our cousins didn’t like texting and constantly lost her phone anyway. ¬†She ended up off the list and I’m ¬†not sure she even knew… ¬†Recently she has changed her mind about text and communication (I heard at least) so I renewed my efforts to find a way to include her.

So far no dice. ¬†It looks like an ATT thing according to some articles but whatever it is I’m stuck for a solution.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Is there such thing as an auto forward for a group text?

Two of the cousins still share a house but they are pretty independent people so I don’t want to tell them they need to share the text…

I’ll keep looking but every app I’ve tried fails too so signs point to ATT.


A little less social meadia to keep social

Yesterday I praised the megga that is FaceBook but we all know it has its flaws (including the perpetual hoax that it is going to publicize all our posts). ¬† One of the reasons I have a selfie of myself with the moon is because I took it to send specifically to my cousins. ¬†Why? ¬†Well – it ties into one of the main reasons why I blog – to¬†keep in touch with my family in NY, HI, ME, and CA etc. ¬†HOWEVER, due to who know why reasons my cousins do not write an equally verbose blog so I don’t know much about THEM. ¬†I have two options; let my cousins drift off and turn into people I only see at funerals and occasional holidays OR do something about it. ¬†What I decided to do was start a Sunday Text Share.

I got everyone’s number, held my breath hoping that they would go along with it, and texted a little intro and a picture of my kids on Sunday morning.

What followed was beyond expectations…. ¬†of 9 people on the list all but 1 replied. ¬†And not just replied once like I hoped, many of them texted throughout the day and it felt like we actually spent the day together in a way. ¬†The best part is that by reaching into each of my sisters and cousins lives I get to see their husbands and friends and kids so from a 10 person list we get a snippet of life from 30+ souls. ¬†We all grew up within a mile of each other and now we live all over half the globe but on Sunday I feel like they are neighbors again.


kid cousins in the stream I played in with my cousins… Because we can’t do this often we can do the next best thing…

We have kept it up for a month now and I find myself taking extra pictures on Sunday¬†to share and I’m always glad I have them later. ¬†After I started this project I started seeing articles on the general subject of ‘keeping in touch’ (good old red-car syndrome) and the one that was most striking was that friendships are often¬†about the little normal moments. ¬†Of knowing that someone cooked steak or that just replaced a doorknob. ¬†The mundane details that would never ever make a Christmas letter (of chit chat at a funeral…) but make a person real. ¬†That’s what I’m looking for with my family and I think we are going that way. ¬†Some of them are fantastic about posting on facebook, others not so much, but we can all* text and do ūüôā ¬†I hope we can keep this up, the technology is there and all my cousins have a phone so we are a very lucky 1st world family and this works for us. ¬†I thought I might share since I know lots of families are spread out over the country and this is a way to use our current tech to keep in touch – who knows, maybe someday they will perfect the transporter and we can all do coffee weekly but until then this will have to do.


*ok, one cousin apparently can’t – you can lead a horse to water…. still not bad overall

Three Things Thursday

Since yesterday I’ve been thinking its Friday. ¬†I have nothing big-big going on this weekend – a birthday party, and maybe some construction and I’m looking forward to a nice Mothers Day but not to much that I need to skip 3 normal days ūüôā ¬† ¬†I like Thursday overall, it is my ‘unplanned’ day most weeks so we took our time in the bank and walmart and earlish nap for the meltdown queen. ¬†Before I tackle the next thing, I want to do my 3 things Thursday since its been weeks!

1. We are doing something about Zoe’s nail biting habit. ¬†I read all sorts of solutions out there but a Mom friend said ‘old fashioned sticker chart’ so we talked about it, put on nailpolish, and I printed out a chart. ¬†She was so excited that she has done really really really well. ¬†The key for her was that it had to be on a clipboard, and, she wanted a stamp. ¬†Win and win, I have both in the closet. ¬†Her chosen prize at the end of 10 days is either an Ap or an in ap purchase. ¬†Given that 3 days is a habit I think she has broken it but she tells me that sometimes she still wants to bite them. ¬†If I need to chart for the next 6 months and shell out $20 a dollar at a time thats worth it for me!


2. Buttons.  All of a sudden Fiona can do them!  She says that Daniel Tiger taught her and that just validated all the hours of TV she gets.  IMG_5255

3. I’m still glad about the event I got to go to. ¬†I took 3 pictures total the whole day and 99.9% of the time my phone was away. ¬†Day to day the internet; blogs, facebook, instagram, email is my substitute for actual adult human interaction. ¬†When I’m at an event I’m swimming, positively floating, in interesting interactions! ¬†Real face to face¬†is so much better than facebook! ¬†Other than driving (where I keep my eyes on the road not my phone) and sleeping, I had just about no time that was not full of¬†fun people. ¬†(I also try to keep the technology to a minimum given that it is a historical group). ¬†I’m still feeling ‘full’ from social time, like I had a fantastic meal. ¬†Totally makes up for all the catch up I did the rest of the week. ¬†Two of the three pictures are of this viking boat replica, some crazy people actually sailed it from the east coast to Norway…. ¬†Nothing to do with the event I was at but it was in the lobby of the building and is undeniably cool (and crazy)


That is my 3 for this week! If you want to participate or see what other people are glad about for the week go check out Nerdthebrain~

I have a stalker in my pocket?!?

Last month I¬†upgraded from my beloved 4s to a 6 and wow now I can’t go back. ¬†You never really get rid of a phone, they get passed down to children or knock around in drawers but like the Shakespeare quote “bloodless remnant of thy royal blood” the spark is gone from the phone now replaced (yes… I memorized all of Queen Ann’s soliloquy in Richard III and the majority is STILL taking up space in my head) ¬†The iPhone 6 is a whole size larger and many times OS newer and personally I like the change to¬†OS8 and I’m ok with the size change.

Poking around on the new phone I noticed an app labeled ‘health’ and more or less ignored it since I supposed it would link to a fitbit or fuel. ¬†I did really really like my fitbit but it is lost somewhere in my house and I tried to find it using the location techniques but never narrowed in. ¬†Moving on from fitbit was a bit hard because not only was it a gift that I appreciated and had even requested, I LOVED the stats. ¬†I didn’t like remembering to put it on and apparently I was unable to keep track of the wee thing (smaller than a machbox car). ¬†Every so often I think about getting a new one but then I don’t and you ¬†know how that goes.

On vacation, because I had next to no internet, I had down time to play around with my phone and opened up that mystery ‘health’ ap. ¬†Wow-oh-wow my phone¬†actually IS a FITBIT without the issues of losing it or forgetting to put it on because I love and use my phone often, and, it is the size of a healthy serving of meat. ¬†The bright side is that it has been tracking my steps and stairs and runs for over a month. ¬†The not so bright side…. I had no idea it was literally recording my every step….

I am sure I’m not the first person to discover this app since the phone and OS has been out for a while but just in case you didn’t know, your iPhone with OS8 is recording recording recording.

Bottom line, I am glad to have it tracking stats I’m interested in. ¬†Even with the number of times I leave my phone on the table while doing things I walk a good amount a day, averaging nearly 3k without trying and that is just time I have my phone on me. ¬†I’ll have to try and keep it with me more to see how I really do now that I know it exists!


Ps. it still can’t count small flights of stairs, just like all other trackers. ¬†I go up and down short flights in my split level house constantly but never get credit for more than 4 or 5 a day.

Finish the Story 2/23


This is becoming a thing I really look forward to ūüôā ¬†Monday finish the story, 150 words to make a little something from the picture and one line (in italics) provided by the aptly named “Monday¬†Finish the Story” website. ¬†If you go there you can also see what about 20 other people wrote¬†and I love to go read them just to see what other people write given the same start.


‚ÄúThe old typewriter had a mind of its own.‚ÄĚ

Barbara Beacham photo

‚ÄúThe old typewriter had a mind of its own.‚Ä̬†

It hunched on the shelf and looked grumpy so nobody would want it.¬† Well, I had been replaced, if you had been replaced you would look grumpy too.¬† Good old No4 Underwood decided he didn‚Äôt even want to be wanted, he didn‚Äôt want some hipster bringing him to coffee shops or some scrapbook fanatic using him for his ‚Äėquirky‚Äô type.¬† He would rather be melted down for slag before he became the centerpiece of an ironic display.


I wrote The Gunslinger god damn it! The typewriter thought, I’m too good for them anyway!


And then he sees a writer.  He knows he is a writer by the distracted far off look and random finger twitch, and, he just knows.


The writer is floating in the wake of a busy boisterous women chattering about the dullest afternoon of waiting for a fish to bite.  She is looking at a heap of paintings but the writer, he drifts toward me.

Honored (kinda) (I think?)

Today on my ‘working day’ I am sitting down to complete the ballot for the 2014¬†Bloggies. ¬†I was so pleased to be (randomly) selected to vote but it actually boils down to homework…


I got assigned categories I’m not in but it is actually really fun to see who was nominated in areas I have no idea about. ¬†Like Asia blogs… ¬†there were a TON to sift through so I got to break out my excel skills and rank them based on what I feel a ‘blog’ is all about. ¬†They needed to first be Asian and sadly there were 2 that clearly had no connection to Asia at all. ¬†They had to be live links and again, 2 were private only blogs so they were out. ¬†They might have fabulous communities full of great content but part of the proposition of winning this style award is for new people to find you. ¬†Logically if you are not open to the public you don’t really want random readers coming over. ¬†I am¬†unsure what to do about the news sites… they are not really original content but they do serve the community. ¬†I was on the fence about corporate sites that had a ‘blog’ component. ¬†I dutifully looked at them all and they were not impressive, many only had a few posts. ¬†In the end I have 10 really good sites to think about from Asia and of those a few are going to end up on my feed reader too because they really disserve readers. ¬†**I didn’t see any privacy or gag clauses on the Bloggie site about this but for personal ethics I’m not going to say anything specific or more until there are results**


I’m mid way through the list of categories¬†now and looking at the Australian/NZ blogs is such a contrast to the Asia blogs.


I have no idea how anyone else is judging but I hope they are having a good time. ¬†Maybe I even stand a chance in my category? Time to get back to it so I can submit and move on to the next thing on the list….