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Apparently things are not publishing…


You are going to have to believe me on this, but, Wednesday I put up a ‘wordless Wednesday’ post and yesterday I did a 3 things Thursday that while not curing cancer or marching on Moscow – I was wondering why I got zero ‘dings’ of approval.  Something must be amiss with my phone app for publishing.  I suppose you get what you pay for.

To fill you all in, Wednesday was this

A picture of Zoe home ‘sick’.  She actually did have a horrible gacky sounding cough, but, so does nearly everyone and in my opinion not a reason to stay home.  However, Zoe is nearly never sick and with both sisters having sick days in the past week she needed some quality time.  She also did wake up in the middle of the night congested and since that is so rare for her it did freak her out and she was of the opinion that the end was near.  Daddy decided she should stay home and while it was not something I would have done, it was a good call because she needed the quiet day.  I gave her tea and fruit and she stayed cozy all day.  At one point she did get bored and said she wished she was at school and that she did feel much better…


I do want to also point out that I now have a milk pitcher!  The thrift store finally had something of the right size for kids to pour.  It isn’t gorgeous but it also isn’t ugly (well, too ugly) so that means that if it breaks I won’t be sad.


Thursday turned out to be a very very busy and fun day.  I started out with the normal bustle but then went directly to coffee with the moms club.  We had a nice chat that included the startling news that our city council is trying to get rid of the Police Department in Forest Lake!  I would like to see their numbers for rational why, but, I’m against taking away one of the reasons we have such a good community!  Next one of the moms and I hit up a second hand store to find some workout gear for Lars.  He is actually going to 2 or 3 classes a week and his current collection featured sweat pants from the early 90’s complete with holes and paint stains.  He had some nice stuff but not enough…  Before now he had been working out in a dojo so he had a Gi (or 7) and now he has decent workout stuff again and that prime specimen of a sweat pant is now in the rag bin.

There was still more for Thursday!  I had a normal afternoon with Fiona and housework etc and then at 5 Lars and I went to a serious ab workout class (in his new gear!).  He took charge of the kids and I went off to a School Board committee meeting.  I had to skip the actual board meeting because I had another board meeting for MOMS club to run over to followed by dinner and drinks with the Moms.  Busy busy night and way more than three things.

Today was American Presidental inauguration day.  I’m divided on the president.  I believe in the office and the system and like the monarchy – the citizen that takes the crown BECOMES the Crown and the office.  He is a controversial figure for sure but I tuned in and listened to his speech.  This is me at the moment of the presidential oath of office.  Things here are about the same. file_000

Now for a weekened of no plans, but, I have things to do always!  2 kids and 2 sleepovers to start and fill in the details as we go.

3 hours of sleep


naps – kinda an all day thing

health – see below

house – health dependant – but not too bad


There is a ton of good to a fitbit, the bad though is seeing just how little you sleep some days.

Yesterday Fiona woke up completely fine, by lunch she had a cough, by dinner she was out of sorts.  Bedtime was not fun but she did fall asleep.  By midnight she was groggy awake and calling for me every 15 min.  She was starting to wheeze by 5am and after 2 rounds of breathing machine she is comfortable enough.  The problem is, even if she was breathing perfectly the fact that she only slept about 3 hours last night is pretty bad for a kid who normally needs 11hours.

Good thing today is the last day of vacation so we could all stay in bed until 9.  I stupidly started reading email and got too awake but it is hard to sleep at all when you are worried about if someone will or won’t be breathing…  The entire morning has been TV and zombie Fiona, I managed to sleep next to her and only occasionally had to answer questions to the other kids like ‘who is my favorite mermaid’ – Ariel, always Ariel, even if she isn’t in this show at all.

I’ve added about 2 hours to my 3 so with 5 total I’m functional enough to get the minimums done but Fiona is just in a twilight sleep.  She wants me right next to her.  I think it is time for more medical intervention and thankfully the moms group I’m a member of had a few good suggestion on where to start.  Our ped is very nice and has given generic advice but I’m not confidant that she thinks this is serious (and she is on maternity leave herself).  I liked the guy we saw in the hospital but he only works in the hospital!  Since she is still a nice pink and doing ok at home I’m not going to rush her into something crazy, and, no decisions should be made with less than a full nights rest.

Otherwise the balance of our vacation week has been mellow.  Park time, bike tune ups including taking off the training wheels, one last cookie sale.  We had friends over for dinner and a new game, Time Story.  It is a game you can only play once, but, you need a minimum of 3 tries to actually finish the game so still worth the money.  Good thing we have friends we want to see multiple times to play a game with, and, Lars is very glad I and the other lady on the team have great note taking skills because our notes saved tons of time this time.  I highly recommend the game for 2 couples who like to get together – so far each round has taken about an hour to an hour and a half.


I hear Fiona, time to go back to couch cuddles and handing her sips of ‘ater-gator’.



Friday Finally!


In school; everyone that should be

nap; we might have compromised on ‘play quietly in your room’

House; I should be cleaning for a pizza party tomorrow but I’m drawn into going through every toy bin in the house.

Weekend Prep; I’m in good shape

Workout; I’m calling this a break week based on advice from my DrSister


Whatever I ate in Asia when I was pregnant with Zoe seems to really lend to her heartiness (I was fed crazy things because I was pregnant!).  She rarely gets sick and when she does it does not last long.  Yesterday she was sick in the morning, got better enough to eat by mid-morning, slept from 1 until 5 and at 5 was right as rain.  She did go to bed on time but at 6am appeared by my bed saying she could not stay asleep any more, can’t say I blame her.


Yesterday I also took a long nap and feel much better for it too.  I was ‘watching’ them as they settled down and fell asleep.  I woke up just in time to go to the bus.  Not much got done yesterday but I feel tons better today.


We have a busy weekend ahead and I’m looking forward to it and now I must go assemble all the things we need so I’m not stressed out in the morning gathering stuff.



Health; Fiona – not wonderful, me – been better – lets just say I’m ‘dieting’, Lars – the mental game is winning, Niamh and Zoe – blessedly fine however I sent them back to school so who knows what they might have now.

Naps; Fiona is doing nothing but, I didn’t get one

Workout; missed my first boot camp of the year to be home with a sick darling.  

Steps; 5k for the day thus far, that is a lot of fetching juice.

House; far cleaner and less Christmas than yesterday.


My much-anticipated dive into new years fitness is on pause because Fiona is a sack of sad germs that spews occasionally and is the temp of a good cup of coffee.  She bounces up to almost normal but then says she is tired and lies down on the spot.  I hope today is the worst of it but I’m planning on doing nothing tomorrow.

On the bright side, she was content to be still most of the day.  I believe her low fever is doing more good than harm but to compensate for her pain and suffering I gave her 500% more TV than normal.  Since she was mostly a puddle on whatever soft surface was closest, I was able to get the Christmas tree put away, put away all the clothing from vacation, and give the kitchen an extra special new years scrub that included washing walls and baseboards since I had all the furniture moved.  Isn’t my life exciting!

I need to sit down and look at blog resolutions.  I have a feeling I didn’t do well on my weekly challenge things but I felt like I was constantly completing a challenge rather than blogging my way.  When I’m stuck for a topic or I find myself talking about the same things I like the inspiration but keeping it up every week all year is harder than it looks.  The other part of keeping up was, other than the finish the story prompts, they all led to nothing.  No community built, no new blog friends…  I have to reconsider my action plan for 2016.  I did to a decent job at consistently posting.  I aimed for 4+ a week and ended up with a total of 280 posts so 5 a week average.  My total views are down year over year but my subscriptions are up so that may be part of the shift and still, nearly 18,000 views in 2015 is not so bad.  There are 841 people that follow here, thank you all 🙂  I’m still like Pavlov’s dog every time I hear the ding of a new like or follow.


I’ve been down here long enough, Fiona is very quiet so I think she might be asleep again/already.  Nope!  she just called, quick publish or I never will!




Is it really a Monday…

… when the kids are all still home?  So soon I’ve become acclimated to the shipping off of the kids and husband bright and early Monday morning.  Today the kids were home (and the husband disappeared per normal only to resurface for coffee during a conf call) and at apx 8:43, 3 minutes after her sisters were supposed to leave, Fiona appears and loudly declared that it was time for them to GO and then she went back to my room to wait them out.  She lost.

Given my continued eye issue, I skipped boot camp workout because I don’t want to bounce my face and just went to a Mom’s club meeting (I’m not contagious, more a cautionary tale to my fellow moms) and that plus the bank, plus making lunch, made me tired enough to nap.  Good thing Niamh was home because she can do the TiVo for her sisters, I could get used to napping but I probably can’t do it long term because that’s my ‘do things’ time.


Post my nap (nobody else napped) we went to another park on our park quest.  So far this summer/fall we have gone to about 16 different parks – not counting out of state parks – and this little one was a trick to get to and actually not all that awesome.  I don’t know why we are pursuing this park quest but we are, gotta have goals ya know.

Last night all the kids stayed up very late and it showed in their inability to handle life this afternoon so I just moved all the things forward in the evening and served dinner at 5:30, bath at 6, a quick cleanup and a show, books and Zoe and Fiona were both in bed and asleep by 7:45.  This is very unusual because usually they don’t even get their bedtime show until 8 and books etc at 8:30 and battle into bed by 9+….  I think I might try this again tomorrow!  I know they say if bedtime gets hard move it earlier but that just always seems so odd, and, usually we are just more busy.


Tomorrow in fact, is a big one.  Dentist at 8am then drop kids to school then directly to the new Childrens Museum and home after lunch.  Then a PTA meeting for me so I don’t expect any semblance of good bedtime order tomorrow night.  Oh well, can’t win them all.

I think it is time to do a little house wifing until husband and child #1 get back from Karate and once she is fed and put to bed my day is over and I’ll go to bed early too because I want my face back!!!

Most fun sick day

Yesterday Zoe was legitimately sick.  Much puke, she put herself to bed, glassy eyes and no appetite…  After winning the award for first puke in the kindergarten class, Zoe crashed on the couch and hardly moved for the rest of the night.  I even was moved to go get her a ton of Gatorade and crackers.  Poor kid, she is not used to being sick and was not a fan.  Niamh on the other hand is part cat, she pukes at semi-random intervals and has since she was a baby.  She says she knows exactly when its going to happen and she is seldom wrong – we just always travel with ziplock bags because as a wise drinking friend once noted that the entire contents of a human stomach is far less than a gallon so you are safe with a good freezer bag (don’t go cheap on this, must not develop a hole or leak!)


Anyway, a tortured night of Zoe deciding the only place she could sleep was directly across both of us in bed, I at least got the head end, puke breath beats kicking feet any day.  By morning she was more or less just dehydrated.  I had a meeting at 7:30am and by the time I got back she had downed a Gatorade, was on her second and looking much much better.  By 9:30 and 3 bottles she looked 100%  Since it is Wednesday Fiona was at school so I got a bonus Zoe and Mom day!


Zoe politely inquired about our plans for the day – of which I had none because usually I work and clean – but we decided to go shopping and we had a super nice trip through 3 stores.  We even stopped for lunch where she tried sushi and ate a huge sandwich (and more Gatorade).  She is at a fun and easy age  when she is solo, she helped shop then she helped put everything away.  I gave her a bit of a break to lie down, just in case, and after 45min she popped up looking to read books and play games.  When Niamh got home they played and played and now she and Fiona are getting along better than ever.  Maybe she just needed a solid 12 hours of sleep to get over the start of school.  Not that she has been bad, just short tempered and exhausted, no wonder she got a bug.


I didn’t get half of what I planned done, but, it was a treat to have a day with a happy and mellow little Zoe.  Too bad she had to be sick first…  This cements my plan of stealing them from school occasionally for a special day.


ps.  Its days like this that make me extra glad I’m home for them.  We won’t have the most fancy house or vacations, but, when someone is sick, the germ is our biggest problem not our career or boss.