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Week 2 of summer

Weather – 75 and perfect!   We had a storm blow through and take all the sticky away

Kids – getting better with the new way

Naps – Ha!

Workouts – better because the Y is open and they love it.


Last week felt more busy than a normal week, so much for lazy summer, maybe we will get some lazy in August?  The big deal of the week ended up being the yard sale that we participated in.  I put a few things in, odd baby things and an old Xbox and 3 dozen games – enough to make it worth the trip to the group sale but nowhere near enough to host my own.  The woman hostessing is also super pregnant so I did NOT want her stuck doing a 3 day sale solo so I made it clear to all the ladies that we needed to be there with her and luckily the 3 others that had major amounts of things volunteered right away so I was putting myself down for a couple hours a day just to be helpful.  No big deal really.

However… Niamh really really wanted to run the charity bake sale that I was making cupcakes for and pestered me into going for 6 hours or more all 3 days!  It was actually really fun to hang out with the group and the kids played and we sold stuff and Niamh and the older kids sold $300 of stuff all to go to the church food shelf.  She did not let anyone walk past without politely asking what they would like to buy to help benefit the food shelf.  It’s hard to resist a sweet kid, but, the best part was when someone would hardcore bargain over a $1.50 item in the sale and then drop $2 on the bake sale.  More than one person just donated their change but plenty were happy for a cold bottle of water or juice or ice pop not to mention cupcakes and cookies galore.  Good lesson for the kids on marketplace and charity plus kept them busy while we chatted.


After 3 days using all our unplanned time at a yard sale and a pretty full Monday, I spent half the weekend getting all the things done I normally do during the days.  I also took the first bite of the whale and started my sewing for Pennsic.  Last year I got off easy because the kids fit most everything but this year between growing and working out Niamh does not fit much anymore.  I also need some new things since it has been years since I did any of my stuff but I won’t be naked if I don’t make more so Niamh is a priority.  Happy to report I can still bang out a nice 15th-century dress in 2 hours – not included in that time though is pulling out the machines and finding the fabric and clearing the tables etc…

Oh!  and it was also Fathers day!  Lars celebrated by working until 4am and then sleeping until 11.  He did get to take a really nice long bike ride and we all went to the Y and he played in the pool with the girls while I worked out.  Niamh and Zoe passed the swim test with flying colors and have the run of the pool area, and, I don’t need to be within arms reach!  So nice a system… they really can swim and it isn’t that large a place but being able to let them go and just sitting near Fiona makes it a very easy plan for an afternoon.

This week is the week where Fiona has a camp every morning and Niamh and Zoe continue tennis.  We did the meal planning again together and we have something every single night but the weekend is plans free (ie. do all the stuff at home).  We are working on getting a routine but summers are just not all about routines.  Something about being light out until 9pm makes you want to be outside far too long and remembering dinner is still hard so bed times are harder still 🙂


Ok, this was all written and semi edited in the time of one tv show and now they want me.  I should also keep sewing and maybe clean and I told the kids if they finished the daily list we could go to the Y so we will see if that happens.  Hope you all had good weekends too!

Getting used to eachother

Weather – warm but cloudy, a pretty nice combo for avoiding sunblock

Nap – I might never see another…

Bath color – cherry colored, I think they ate a pound and look like they are wearing warpaint.

Workouts – very behind, between gyms, new schedule… I did get an outside run on Sunday


I’m sure to all of you not in my tiny niche of life are wondering why there is such angst around this time of year.  My working parent friends have a minor taste but once they figure out the school day alternative they go to work as normal and kids keep rolling in the same type of way they did during the school year.  My friends with little kids see no change beyond needing sunblock because they are very used to shepherding their circus around (I used to be there).  My friends with older or adult children see no change except in their seasonal selection of cocktails – now is the season for wheat beer and mojito!

My little group is undergoing a remix where 3 girls that had 3 nearly separate lives for 9 months are now shuffled back together.  Fiona has no quiet time, Niamh and Zoe have lost the framework of their day.  I need to remember to feed them at regular intervals.  We are not a mess, but we are refiguring it out and like a major cleaning project; things tend to look really bad before they get put back together right.

Today we had our first tennis lesson, I think they liked it.  We went to 2 different grocery stores after and by the end of that my nerves were frazzled.  This is the first grocery trip with 3 kids in forever!  Each one of them pulled out their particular brand of ‘wtf’ but we made it through and had a nice long lecture in the car home.  Good thing it was a short ride…

I can’t just gripe.  We are doing some fun things that are working well.  I got this treasure hunt reading book for Zoe and she ADORES it.  The book is a set of pull out clues that you fold up and hide around the house where they say, most easy rating for parents, and the clues are written in a way that reinforces reading skills.  The forward of the book explains it well but between repeating words, pictures, and increasing difficulty it is a great buy.


Niamh and Zoe also did all the meal plan for kid dinners this week.  Niamh is cooking tonight and they had a fun time picking recipes and making grocery lists.  One of Niamh’s real challenges is reading out loud so this is a sneaky way to get her to.

I’m also super glad I did the work on the yard to make it fun.  They are on the swing set all the time and in the play house super often.  The next addition might be a tennis ball on a string?  I’m wondering if that will lead to racquet-to-face tears…  The garden is looking well because I’m outside with them and that is probably good for us all.  Yesterday we had a friend over, who will be over the majority of Mondays, and together they decided that we have to go to as many different parks as possible on Mondays.  I like that they are making goals together and that is one I can get behind!

We also have a list of things we want to do, getting to them all will be a challenge, but hopefully, they will all start listening and stop fighting over every little thing and we will have plenty of time for fun.  Some of the big projects on the list are super big tetris the house puzzles because I need to swap rooms and wardrobes and that will take a big chunk of time.  I also need to get ready for two big SCA camping trips and while they are weeks out, I need that much lead time to actually get things done.  My hope is that this remix gels quickly and we can either be a team, or, a group of individuals but either way is better than oil and water and firecrackers.

Next up is garage sale prep.  I’m taking a baby step into the venture by joining a friends neighborhood sale so I’m not resposible for a whole lot.  Getting them to part with anything is not really happening but baby steps…

Day 1

Captain’s log – 16-10-6

day one on our campaign of summer and all is well.

All activities planned for today’s maneuvers have thus far been accomplished with no casualties even with a late start to the action and unprepared status for the number of troops.

#1 is deployed to a camp trip.

#2 is just returned from an aquatic foray with other locals and is now requesting snacks and board games.

#3 is in the bunker learning tactics from videos

Weather is hot and now very very rainy.  Hope this storm passes quickly because we have 2 more activities planned for the day.

If you don’t hear from me in 3 days assume I’ve gone native.

I’m in a pivot

Today is my last Wednsday with zero kids until September because tomorrow is the last day of school.

This weekend I need to be in litterly 3 places at once, what a way to start the ‘relaxing’ time of year!

I feel like all the things right now are on a turning axis, we are pivoting toward summer but we are trapped in the last bits of the school year.  Lunch must still be packed, folders must still be checked but we are already in the summer mandate of ‘wash your feet!’ because barefoot is the mode of the day.  It is an uncomfortable place for me who likes the plan and the routine.  I don’t want to morn the loss of the school year, half the reason I stayed home was to be here for them!  I do however have fear of the loss of my kid/life balance….  By next week I’m sure I’ll be back on track and I’ve spent far too long combing the activity lists to plot the entertaining yet not to busy summer.

In the big outline – I’m going to 2 weeks of camping in PA (Pennsic!!!) and 2 weeks of visiting in NY (Camp Grandma for us all) so the majority of August is mapped out.

June is already begun and I just regestered each child for one activity for June.

I have YMCA week long camps ready to discuss with them, and, a historical camp that Niamh wanted – I believe that they should want to go to these so I can’t make reservations until I actually get their input.  However, this should put a nice happening mid July.

We have plans with Vacation Mom to have her son 1x a week and tentative plans for a friends daughter that needs babysitting experence to be a mothers helper so I might have 5 kids at a time but one is supposed to be helpful.  We also have made friends with 3 neighborhood girls so there is no shortage of friends near by to play with.

On top of all that, we also have the reading program at the library, a membership to the brand new YMCA and a variety of parks and projects that are all over that are ours for the visiting not to mention MOMs club…

But right now, mid piviot, I’m dizzy.  Talk to me next week~

A new little hobby – Ingress

Everything in my head right now is either boring (dishes, laundry, oppressive pile of to-do) or something I already talked about (kids, summer, is it time for school yet?).  On top of that I’ve just been out of the loop for ‘things’ because I’ve not been reading news or other blogs (or really doing much other than the aforementioned cleaning/parenting) so there isn’t much sparking conversation in my mind.

However – I did start playing Ingress.

There are plenty of tutorials about how to play, I know because I had to find them because just downloading the app is not all that explanatory.  This is not a tutorial, this is a how-orial and why-orial.  Here are some reflections on ‘why’ and ‘how’ this is a great game for anyone, especially a stay at home mom.

Statement; I’m doing so many things already it seems silly to add a game

Reply; This game actually fits in a normal active lifestyle because it is location based as long as you leave the house it is pretty easy to play.  There are ‘portals’ all over the place and they are most often in places you probably go already.  Library – yes, parks – yes, yes, yes (all of them), soccer field – yes, baseball field – yes, Post office – yes, church – yes.  To get to level 100000 you need to do more than just play in your normal run around life but there is plenty of fun to be added to the mundane errands that it is worth it.

Statement; what else is there?  turning it on during my errands is only so fun

Reply; Given that the original game (started a few years ago) put portals at every registered landmark and people have added to the list over the years, there are new fun things to discover if go you hunting for portals.  We had a great time at Shoreview community, a place we have gone weekly for years, wandering around and discovering new spots.  Within a very easy to walk radius we found 6 portals.  Part of the point is to find new things and enjoy the walk between.

A little trail through the woods to find the next portal.

Statement; How can I use Ingress to make my life more fun?

Reply; Open the big map and look for portals, plan around them.  Feel like a walk, find some near each other.  Feel like a run, use mapmyrun to make a trail for you.  Finding a portal in an area of your town you have never been, or, turning it on when you are at a new place and have some time to kill.

Fullscreen capture 8252015 55232 PM.bmp

Ingres map and mapmyrun working together…

Statement; I’m too busy with my kids/I don’t like using my phone around them

They have wanted to go through that tunnel for years – We finally went because of this game. Sometimes moms need a push to do something out of the routine…

Reply; really?  My kids think it is awesome – they love to hold the phone and follow the direction (orienteering).  They like to push the buttons (who doesn’t?).  Good incentive to walk and read, and, something we can easily and enjoyably do together.  Not to mention that half of these things are at parks and playgrounds.  This also keeps me engaged with my kids as I too, try, to not play with my phone while they are playing.

Statement; sounds like geocaching and last time I did that I got ticks and mosquito bites

Reply; This is similar because it is  walking around, but, instead of tracking down trails and poking under rotten logs to find a cache that is supposed to be hidden therefore hard to find – this is mostly in very public easy to get to locations and you just have to be in the area for it to work rather than looking for something the size of a tictac box.  NOTE; I know there are geocaching in the civilized world, and, Ingress down wooded paths – but – it is usually the other way around.  NOTE 2 – nothing wrong with hiking, just does mean more scheduled time and this is more doing during regular life.

Super easy to find spot in an inside place we go weekly 🙂

Finally, this is a motivator to get out of the house.  I want to go walk past a few of the closer ones daily and that means I find ways to get out and do it with the kids (or without).  Its walking with a purpose and a general goal and that does make walking more fun for me.  This works really well with my lifestyle since I do go out often, I like to walk, and I run fairly regularly and am always looking for new routes because the old ones get dull.  Who knows if I’ll ever achieve ‘big things’ because winning for me is just doing it~  If you want an invite let me know or you can just download the app.

PS.  The walk in the woods was SPESFICALLY motivated by Nerd the brains “go climb a tree” challenge and it is gravy that I got 3 portals while looking at trees.

3 more weeks of summer

Live it up?

Survive it?

Do what we normally do?

D… all of the above

It is summer part III because it is silly to really get used to 3 girls at home when in 3 weeks I’ll only have 1 at home.  We have a few things a week planned with moms club and only a few things we *need* to do and the freedom to do what we want the other days.  Things fill up fast with things, and, the poor cat is 2 months past his shots so that really does need to get done.

Today Fiona and I got up at 7:45, a totally late sleep in time, Zoe didn’t get up until after 9.  Breakfast was still happening at 9:30 and laundry didn’t even start until 10ish. We had a friend drop by for a quick visit and then we headed out at 11:15 for a walk to the park.  It was coolish and overcast so no complaints about being hot or sun in the eyes and we took 20 min to walk 3/4 of a mile because we stopped to pick wildflowers and watch ducks and generally not rush.

The park was all ours and the kids played and Fiona surprise #1 was suddenly mastering the ability to pump on a swing.

Heading back after 12 my brain was screaming we were ‘behind schedule!’ but seriously, what schedule?  Fiona surprise #2 was the ability to pedal her own trike – not fast – but she can go!  Over the weekend we worked on her learning to use the handlebars and I can’t recommend the Kettler trike enough, much better than how the other girls learned.

We had one scrape on the way home for drama but overall a nice outing and lunch was late so nap was late but again, who cares.  At some point we need to see about putting some of the weekend play-a-thon featuring every small doll and figure away but I’m sure we won’t be going to bed on time either.  There is time enough in 2 weeks to start dialing back in for the school year, synchronizing our breakfast ballet, and reinstalling my innate time sense for 4pm precisely.