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Home again


Location – back in MN in my own home

Nap – I got one, told them all to sleep or not but don’t bother me! Locked the front door and scattered snacks on the floor.

House – doing well for not being touched for a week.

Cat – back from cat vacation and happy (or as happy as a cat shows) to be back


My most recent Instagram is a picture of me at 4am.  Our flight was at 6, I woke up at 3, it was a good flight really but nothing is actually ‘good’ at 4am.  The kids are getting very adept at travel and I wish they would have slept, calmly playing a game for an hour was good enough even if I had to ‘look!’ every 2-5 minutes.  The best thing about a flight that early is that even after getting to the car, getting home, dropping off Lars and going to go get the cat and then getting home to stay I felt like it was 5 pm but it was only 10:30.  The kids chilled with TV powered by a remote they know and I kicked them outside to play in our spring sunshine.

I marked this last day of vacation by eating a cookie with my coffee, to say good-bye to unrestricted eating.  I didn’t go crazy eating on vacation but I also didn’t try and count because we were out so often.  The food, on the whole, was very good, we went out to a fancy steak place and a well known tex-mex tacarita.  We found a phenomenal sandwich shop that I could go back to every day and even the ‘Whataburger’ fast food was solid.  Our goal was to avoid any food place that we could eat at here.  The weird side of food was the lack of grocery shops, they must be hiding because we had a ton of trouble finding them.  The kids ate more pop tarts in the past week than in their entire lives but I think it balanced.

On the exercise front; I got a good run in plus some time at the hotel gym last night and most days we walked 5k steps or more. My exercise log should also reflect that I carried Fiona a quarter of the time too.  Spoiled little girl with no baby to take her place on my hip – she was toted around like an infant but in return she slept on me most days, fulfilling her nap requirement and keeping us from abandoning her.  Travel with kids is a balance of food and sleep and fun and managing the extremes of schedule changes while still actually doing different things.

I unpacked a bit and I’m glad to have the rest of the day to get to the remainder of that. My camera is not yet out so this won’t get pictures – just average it with the past two posts and we work out square.  Just in case, I never actually write another post on this adventure the brief itenery was;

Friday night – travel and arrive at the Dallas hotel

Saturday – hotel shuttle out to the Perot museum – stayed until lunch.  Went out to the mexican place and then strolled up the road to the Art Museum.  Saw a brief, but good, round of art and then rode the street car up and back.  To a public park that was way too crowded and back to the Perot again.  That was the night we tucked the kids into bed and left them with Becki and we went to the fancy steak place.  The day was very sunny and warm and just right to walk around Dallas.

Sunday – collected our ride for the week, a 10 passanger van that reminded me of the space shuttle.  Out to Ft Worth to the stock yard that is a total tourest place to view the cowboy side of Texas.  We left there and drove drove drove to Galveston to check in at the Air B&B house. (the house was its own story, in short, I give it 2 stars of 5)

Monday – wake up to waves and sea air!  Head into the main part of the island and take the ferry on a trip across and back again.  Ate at the fun sandwitch place and drove around a bit taking in the victorian houses and finally finding a grocery store.  Back to the house and the rest of the afternoon on the beach where boogie boarding and sand building were the order of the day.

Tuesday – getting mega storm warnings all day but nothing more than a sprinkle actually happened.  First I dragged them to the visitor center that is an 1830’s house and along with good info on where to go, we got to peek in on the house and its exibits (it was closed).  They directed us to the library across the street for genelogy info and it also had a huge Texas history museum floor as well as a nice and modern kids area.  It was an unexpected find and very fun for all.  Lunch in town and then we went to quite a few shops along the historic main street including the beef jerkey and choclate shops.  I strolled a sleeping Fiona while they went to the pirate museum.  Last, we got to the Bishop Palace and begged our way into a tour  even thought they were just about closed and finally back to the house for an evening beach walk.

Wednesday – Close up the house and drive drive drive (in the rain) back with a brief stop in Huston for the space center.  We had no time to really go in so we just ran around the outside a bit.  The rental car had a hard deadline of 5 pm and there are somethings you can’t talk your way out of.  The end of the day was a mash of finding food and a not so great hotel but when you select for proximity to airport and 24h shuttle you have to compromise on the actual quality of other things.  Hey, it had a pool, so that worked out.

And that, in a thousand words or less, was the vacation.  We got lucky all around with weather and got most of what we wanted to do done.


Now on to part 2 of spring break since the kids had zero snow days, we have Monday off too.  4 more days of break!  I wish we had more time in Texas but I’m glad to have some days here to enjoy.  Lars is just about done tuning up the kids bikes so I’m going to leave this and go enjoy some MN springtime.



Cee’s fun foto – Pink

the fun word of the week at Cee’s is PINK.  Trust me, our house is awash in pink.  I personally like the color and good thing because Niamh LOVES it and so does Fiona (today) and Zoe strays so far from the pack loving red, but settling for pink since it is more common and ‘boys’ have taken over Red.  (don’t get me started on the fact that color does not have a gender)

Today was a gray gray day.  Zoe does not nap but needs to be pretty mellow while Fiona does.  Usually kindle or puzzles or a show etc and thats when I get some time on my computer.  Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see a bright spot in the yard.  Zoe had gone outside and was enjoying a stroll in the wet grass with her pink punch of color.


W – Weekend review

I love when the alphabet lines up exactly with what I would like to write 🙂

What a weekend it was!  Double birthday parties; tons of positives but a few negatives too.


– 2 kids are happy and the center of the world in rapid succession.  You know how all the siblings feel on their sister birthday… hard to tell a kids “just wait a month!” but not too hard to say “tomorrow!  just 12 hours until your turn!”

– All the cleaning and setup goes further.  I didn’t feel like I was burning energy by putting up a tent and cleaning for a week because I got the benefit for 2 days rather than 2 hours.

– Renting something big like a bouncer feels more economic when you get two full parties from it, and, having it for 2 full days gives tons of other times that we could enjoy.  Our company also gave us a pretty decent discount for the second day and I must say, they were a very easy to work with company and it was absolutely effortless on our part.

– Better with practice – the second party was so much easier because we worked the bugs out on the first round.  We did shoot ourselves a bit on that though because I didn’t want Zoe to feel like she had ‘the same’ party so I kept trying to make key things different so not everything had economy of scale.


– crossing your fingers for 2 good weather days in a row.  We were the luckiest we could ever hope for, both days were perfect but there was plenty of backup plans just in case.

– Nonstop party – maybe this should also go in the positive but we didn’t have any recovery time.  We did have a nice gap since the second party was an early evening party, but, it was still like being chained to a treadmill because things had to get done done done.

– a mutually acceptable date is not a perfect fit for either – This party was 2 weeks after Niamh’s real birthday and 3 weeks before Zoe’s…  I think it is easier because we clearly labeled them “Friend Party” but still, Zoe isn’t 5 yet!  Give me my last 3 weeks of sweed four year old Zoe!

Overall I think the positives win.  My sister does a double party for her sons often because they have mostly the same friends but that won’t really work for us.  Some friends overlap but I like the two days.  I think half the new school friends mom’s who heard we had another party the day before/after assume I have twins and I’m crazy about letting them have their own party…

Coming up next is a bunch of pictures of Zoe’s party.  Yes, it looks a lot like Niamh’s but the 5 year old bunch had some real differences.  5 year olds eat less, are less interested in doing puzzles, are more interested in playing with their dolls and on swings, take a longer time to eat and require real cleaning since they are all messy eaters.  You also have to remind them to go to the bathroom.  They also are 100% more calm with gift opening, Niamh’s friends were like a mosh pit, Zoe’s all sat quietly – I did try to encourage this by giving them all a blanket spot to sit, and, a box of popcorn to eat while watching.  Zoe’s friends all have siblings that came and bounced post party and Niamh’s friends were all gone within 5 minutes of the stated finish time.   Niamh’s theme was golden birthday, Zoe’s theme was PJ party.  Without further comment, Zoe:

different table cloth

Eggs hunted, love getting out the puzzle pieces!

workin it..

Pizza’s for all

cake (yes, I wore PJ’s too)

the moment

sniff… she isn’t 5 yet! Shut up cake!

Animals giving the puzzle a try

blanket ‘goodie bag’ was a hit

It was a wonderful, full, happy weekend.

V – Very perfect birthday

I have spent the last 2 weeks decluttering, spring cleaning and in general getting the house ready ‘just in case’ the weather was bad.

Not one kid set foot in the house

The weather was perfect; sunny, warm, slight breeze.

They loved everything from the fruit to the cake and nobody wanted to leave.  I call this a complete win.  Lets do it again tomorrow!

And here are so many pictures you will feel like you were there~


table, tent




Gold enough for you?

Lars is on the bottom of that pile of girls Golden princess yippie! my decorating ready for cake puzzle teamwork time puzzle hunt – every egg had a puzzle piece in it. my zoo table ready too cute tent side

L – Look close

L day could be for Lars…  He is a very good person but he is also an adult with work and friends etc so he does not need my blog yapping about him.  I know I should also technically limit what I write about my kids too since they already have a large digital footprint, but, on the other hand, this is my baby book of them too.  Nothing here could ever really harm them because even if they run for president and someone digs this up what will they find?  Someone was a difficult kid sometimes that had normal kid crabby days?  Who wasn’t?  I do occasionally wonder who is Looking – there are well over 600 people subscribed plus around 100 that click daily.  I like to believe everyone is nice and I hope I’m never discouraged of that idea.  Maybe if I hit a few thousand subscribers I’ll go back and edit all their names 🙂

Speaking of Looking – now is the time of year where everything is worth looking at.  The grass is green, the birds are flying, the flowers are popping up.  You can see what people wear since they are not cocooned in coats.  People are out and about again and my afternoons are full of the kids pointing and yelling “LOOK!” an airplane, bird, motorcycle, bug, flower….  Their wonder is contagious and they hear an equal number of “LOOK!” from me pointing out something new and cool.

The Cee challenge this week is close ups, looking close to see the tiny detail

Here are two I took this week for the challenge – the center of a sea star is a sea star, and, my emerging tulip


And this is from the fall but this guy came to visit a few times and I got good pictures with my really big lense

Spring Break – with actual signs of spring

Today we hit the spring milesone;  Zoe forgot her coat in the library and was all the way in the car (after playing outside for a few waiting on me) before we noticed.  Annoying milestone because I had to go find her coat, but, the bright side is the weather is nice enough to not require arctic tundra gear.

Over the past few days I’ve gone without my coat for short trips and Niamh wore a sweater only at the zoo on Tuesday but skiing yesterday I still wanted all the gear at the top of the mountain.  You know, you can get a lot of runs in if you are alone.  I think I did every diamond (except ‘you asked for it’ the mogul run) 2x and fit in a visit back to check on Niamh at the 1/2 hour mark so that was 10ish runs in an hour.  The snow is beginning to melt seriously but when you have 2feet nearly everywhere you still have snow for a while.

Today after the library we have a visiting boy so his mom can work so we are up to 4 for a few hours.  Things are pretty mellow up there, just toss in an iPad and most things are ok.  We did lunch and puzzles and I needed time to address 50 bridal shower invites so iPad sitter rest time for all.  Fiona obliged and went to sleep super fast and a half hour early.  She treats the library like a cross training hour.  Our library has a big ramp starting at the lobby and ending in a reading loft WAAAAY at the other end.  Then there is a set of stairs.  She does the loop around 8 or 9 times plus running around looking at books.  Last weeks fluke of her listening was not repeated the week but really, she likes the songs and sometimes stays for a story.  This week there were no songs in the beginning so she lasted about 2.4 seconds.  Regardless, the library is great for tiring her out.

Afternoon plans include bread baking and maybe cookies.  Then costco because having everyone home means we eat more food.  I don’t know how really because Niamh brings lunch from home daily, but, we are out of all sorts of things.  I feel like this week is a practice run for the summer and we are doing ok.  I might have actually over-activitied the week because they seem very content this morning to sleep late and then play since the library is super close and story time is at 10:30.


Oh! almost forgot!  I need to do the bank and post office – counting the library this morning I get the bermuda triangle of stay at home mom travel.  I love depositing checks for contract work I do and I’m quite happy to mail 50 invitations for a fun party.  Darn, so the phone just rang…. I returned the case of a DVD but not the DVD so I must go find it and now the triangle of afternoon errands is once more intact.  (at least I don’t need to wear a parka)