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Happy Birthday to me!

I’m now a whole year older but you want to know something funny, I’ve accidentally been telling people I was 38 for months because somehow in the birthday blitz of the summer where every other person in my house has a birthday, I just gave myself an honorary year.  So, I feel younger today, I get to re-do 6 months of 38.   This error in memory was found by a friend who is a Feb birthday in the same year and he insisted that he was 38 so I was 37 and I was pretty sure he was wrong because he just had a baby (really the wife, but, team effort of not sleeping) but nope, he was right.

Most years I have a ton of fun planned for the day.  With a birthday a week before Christmas, if you don’t make your own fun, it gets lost in the holiday crazy.  This year I just didn’t have plans.  The universe was helping me out because last night Fiona was up at 3am with a runny nose that kept her awake and the school nurse called about 10 min after school started so she is home with me.  Really, my plan for the day was to do the normal Monday and maybe go to the gym so having a Fiona just means I will schedule in some extra snuggle time instead of a workout.


I did benefit from older children today though.  I remember birthdays when they were little that they didn’t know and/or care that it was ‘my’ day, they still wanted their mom 110%.  Today my oldest woke up early and made me breakfast brownies.  Opening your door to the scent of brownies is a beautiful thing.  They also succeeded in keeping a big gift secret from me.  That would have never been possible in the past and this morning I got to open an actual surprise birthday gift of an Apple watch.  Perfect timing because my Fitbit has broken for the final time…


The day is going to be full of relaxing, finishing a few little projects, and reading all the nice birthday notes from facebook (and my normal Monday laundry, need clean Gis for JuJitsu)

If you want children, look for this trait in a mate

Ah, the click bait title…

But this is real advice!  If you are young and thinking “is this person right for me?  Right to have a family with?” Obviously, there are LOTS of things to consider but I bet you already know the basics like caring, conscientious, ability to hold a squirmy person, knowledge of what end to diaper…

Well, this is my addition to the list;  One of you must have the ability to deal with puke.

So have the conversation early before you are both gagging and unable to go into the bathroom that is covered in vomit because the toilet lid was down.  You must also have the ability to be calm and comfort a child who may puke on you.  This starts early, shortly after birth, and that is the training time because returned milk/formula is not so bad in the spectrum of things that can come out of a person.

We did not have that conversation but lucky for us, one of us is ok enough with it.  (It is me by the way)

This PSA is brought to you because of my glorious Sunday night that started with ‘my tummy hurts’ at midnight and included 2 kids puking every 10-20 minutes.  On the bright side, we also have 2 bathrooms and most of it got into the toilet.  I got zero sleep from midnight to 5am but I was there for them and I know they appreciated it.  They are old enough now that I could give them TV and crackers at 9am and go back to sleep and we are all back to normal today after a calm day and early night.


ps. just because your mate is a nurse or doctor does not mean they are automatically ok with puke.

pps. Since I just looked all this up on various medical sites the basics are;

  1. it takes 12 hours of intense vomit to dehydrate a child over 2 (babies are different)
  2. it is common to vomit every 10 min for up to 6 hours
  3. do not give any liquid until you are puke free for an hour

(endless) weekend review


rolls of tape; 3

giant bags of trash out; 9

General packed status;45%

days till house is on the market; 4


School finished last Thursday and with it, my order of weekdays and weekends.  Thursday itself was a busy day with our last carpool, then directly to Fiona’s well child (she is a well child) and then to target because while her body and brain are developing nicely she decided she didn’t need to put on shoes so she was barefoot and we had places to go.  After a record breaking trip to target we got back to school to run the outdoor twister game for Zoe’s picnic. Off we went again to pick up some totes for packing and home to await the final homecoming of the school age children.  We topped of that day with a family walk to the park and a little relaxitation.


Friday, the first day of vacation, went reasonably well.  I’m jumping on the ‘to do list before screen time’ this year just to try and get some stuff accomplished in the day.  I got the general list from a variety of pinterest posts – there are some very aggressive lists out there, ones I would be lucky to finish in a day as an adult!  With 2 readers in the house now this type of to-do list actually can work since they can read it themselves.  Also, Zoe loves to-do lists and has put way more pressure on her sisters and herself than I ever would have.  I made it by folding a piece of scrapbook paper so some of the pretty part showed and I still had white to write.  Then I laminated it so we can reuse it all year.  I personally left an open space under ‘chores’ so I could write in that days needs and for us, this all starts after breakfast so they can still wake up and watch a show like normal.


Saturday was a friend’s wedding so we had a semi-productive morning taking a batch to storage, buying a pair of party shorts (it was 90 degrees, Lars was not wearing a suit) and starting the garage clearing.  The wedding itself was really nice, kids had fun, we sat with friends, the food was well chosen and other than the 90 degree thing it was a really good time.  The real bad thing is that my nagging throat got worse in the night and I woke up hardly able to talk and swallow.  Advil helps but over Sunday I added a fever to the mix but we had 5 houses to look at so we did that (and not much else).  Sunday also started with a giant hail storm, house and cars did ok but plants took a beating.

The houses we saw were basically everything in the area that could work for us.  We are now down to 2, both have something about them that is awesome and something that is really not…  Both are dependent on our house selling well.  Seeing houses in a bit of a fever fog was not ideal but there are just not many days left before I take the girls and puppy off to NY to hopefully have the house show better without 4 mess makers in it.

Today is the first Monday of vacation time and I don’t have much planned.  I am hoping that I can be more functional today and get things done

Apparently things are not publishing…


You are going to have to believe me on this, but, Wednesday I put up a ‘wordless Wednesday’ post and yesterday I did a 3 things Thursday that while not curing cancer or marching on Moscow – I was wondering why I got zero ‘dings’ of approval.  Something must be amiss with my phone app for publishing.  I suppose you get what you pay for.

To fill you all in, Wednesday was this

A picture of Zoe home ‘sick’.  She actually did have a horrible gacky sounding cough, but, so does nearly everyone and in my opinion not a reason to stay home.  However, Zoe is nearly never sick and with both sisters having sick days in the past week she needed some quality time.  She also did wake up in the middle of the night congested and since that is so rare for her it did freak her out and she was of the opinion that the end was near.  Daddy decided she should stay home and while it was not something I would have done, it was a good call because she needed the quiet day.  I gave her tea and fruit and she stayed cozy all day.  At one point she did get bored and said she wished she was at school and that she did feel much better…


I do want to also point out that I now have a milk pitcher!  The thrift store finally had something of the right size for kids to pour.  It isn’t gorgeous but it also isn’t ugly (well, too ugly) so that means that if it breaks I won’t be sad.


Thursday turned out to be a very very busy and fun day.  I started out with the normal bustle but then went directly to coffee with the moms club.  We had a nice chat that included the startling news that our city council is trying to get rid of the Police Department in Forest Lake!  I would like to see their numbers for rational why, but, I’m against taking away one of the reasons we have such a good community!  Next one of the moms and I hit up a second hand store to find some workout gear for Lars.  He is actually going to 2 or 3 classes a week and his current collection featured sweat pants from the early 90’s complete with holes and paint stains.  He had some nice stuff but not enough…  Before now he had been working out in a dojo so he had a Gi (or 7) and now he has decent workout stuff again and that prime specimen of a sweat pant is now in the rag bin.

There was still more for Thursday!  I had a normal afternoon with Fiona and housework etc and then at 5 Lars and I went to a serious ab workout class (in his new gear!).  He took charge of the kids and I went off to a School Board committee meeting.  I had to skip the actual board meeting because I had another board meeting for MOMS club to run over to followed by dinner and drinks with the Moms.  Busy busy night and way more than three things.

Today was American Presidental inauguration day.  I’m divided on the president.  I believe in the office and the system and like the monarchy – the citizen that takes the crown BECOMES the Crown and the office.  He is a controversial figure for sure but I tuned in and listened to his speech.  This is me at the moment of the presidential oath of office.  Things here are about the same. file_000

Now for a weekened of no plans, but, I have things to do always!  2 kids and 2 sleepovers to start and fill in the details as we go.

3 hours of sleep


naps – kinda an all day thing

health – see below

house – health dependant – but not too bad


There is a ton of good to a fitbit, the bad though is seeing just how little you sleep some days.

Yesterday Fiona woke up completely fine, by lunch she had a cough, by dinner she was out of sorts.  Bedtime was not fun but she did fall asleep.  By midnight she was groggy awake and calling for me every 15 min.  She was starting to wheeze by 5am and after 2 rounds of breathing machine she is comfortable enough.  The problem is, even if she was breathing perfectly the fact that she only slept about 3 hours last night is pretty bad for a kid who normally needs 11hours.

Good thing today is the last day of vacation so we could all stay in bed until 9.  I stupidly started reading email and got too awake but it is hard to sleep at all when you are worried about if someone will or won’t be breathing…  The entire morning has been TV and zombie Fiona, I managed to sleep next to her and only occasionally had to answer questions to the other kids like ‘who is my favorite mermaid’ – Ariel, always Ariel, even if she isn’t in this show at all.

I’ve added about 2 hours to my 3 so with 5 total I’m functional enough to get the minimums done but Fiona is just in a twilight sleep.  She wants me right next to her.  I think it is time for more medical intervention and thankfully the moms group I’m a member of had a few good suggestion on where to start.  Our ped is very nice and has given generic advice but I’m not confidant that she thinks this is serious (and she is on maternity leave herself).  I liked the guy we saw in the hospital but he only works in the hospital!  Since she is still a nice pink and doing ok at home I’m not going to rush her into something crazy, and, no decisions should be made with less than a full nights rest.

Otherwise the balance of our vacation week has been mellow.  Park time, bike tune ups including taking off the training wheels, one last cookie sale.  We had friends over for dinner and a new game, Time Story.  It is a game you can only play once, but, you need a minimum of 3 tries to actually finish the game so still worth the money.  Good thing we have friends we want to see multiple times to play a game with, and, Lars is very glad I and the other lady on the team have great note taking skills because our notes saved tons of time this time.  I highly recommend the game for 2 couples who like to get together – so far each round has taken about an hour to an hour and a half.


I hear Fiona, time to go back to couch cuddles and handing her sips of ‘ater-gator’.



Friday Finally!


In school; everyone that should be

nap; we might have compromised on ‘play quietly in your room’

House; I should be cleaning for a pizza party tomorrow but I’m drawn into going through every toy bin in the house.

Weekend Prep; I’m in good shape

Workout; I’m calling this a break week based on advice from my DrSister


Whatever I ate in Asia when I was pregnant with Zoe seems to really lend to her heartiness (I was fed crazy things because I was pregnant!).  She rarely gets sick and when she does it does not last long.  Yesterday she was sick in the morning, got better enough to eat by mid-morning, slept from 1 until 5 and at 5 was right as rain.  She did go to bed on time but at 6am appeared by my bed saying she could not stay asleep any more, can’t say I blame her.


Yesterday I also took a long nap and feel much better for it too.  I was ‘watching’ them as they settled down and fell asleep.  I woke up just in time to go to the bus.  Not much got done yesterday but I feel tons better today.


We have a busy weekend ahead and I’m looking forward to it and now I must go assemble all the things we need so I’m not stressed out in the morning gathering stuff.