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Literary costumes

I have lost a week in blog world but it was a productive week in my 3d world.  They had school EVERY day last week!  OMG!  It was also a special dress up every day week for their read a thon and they had fun wearing PJs, Fancy, school spirit but the best is always a book character day.  I refuse to put ‘real’ effort into these so compromises are made but I liked what we had this year and if you need a super-fast idea for a book character costume and you read one of these books; these are pretty easy

#3 Junie B Jones.  This is NOT my favorite series and I think she only reads them because her BFF does.  Misspelling and bad grammar is super annoying in a book, I know it is ‘the character’ but when you are talking 2nd-grade level books you are forming a foundation here…  Anyway, the costume.  Based on covers the defining factor for Junie is her glasses and then a skirt, sweater, and hair bow combo that should not match in any way.  Depending on the book, socks are crazy stripes, or, plain color knee socks.  This is an easy look to pull off with a standard girl wardrobe and we used freebie sunglasses with the lenses popped out for the glasses look. (attitude pose came free)


Bonus; all sass and misspelling in the day is all part of your character.


#2 The Dread Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride.  This is actually a book!  I read it and enjoyed it and I was surprised that it is rated YA/children.  Really, it is quite a clean adventure and #2 enjoyed it as a summer reading book for her friend book club.  Otherwise, everything she read this year featured a Dragon or a Warrior Cat and we couldn’t figure out those costumes.  The man in black is seriously just a back outfit and mask.  The black outfit was in her closet and the addition of a shirt of mine for that ‘loose pirate look’ was an easy foundation.  I had a medium-size piece of scrap black fabric that I put over her head, over her eyes, and pulled tight in the back to make the mask.  I marked the eyes and cut them out and used a safety pin to secure the back.  We used one of my black belts for the waist over the shirts and it looked great.


#1 Annabeth from the Percy Jackson books.  I can’t recommend this series enough, it is YA but good enough for any adult.  There was some push by #1 to wear a blond wig since Annabeth is always described as having a blond ponytail, but, the wig was a bit of a mess so we skipped it in favor of a neat ponytail.  I turned an orange shirt inside out and use a washable marker to write ‘camp halfblood’ and she paired it with jeans, a beaded necklace and there you go, instant Annabeth.  Our school is anti hat so no Yankees hat, but that is another iconic bit of her character.


It was a fun and crazy week with outfits every day.

That is all the time I have today, I’ll be catching up this week with an update on my 40 for 40 and also my organizing kick.


Three things Thursday

The interesting enough things.  If you also do this please add a link in the comments, i would love to read your 3 things too.


  1. I’m reading a book.  Made of paper.  It has been a while but books to come out faster in paper then they do on my library app so I’m reading this book.  It is  #2 in the series and I like it a lot.  This author has a great nack for interesting books and characters that are relatable enough but also different enough.  It is a new series for her and it is a fresh and fun as the beginning of any of her series.  If you can’t have endless episodes from one series, next best thing is a cool new series you can count on the quality of. 51mqa46cgfl
  2. Crazy hair day at school to kick of (ironically) the read a thon.  They have 10 days of fun activities to celebrate reading because February is “I love to read” month8539ae73-95ab-47cc-a7c1-d36c1d2e5b0b
  3. I’ve been plowing through the garage project.  The cookie area is ready for cookies and I’m getting through bins of stuff and even found a pile to donate to a charity auction happening right now.  Since we are on a reading theme, during the garage work I’ve been listening to this stand-alone book written by an author that I also will read anything she writes.  It is good so far!51rkikghqfl._sx303_bo1204203200_

Working on the shelfie game

Every box of books in the house or garage is now nearly unpacked.  (Fiona wants to do the kid books personally) I feel like we are missing a few boxes so they may be at our friend’s barn that we have not emptied yet (but will soon!).  This isn’t all the books in the house, there are some upstairs too, this is just the majority.

I’ve missed my books….


Book Report; The Art of Detection

The Art of Detection


I’ve been reading so many books over the past few months.  Reading and listening technically.  This one was a listener and it got me through many many miles on the elliptical and also is semi-responsible for my house not being a wreck because I listen while I clean.

This is a crossover book and for that I love it, but, I’m not sure it would be the same if you have not read the Mary Russel books.  The fantastic easter egg of a story in the middle made my week.  It can definitely stand alone but I wonder what I’m missing for not reading that series from the start because there are callbacks to things that I am sure are in other books.

It is a murder mystery – technically two – and it is well written in my opinion but I like the author’s slower and detailed style.  She tends to write the background as a character in the story with tons of attention to what else is happening in the world.  This one has an obvious (but not smack in the face too badly) theme of gay rights and contrasts them from a few different views; modern day, and, 1930-40, the United States and England.   I am glad to live now where there may not be absolute equality but at least there isn’t a death penalty.

I will probably go read the rest of this series, there are more miles to run and clothing to fold.


No Obligation but if you would like to…

Donate to my kids read-a-thon!

This is a program that I actually believe in enough to post.  The school retains 80% of donations and the kids get decent prizes.  (So many fundraisers keep up to 50%, those I don’t really bother with)

School is also getting behind this one because it is actually educational, unlike selling wrapping paper etc where you have to squint and say “they learn about money and change…maybe?”.  Every couple days they have an extra fun thing for reading during the read-a-thon.

Zoe                   Niamh                      Fiona

The last day is Thursday so if you feel like donating to a good cause; ie – the PTO that funds the extras that make school fun, consider clicking and donating for one of the kids (or all three!)

I have no idea if putting this out to you all will work at all, but, you can’t say yes if I never ask!

All the light we cannot see

I heard about this book ages ago, so long I don’t remember who said it but they raved and so I went to my book app and reserved it.  That was in JUNE.  I think I was number 85 and the library had 3 copies.  I promptly forgot about it and like a Christmas gift my turn came up while we were in Hawaii.  I powered through the book I was in the middle of (the newest in the scifi Laundry Files series that had way too many shades of Pearl Harbor, or maybe that’s more about where I was) and downloaded.

I’m going to call this my official first book of 2017 because while I started just before new year, the majority was in the past 2 weeks.  On top of that, this is the type of book that colors the world around you.  I can’t look at a snack without thinking of all the times the characters had nearly nothing.  I can tell this will be one of those books I remember at odd times in conjunction with odd things because of what I was doing or where I was when reading.  Do you get the feeling that it was a powerful book?

The writing style is like a fine meal.  The words are carefully chosen and put together in such a way to evoke a feeling.  There is the simplicity of Hemingway and the convergence of all the adjectives of Robert Jordan and this book is riding somewhere in the middle.  I especially like that the two main characters are both children and the story is told through the eyes of kids that grow up in WWII.  One is pulled into the Nazi war machine, the other a blind French girl who finds herself in the resistance.  Nazi and Resistance are both in the story, but, they are side details and only if you actually already know about them do the little bits draw together.  They are kids, regardless of where they are, and the world around them is ‘normal’ like a frog slowly being boiled.

The author also pulls in a few other classic books that parallel the story.  I’m sure it was done on purpose, there is just too many coincidences for it to be accidental.  Hitler v Darwin.  The journey to the center of the earth v trapped in their respective situations.  Captain Nemo being crazy but then again not wanting him to fail and in the end never quite knowing what happens…

Overall the story that knits the lives together is interesting and enough of a link that it is realistic and magical and not prosaic.  I love the ending, both for what actually happened and the fact that it is written like a dream as both characters are so starving and going slightly crazy from life.   I also appreciate that the author ends with a more adult view of what happens when everyone grows up.  There is a shift in tone as we see former children as full adults post-war, but, there is still point of view differences in each based on where they came from and their journey there.  I’m glad that it was not like Journey to the center of the Earth where you just don’t know, I really really like knowing.

It is almost hard to pick up the next book because that will truly finish this one, but, the story is complete and I’m moving on to The Moor, another one I was waiting on, and completely different in every way.  Totally intelligent and adult writing in the Shurlock Homes Genre.