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Niamhs view

We have a friend who can’t come to pennsic so the kids got my old phone for pictures. Here is a selection from day 1 taken by Dakota and Niamh 


For my Pennsic Friends

This is a departure from my normal day to day posts to bring you a printable form if you want to play my Pennsic Catch Them All game.

Here is the form;Pennsiccatchthemall (now with flying weapons supplemental!)

Greetings Known World going to Pennsic! If you were ‘going to catch them all’ at Pennsic what would you catch? We have the most exotic creatures all around us, we just have to look. This year I (Duchess Mary from Northshied) am sponsoring a quest for young and old to ‘catch’ SCA style.

The goal is simple – seek and find people from every stage of progression from every kingdom. I have a form to help you keep track and if you bring that form back to the Games Tent by 8/11 whoever caught the most gets a prize.

Truly, the real prize will be the people you meet and the things you learn.

And since we are a digital society if you feel inclined, and, it is not offensive to your ‘catch’ post pictures with ‪#‎Pennsiccatchthemall‬


I will have some on site but if you want to come prepared please print at home.  Mine are double sided, yours don’t have to be.  Order isn’t important except the last page is intended to be the cover.

See you at pennsic!


Friday Finally!


In school; everyone that should be

nap; we might have compromised on ‘play quietly in your room’

House; I should be cleaning for a pizza party tomorrow but I’m drawn into going through every toy bin in the house.

Weekend Prep; I’m in good shape

Workout; I’m calling this a break week based on advice from my DrSister


Whatever I ate in Asia when I was pregnant with Zoe seems to really lend to her heartiness (I was fed crazy things because I was pregnant!).  She rarely gets sick and when she does it does not last long.  Yesterday she was sick in the morning, got better enough to eat by mid-morning, slept from 1 until 5 and at 5 was right as rain.  She did go to bed on time but at 6am appeared by my bed saying she could not stay asleep any more, can’t say I blame her.


Yesterday I also took a long nap and feel much better for it too.  I was ‘watching’ them as they settled down and fell asleep.  I woke up just in time to go to the bus.  Not much got done yesterday but I feel tons better today.


We have a busy weekend ahead and I’m looking forward to it and now I must go assemble all the things we need so I’m not stressed out in the morning gathering stuff.

kids at pennsic

90% of the people I know who have kids and go to pennsic DON’T bring their kids.  They have many valid reasons and for people in MN (or further) a 12+ hour drive is daunting all by itself.  If you want a ‘vacation’ vacation – leaving your kids home is a good start but also going to a beach in Mexico is a better start since Pennsic is a vacation I NEED a vacation from when I get back.

Lets be honest here.  Me taking 3 kids ‘solo’ was on the crazy side.  Here is a list of the things that went wrong;

  • Someone regressed to the point where she would not use a toilet, I nearly had to go get diapers.  Luckily she would use her little potty but I still ended up just throwing out underwear because I’m not dealing with poop while camping.
  • There are no doors at pennsic.  No bedroom to put a tired child to work it out.
  • I was bitten
  • Someone, in a manic overtired phase, did about 30 laps around camp – 5 were naked, the remainder in a pullup
  • Small feet fall through pallet gaps (but thankfully that pallet was replaced asap by a kind campmate

I was also lucky because I never lost anyone, nobody fell into or dropped anything into the portapotty, and 2 of 3 fell asleep in under 5 min every night.  My kids are also good walkers, love to drink Gatorade (so no dehydration), are very patient with putting on sunblock and nobody got sick or hurt.  The ultimate ace is that I camp in a wonderful spot with infastruture AND my parents so they are at ‘camp grandma’.

There are hard things too like

  • getting them to eat the food that is for dinner
  • removing the dirt layer nightly
  • working around the heat of the day and the freeze of the night
  • lack of internet and electronics

So why do I say it was worth it?  Because they will remember it.  They will remember how much they loved meeting other kids, staying up listening to drums and bagpipes and stories.  They will know people from all over the world that they can only see again there.  They will have a map of this place that they walked and walked burned into their soul.  These things will mean they will want to come back every year, they will feel like they belong.  And I’ll also be there, so, hopefully, at least yearly, I’ll see my grown up kids.

The SCA is something that the whole family can really ‘be’ in.  It is something that is there when you need it and nobody minds if you take a few years off.  You can move from your hometown to anywhere in the world and find SCA, and, while they might be total strangers, they ‘know you’.  It is a powerful network because nobody really ever leaves, they just get less active.  There are plenty of things in the world that have many of the same vurtures but I can’t thing of any that are that whole package.  My parents saw it for what it was and I’m very very glad that they made something the whole family could do the priority rather then all splitting off into our own hobby or sport.

Nothing worth doing is easy all the time and that is Pennsic in a nutshell

if you want to see a few more pictures here is a link; https://goo.gl/photos/c54xaR6y1YJFuB3N6

Starting Summer part 3

We arrived back home from our super long vacation on Saturday just before midnight and yesterday was a blur of naps and laundry and rediscovering the house and TODAY we have to hit the ‘normal’ button.

There is still a whole month of summer left for my kids.  I know lots of kids are back already but we had over 90 days of summer and I think we are making the most of it.

The NY segment was crazy in a Full House sort of way.  7 kids eat a ton and there is no choice but to either skip baths, or, clean 2 at once because even at 10min each that is over an hour of showering.

Rolling into Pennsic was almost calm since my kids were the only kids there for a week, but, there were 19 people and steadily gaining more daily so cooking was still on dinosaur proportions.  Today I made lunch for ‘just 3’ and it felt like nothing…

I posted pictures for most of the last two weeks since my computer was safely tucked away from the potential rain and the inevitable dust and bugs.  For the most part is was a good but it is not what one would call your classic vacation.  On the other hand, what vacation with 3 kids is restful?  Pennsic has enough kids that we found people to play with most days and I’m super lucky that my girls do play with each other pretty well.  The other gift from heaven was the babysitter for an hour and a half a day.  I joke I found her at WalMart but after YEARS of trying to find a sitter ahead of time and either finding nothing, or, people who fell through I was in line at WalMart the first day and the young lady ahead of us, obviously also a Pennsic person, started talking to the kids and I asked if she would babysit.  It was a wonderful find and allowed me an hour and a half to go to the bathroom, shower, and talk to other adults.  It was double good because when the other kids arrived the second week she could add them to the flock and we ALL got a break.  Pennsic is hard on parents but probably worse for those in camp who don’t have kids since they are not used to the constant low-level chaos.

My pictures are trapped in my camera but I hope to have some soon.  I’m back in the normal swing with playdates and working out and projects so hopefully that includes blogging too.

Last days

Food court 

Our life saving babysitter who I, coincidentally babysat for when I was 16…

The field battle!

Pennsic puzzle… And a few other things around