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House day 37 and blizzard spring

Current status; We have a roof that is nearly all done, we have (I’ve been told) something called “foam and grade” going on.  We also have evidence of plumbing in the places plumbing is expected and also some odd holes.

Next; I don’t have to guess because we got something appearing to be like a schedule with dates and actions and next up really really is the floor on or around 4/23.  Between now and then is more floor prep and laying the in-floor heat.

Status; 300 of 1000 <- I gave a big bump because now I have a list of what will be done



tiny bit of roof left but I took this around 2 today so I’m sure that guy on the roof finished up by now.

Holes… to hide things inside?


All the plumbing parts!  I can id a few, some have name tags, some are mysterious but I’m sure there is a plan.


All this was done in and around and despite a massive blizzard.  We got 18 inches of snow over 2 days in a crazy storm.  I’m not sure if it was ‘fortunately’ but we left town on Friday and driving back on Saturday night it was not a pleasant drive but we actually missed all the really bad snow.  Reports of the storm before we got to MN were whiteout conditions but by the time we got there around 9pm it was not snowing at all.  We actually got lucky with that because it was merely a pause and by the next day we were in blizzard part 2 and the driving was 10x worse from where we were.  People thought we were crazy not spending the night but we got lucky.


The snow was so bad we had a snow day for school on Monday.  I had a series of meetings in our state government to try and get better/rational school funding and these meetings don’t come together easily so I was NOT going to miss it.  Therefore, kids got to go too.  They got tons of positive comments about being good so it worked out and I hope we were heard.



politicians love kids 🙂


For anyone counting, this is the 8th Monday they have had off since Jan 1…

My life otherwise centers around cleaning my house and then sitting quietly until I need to leave because there is a showing.  I have possibly never cleaned it so much, I am getting pretty efficient at it, and, I’ve finished 3 books over the past 2 weeks.  When people ask me if the house sold yet it feels a lot like when people would ask if we were pregnant yet – both situations where I’ve done all I can and I’m not really able to affect the results much more, and, saying ‘no’ somehow feels like a personal failure.  Today is the 2 week mark and I’m as sick of it as anyone but sometime soon the right person will make the right decision.  Telling me about how your aunt’s cousin sold her house the day it was listed is a lot like telling someone in the throws of infertility about how someone got pregnant by walking past their husband.  Sure, tell me those things when I’m under contract, we can swap war stories, but right now I’m not in a place to hear that.  Same goes for horror stories like when a house took 6 months to sell or how buyers fall through at the last second…  Trust me, I won’t keep it a secret, when we have an offer worth talking about I will tell everyone!

So that is pretty much it.  I am in a limbo that includes a lot of dusting and vacuuming on this house and watching and picking things on the new house.  I feel like a broken record over here.

Any positive thoughts you can spare for this process are appreciated!  I would love to just move on to the next phase where I can *just* worry about moving and building and summer and not SELLING.

I wish I had a toaster

According to my timehop, this week of January is nearly never “good”.  There are a few days I had nothing, just nothing, and that is pretty odd for me.  For this 3rd week of January I was a touch sick, just sick enough that I was still able to do most things but the color of the world was just lost to me for a few days.  I’m not sure if it is the week or a germ or maybe both – my stamina might just run out 2 weeks post holiday extravaganza. All I know is that I wish I could make toast because I like toast but our toaster oven is in storage.  I seriously don’t need the oven anymore, just the toast function.

Tuesday was an odd day for us.  We had a nice little snow storm on Monday afternoon and the school delayed for 2 hours.  That is a strange compromise – not a snow day but not a normal day either.  The kids didn’t even know until they questioned why we weren’t getting onto the normal schedule around 8:30 (normally out the door by 8:40).  With the extra time they started a game of cribbage, went outside and played in the snow, came inside with soaking wet things so I put it all in the dryer and then they stood on their heads for a while and finally it was time to put on super hot snow gear and get out the door.

Odd morning, what is usually a 9:05 drop off was an 11:05 drop so they more or less went to school to have lunch then play time then snack then home.   I think they did some school in there… maybe… Snow is the best toy because went they got home they went directly back to tunneling and building and sliding until it was dark.

Tuesday was also a very odd day because I sang the national anthem 9 times (or more).  Niamh’s class was invited to sing at the basketball game and when I asked her that morning if she was ready she admitted to not really knowing all the words.  So, we sang.  And sang and sang.  Lars who works from home was fairly puzzled why he was hearing such a racket but in the end she knew 99% of the words and tune.  The game itself was better than expected.  We watched the 1st half and spent a lot of the time guessing why something was happening.  Around then I was getting a massive headache and we all went home and I went to bed.

**Technically I wrote all of the above on Wednesday morning, however, Fiona came home sick at lunch and I never published.  Instead of scrapping it I’m just publishing it late.  The week did get significantly better but I still wish I had a toaster, nothing makes looking at snow better than toast and tea. **

the snow is mezzzmmmooorrrizing

They are predicting 1-3 inches and I think that those same inches are just blowing around in perfect snowglobe flurry.  The flakes are teeny tiny and the girls and I went to a playdate at an inside playground.  The roads are mostly fine really, slick here and there, but the snow blowing around in eddies and currents is hypnotic.  I don’t know how plow drivers do it!

Home again with only one close call where I exited in basically a white out to see a tow truck blocking most of the ramp but I was going slow anyway and made it by.

Life is still about the same as normal.  I need so amp myself up to go finish the painting in the pantry, I’m getting bored of doing it you must be bored of hearing about it.  It is, however, the thing that I’m doing that is semi unique.  Nap is far more appealing but if I want to finish I need to keep going.  It has been very cool to have kids wanting to help.  They do slow me down but not too much.  I’m hopeful to be putting things in this weekend so 2 cars can once again fit.

First snow

It happened.  You know why?  I forgot we broke our shovel at the end of last year.  (I actually know it was from the Canadians! they sent us their cold air…)

The girls were soooo happy though so I’m trying to get in their mindset.  Fiona went out first, putting on snow gear over her PJ’s and tromping around the deck.  She went out again later with me while I did the driveway she trooped all over the yard.  No picture can capture the tiny little girl in a neon orange suit in a great big world of snow.  Niamh and Zoe have big plans for when they get home to play play play and I’m all for that!  I think we will end up with about 6 inches total, not a bad start.


Snow does make things brighter at night, all reflecty and nice rather than just endless dark.  This particular snow I’m sure will melt but by December we just have to be ready for a lot of white :).


Zoe may control the weather….

This morning Zoe crept into my bed about 5 am.  Not my favorite time but far better than 3am but not as good at 7:25 (we get up at 7:30).  At some point she asks if it is a school day and I tell her “no, not for you only for Niamh, today we are going to Shoreview”.  At that point she starts to whimper that she just wants to stay home, no kidcare, not playground nothing…  I tell her that we need to just focus on breakfast (because lack of food is usually what is making her sad) and up we get to start the day.  She persists in saying that it is not a good day to go out and we should stay home and do puzzles.

I look out the window…. I see a minor blizzard.

School, ironically, still happening.  I think they are just going to power through the snow because they have already missed 10 days in January (2 for teacher in-service day, 5 arctic closures, 3 days around new years) and can’t miss much more.  Lars brings Niamh to the bus, I contemplate if I should go out.

I swear the snow got stronger as I looked and I decided Zoe is right, this is a good home day.  She must have really wanted a home day to conjure up 6 inches of snow.  We made the right decision because my facebook is alive with talk of 3 hour commutes, big accidents, and tons of near misses with skidding and poor visibility.  This is my exit by the way…

We doodled around and in fact did do puzzles.  Zoe is pretty decent if she is not impeded by a Fiona-zilla. Fiona amused herself for a very long time putting caps on travel cups and water bottles.  I pulled them out of the step* because they were not fitting right and I had two clean ones to put away but they are still out because she had such a good time.

Not leaving the house gets to me because I feel like the day loses shape, but, not leaving the house does mean we have time to do things without a rush.  I’m far more wimpy about driving in snow then arctic so home we are.

The afternoon is looking nice, temps are reasonable that I might bundle up the crew and do the driveway but there also are more puzzles to do.  I am very very happy on days like this to be home because I am willing to bet too many people drove this morning because they already missed work due to school closing and felt they had to get in today.  School closings are such a loaded topic I’m not touching them with a 50 foot pole.

*yes I said step.  Did I ever write up the fact that we did add storage to our stairs?  I don’t see anything in a quick archive search so here is our ‘secret’ step

ignore the cups etc, they really go IN the storage.  If you look closely you will see a small gap on the side

When you have stairs everywhere in your house they really do become furniture.  All good furniture should have storage.  Our steps open up on a hidden hinge and have room for all the water bottles and travel mugs plus sunblock and a first aid kit.  Travel mugs and water-bottles are just so big we had no good place before and now they have the perfect home.

That sort of day

Gripe/rant/pity party a head. Skip if you don’t want to hear it…

1. Lars is sick. Never can tell if it is the sniffles or near death because both turn him into a very sad individual. To his credit he has made dinner even if he was a shuffling zombie, but other then that he has been negative helpful in life.

2. Due to #1 I’ve been solo for morning marathon and for the past two days only barking orders has rousted the crew. Today for example instead of getting dressed when asked Zoe collected markers, paper and sat in her room making the letter X over and over. When I discover this we have 1 min to get into the car to make the bus. Instead of putting on her coat over her PJ’s she is suddenly naked and insisting on getting dressed. While this is happening Niamh is staring at the closed door that leads to the garage and the car she is supposed to be getting into. Staring as in not turning the knob… her hands are full… GuRRR! Thankfully the snow slowed the bus down so we still made it.

3. Brief highlight of the day talking to my sister

4. Off to the library with very little trouble, I knew things were going too well… the street was not plowed yet but we made it just fine.

5. Drive directly to Niamh’s school to have lunch with her and there are massive accidents left and right but we are ok and only slightly late to lunch. Niamh’s face lighting up when we came into the cafeteria made up for the morning trouble. Lunch progresses just fine and we say good bye.

6. Our street is now plowed! woo hoo! things are going well! Oh… the driveway is pretty plowed in, hum, lets give it a go… WRONG ANSWER.

7. 45 minutes shoveling and coaxing the car out of the street and eventually into the driveway.

8. During the 45 min Fiona falls asleep but Zoe goes prospecting in the car. As I get in for the final time to give it another shot Zoe looks at me and says she has something bad to tell me. Actually she said “Mom, I hate to say but I have bad news….” then she moves her tush and I see many many drawings, in pen, on the front passenger seat. This is not the time to loose it, she is near tears anyway, focus on getting up the driveway – not hitting the other car or the house and finally we are in the garage!

9. Sol-u-mel and Mr Clean eraser and 20min of scrubbing erases all traces

10. meanwhile Fiona is in her crib crying because she had just enough nap to not want more.

11. No lunch, no coffee, no peace – I decide to just let her cry 5 more min and quick nuke a lunch and make a Keruig coffee and then sit with her and make her calm with the milk buffet.

12. I think ‘at least the driveway is clear’ so I can leave to get Niamh with no issues and then I look and see that our across the street neighbor is parked right in the way of us navigating the huge piles of snow. I make it but just barely.

Otherwise I did get some cleaning done, one handed of corse because Fiona screeches “uppie” constantly. I am also now the only booster/highchair she will use and will hunger strike unless she is in my lap. This cuts down on all breakfast, lunch and dinner time productivity.

I really can’t complain too much. They are doing fine now, nothing that happened was more then annoying but last night I only got about 4 hours of sleep between the plague monkey in the room and then Fiona protesting the closing of the all night buffet. Tonight we will recoup and hope for the best and hopefully tomorrow will be better.