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Scribing counter tops and sewing satin

That, and everything in between, about sums up my week last week.  Here are the highlights of the fastest week ever because we don’t start slow, we dive in.  Also, we fumbled Monday because it was a holiday and felt a lot like a Sunday so it was a busy and short week;

  1. First day of school!  It went well, kids had stuff ready and were super excited to go.  So excited they took showers and had dripping wet hair so we had to do some emergency blow drying.  Where was the blow dryer?  Still in a box, but, we found it.  I went with them for the morning to help kids find their way in the new building and it was a joy to see the new building.


    5th, 3rd, and 1st grade 🙂

  2. First week of figuring out drop off and pickup and what exactly to do in between.  There is not as much time as you think during school but after the longest summer every full of much togetherness, having an hour, followed by ANOTHER hour to do things made me dizzy with possibilities.
  3. One thing that was top of the list was a set of counter and cabinets that we didn’t have the builder do but needed to be done in order to set the rest of the kitchen up properly.  It is not totally done because it does not have the sink and a few details yet but it is done enough for now.  I had to really work to make that countertop flush because even brand new houses have non-level walls.  Thank you Dad and YouTube.   I’ll cut a hole and do the plumbing connections (rough in done by builders) sometime.  Knobs are on the way and I have the base molding cut but not painted and shelf hardware but not shelves ready.  Getting these guys together, level, anchored and looking good to this point took some time so worth a mention in a post.


    sink will go over the two vertical doors

  4. Another top of list item was to sew 3 flower girl dresses for a wedding this coming weekend.  I got the cutting out done at a friends house because my sewing stuff was MIA.  I ended up needing to do a thorough search and rescue for them though because every other pair of scissors I could find were dull as cspan and when I did find them I literally kissed them.  I got through 1.5 dresses last week and today finished the half done one and did another half of the final dress.  There is a fit component I don’t want to do until I get the body but then they are home so I don’t have time to do the sewing so they wait until the next chunk of time.  All three need a little hand sewing but that is what car rides are for.  Ps.  Pink satin is not an easy first sewing project for the house.
  5. Friday I put away all the sewing and got ready for friends to visit from ND.  They are the perfect houseguests in general but really perfect first house guests.  They don’t care that their bedside tables were boxes.  They viewed our blank walls and windows as opportunities to brainstorm solutions and it was a pleasure to have them (even if there was puke.  Kids puke as often as cats.  Your welcome for your daily dose of birth control)
  6. The event over the weekend had high points and low.  I love to see everyone and I adore the two people that are now on the throne and they made the most gorgeous outfits and presence ever – they set the bar so high.  The low was some stupid misses that I’m sure I noticed more than anyone else but I my hands were tied to try and fix it so it just left a bad taste.  It was still a good event
  7. Last but not least, I launched my campaign for school board.  After the referendum last year this is way less stress.  If I don’t win nothing bad happens like when the levy failed and they had to close an elementary school  If I do win I’ll be happy to take my turn on the board and making sure good choices are made for the kids in our community.  If any of my readers want to help out my cause here is a link for donations.  They are anonymous to others but per laws and stuff if you donate $100 or more I need your name, address etc for the report but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I also went to a school board meeting because I would never ask for a job I don’t have a high awareness of.  I can’t believe there are people who run and never come to any meetings?


    I want one of those good chairs…. the chairs back here lack lumbar support.

Now it is a new week and I have a PTO meeting and a fundraising event (for scholarships, not me) and we get to go to a wedding for some of our more fun friends so I’m sure it will be absolutely fabulous.

My whole crew plus friends, birds, and dogs.

Three days of summer completed, only 137 to go.

Mostly good so far, we had plans and they kept us busy and I think we are getting used to being around each other 24/7.  It has only been the equivalent of a long weekend so I’ll re-evaluate when we get to a week.  I’m even preplanning next week, whole days in advance.

So far we have;

Celebrated the first day with a fire and friends and a toast to the summer to come

Had friends over, most notable was a Fiona friend whose birthday we will miss and she missed Fiona’s so we did an un-birthday playdate.  Nothing makes a little girl feel special like a personal sized cake.  (the pans are from Ikea in the kid section, get them!)


Gone to a friends house, rode bikes around the block and played in the yard, traumatizing the many robins who are nesting.

Procured a summer wardrobe for 3 girls since all their summer stuff is deeeeep in storage (remember originally we were supposed to move in April).  We lost shopping patience so I have 2 pairs of shorts beyond the workout bottoms I had kept out.  I ended up modifying a t-shirt to be more trendy (and less annoying at the neck).


DIY; Cut off the collar, at shoulder seam cut a small triangle point down.

We are reading more but not getting much other ‘school’ stuff done but it has been a busy few days.

Gone to the gym 2x and the pool once – I’m very hopeful to continue this trend since I’ll get both a kid break and a workout.

Today Lars is taking the girls out and I’m getting all the winter stuff out to storage and starting in on all the decorative things we kept out simply to make the house look good for showing.  Yes, I do like how it looks too in a hotel sort of way, but in the interest of getting packed in a non-panic I’ll start round 3 with the less essential items.

We even got in a date night!  For the first time in WEEKS Lars and I had an evening with no plans and our sitter was ready and willing so we went out to eat together.  This isn’t to say we don’t see each other – about half the time we go to different things in the evening but are back by 8ish and do kid bedtime and then have the evening together, just taking the whole night is special.


Given that it is a holiday weekend it double downs on different from a school week with a day trip on Monday.  Zoe already said she has no idea what day it is and might just consider all days between now and school Saturday.  Why not?

No real drama yet and I’m glad.  We have so many things cooking that I think we will exhaust ourselves – I should really put ‘relaxing’ on the list at some point.


ps.  I got my side by side done for the kids, here is beginning of the year and end



Three things thrusday

Since I remember that today is actually Thursday, and, it has been a busy week I might as well use this format today.

This post brought to you by the letter S;

  1. School board meeting!  It is one of my new hobbies to go to local meetings.  I’ve met a good bunch of people and if you are going to be surrounded by politics, they might as well be meaningful.
  2. Spin class!  Last week and this week Lars and I went together.  The class is at a time we can both do and with the winter closing in we need an activity.  I put my step counter on my ankle and got pretty good results, not perfect count, but I’m over 8k after the class when I went in at 4ish so a solid 4k steps.
  3. Social Media!  First ‘normal’ week with all my clients and things are going pretty well.  I still can’t believe that I’m actually getting paid to post on facebook and Instagram… it isn’t exactly easy because I still need to pull together all the things etc, but, I really do enjoy it.  I like putting on all the different company hats and playing the game from their perspective.

There is more going on of course.  We celebrated our favorite babysitters birthday today, she is now old enough to leave home alone in charge of kids (before she was a mothers helper with another adult around every time).  We are also looking at Thanksgiving plans and I’m figuring out the month of November in general.  Need to save something for tomorrow and Walking Dead is waiting for me just after bed time is achieved.

A new world order

The day has finally come!  3 kids in school….

At 9:04 the car looks like this


at 9:08 it looks like this


Today and Wednesday (Fiona is home Tuesday and Thursday still) I’ve already got pretty full this week.  With school comes a new group of people to work with on crazy things like billing and the beginning is always a mess.  I am glad I could go to the office and fix it in 5 min rather than endless emails to try and explain the yes… she is in this class… no she is not in that one… sorry I have no answer for why she seems to be in both – please don’t bill me for both.  I also have the stack of things that could wait until I had time to talk on the phone and that stack is now addressed (and some even solved!).

The exciting thing for the day is a new client meeting at 2.  I can take a meeting at 2!!!  Hopefully, we can get lined up on the project and I can start for her.  An additional client is just what I need right now to fill in.  Between now and 2 I still have all the normal Monday things, it isn’t like I did nothing but parent all the other Mondays in the past 4 years, but this time, I can do them without interruption.

For posterity, here is Fiona on her first day of PreK.


She didn’t want a sign, she wouldn’t write her name because she was too excited to go.  Maybe she will for the scrapbook when she gets home (maybe not). She is wearing the outfit she picked out last week, I can’t believe it is so tame.  Last night her anxiety came out with a 40min fit about nothing in particular but I think was mostly because school was in the morning.  Since she is #3 I have done this 2 other times and she was with me for all three, but, she was always the one waving goodbye to her sister, not to her mom.  I think it hit her Friday at orientation that this was her turn.  With Niamh we made a half dozen trips to the school to get used to things, and, she was a year older since she started with Kindergarten, not preK.  Zoe was just ready, I think she is actually ready for college if she could just master what direction  b and d go.  Fiona got swept along with this and I am pretty sure she will do ok.  By the end of orientation she was making friends and playing and this morning she looked a little skeptical but ready.

Me, I’m ready.  I think.  I’ll let you know next week after the shock of 3 days a week wears off.

My goodness my mornings


weather; 90 degrees!  wow! (28c) but it actually felt fine because no humidity

nap; I took one, Fiona did not

building; I’m well on the way to done with the newest project

This week was an anomaly (I hope).  We had so many morning activities that I’m absolutely exhausted.  I’m starting to feel like I live in a TV town because I’m going to so many quaint activities, its a nice feeling that I am ‘living the ideal’ (but it is still exhausting)

Monday was normal but always a busy day especially being the first of the month so I did all the things I promised to do on the first of the month.  Tuesday I had a teacher breakfast and it went really well.  First year for me and I see a few things to make it run more smoothly but on the whole it was easy.  Good thing about teachers is they are serve themselves type of people, not to mention on a schedule so they arrived and departed like a flock of birds.


Wednesday Niamh and Lars had early dentist appointments so they were out by 7:30 but that means I was up at 7 to pack lunches and then did the rest of the morning solo.  Thursday was a normal morning but we headed over to the library for an author visit and they sang and ‘rocked’ with the kids.  Pretty nice setup overall and I met a few mom friends there. Then, as I posted yesterday, I went to the school board meeting and it was pretty enlighting.  They welcomed me so aggressively I wonder about them a little… am I a particularly good catch or just a willing warm body?  I’ll be going to more meetings and potentially running in the fall, we will see.  Anyway, they informed me of a happening at the local high school today running from 8-2.  We normally wake up at 8 (ok, get out of bed) so being somewhere at 8 for the 3rd time in a week was hard.


It was so worth it!  Bring 3 cute girls to a high school agriculture event and you will know how rock stars are treated.  The students think little kids are the cutest and they were in good form too – bows in their hair, asking cute questions like “how many feathers does a turkey have?” and “how many eggs do they lay?” (A: 3000ish and nearly 1 a day).  The majority of the people there were other students so we stuck out in a very nice way.  More than once the sea parted and they got first service based on cute power.  We held 2 week old goats, pet a 3 day old calf, held chicks, pet a snake, learned about buffalo, got free cheese curds and actually passed by a ton of other free food showing what pork and beef and dairy can turn into in a tasty way.  You can tell where the majority of HS boys were congregating – we skipped those lines 🙂  It is an even we will definitely do in the future.  We had to run at 9 to get the kids to school  but it was a totally fun morning.

My afternoons were all busy building or cleaning (or both) and I’m ready for a relaxing night.

Normal Today

I’m starting to really love time hop.  This app reinforces my tendency to compare now to last year or 4 years ago by literally telling me what I published in previous years.  Yesterday it noted a blog post and I semi-forgot what I wrote so I clicked.  When I read it I was transported to a time that I thought I would never forget, a time I have forgotten…  I wrote the post because I loved the messy snapshots that were with all the photos of baby Lars.  The unposed, un fixed.  That day I dissected a snapshot and I’m so glad I did because yesterday I remembered so much that I had forgotten.

Today I want to try again.  This probably isn’t too interesting to anyone else unless you also happen to be in the same situation as me, or, ever wondered what the stay at home mom house looks like at 11:30am…


This is the same corner of the house as 4 years ago but instead of a 1 year old Zoe you can see a 3 year old Fiona.  A person who didn’t even exist yet!  Instead of the constant interaction of the 1 year old crowd, Fiona is upstairs playing and fairly indipendant – I actually had to call her to be in the picture and she was busy ‘reading to her babies’.  She doesn’t really let me get away with doing my own thing for long, I need to be on call at all times for potty help, doll dressing, to look at something, or to kiss whatever part of her body she has hurt.

I feel like I have to say that our kitchen and stairs are suffering from us being away for the weekend and we just dumped things in the hall.  But yes… it is rare to have a perfect kitchen in our house and this is all about the real way not the way I like to see in pretty pictures.

The detail in the last post hooked me because I know I was writing totally mundane details but 4 years later I was so happy for the reminder.  Today you can see Halloween decorations up – the kids actually leave them alone and are glad of the glowing pumpkins.  Zoe helped make the paper flowers and the only decoration that gets messed with are the little Halloween ducks you can hardly see on the ledge.  I also like the look of my nice wood stairs and ledge, way better than builder grade carpet that was impossible to get clean.  I don’t miss that stuff!

The table has some breakfast still, Fiona and I eat second shift breakfast.  We send the bigger kids off to school and we eat before we go off to whatever we are doing.  We go out almost every day and this day we were out to a workout by 9:30 so it was an eat and run day.  Same goes for the cereal bags on the floor, I feel like I should leave them there, but I promise, they do go away daily.  The table also has a pile of school product – I’m not quite sure what to call the ‘bounty’ of paper we get daily from school but I sit every afternoon with them and go through it all.  Sometimes they love the snuggle and attention and tell me about each paper, other days they are too into playing and I peruse it solo.  I pull out the most important things and the rest gets recycled.

Speaking of recycling… the walmart bag on the back of the chair is full of walmart bags.  I’m bursting with the things and I’m never sure what to do with them.  They are not recyclable, I can only use so many trash bags and I hate throwing them away to just fill a landfill.  The other bag on the floor was just from that morning.  How it got on the floor I don’t know but it had a set of riding gloves in it.  Amazon prime has made us so spoiled with things arriving daily 🙂

The bag on the chair is from a playdate from last week.  It has moved from in the car to the hall and from the hall to storage but then it was used to pack animals for the trip and when it ripped (pre trip) it was abandoned.  I like to let the kids pack themselves, they are learning about space and what is good for packing into etc.  That bag now is holding the newest batch of recycling, waiting for a child chore time to bring it out.

And I want to remember the things you don’t see too.  There are no boosters, they rejected them a few weeks ago.  There are no sisters, they are in school every day.  There are no sippy cups or bottles or multiple sets of spoons because I need to feed someone.  There are no toys, no highchairs, no exersaucers…  I’m happy for every step forward but there is still a fond memory of the other things too.

My days now are busy in a new way.  I go workout 3 days a week at 9:30 and except for a rare day we have playdates the other 2.  We do school ‘stuff’ when the bigger girls get home but Fiona likes to play school in her room with her animals and barbies.  We do some housework together but usually I tidy wherever she wants to be and get the other things when she naps or is playing.  This is my last year with a full time child at home so next years ‘normal’ will be radically different again.

I don’t know if you will take my advice but take a picture of your life with no edits, you will be happy in about 4 years 🙂