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Never ending timeline

The other night Fiona went to sleep super early and we keep all the kids clothing in that room.  I’m sure that isn’t super common but I like getting all 3 of them dressed in the same location and putting laundry away in one place etc.  Anyway, I forgot to get PJ’s out of the room and Fiona is easy to wake up so I gave the girls tank tops of mine to wear.  I just could not resist giving them ‘their’ tank top so anyone recognize these?

They look so big and little all at the same time!  I know I should knock wood by saying it is a never ending timeline but wouldn’t it be sweet if they ended up wearing these tanktops as adults?  In their own belly shots?  I could only be so lucky.


For the record Niamh recognized them and was totally into it and Zoe was like “what? huh? I just woke up and you want me to stand exactly here in the downstairs bathroom?  Whatever, fine, give me apple juice and I’ll do anything”

1 year later

All through all three pregnancies I reveled in the belly.  I loved how I was round like a little basket ball (and then a beach ball).  I took tons of pictures, the regular every few week style and then the cool and artistic ones too.  I enjoyed the time, every second, until 5 seconds after I had the baby and then it just became blah belly again.  Blah is a kind word really but I gave myself slack about looking 5 months pregnant the day we came home from the hospital.  On the one hand I felt very thin compared to 10m round, but, I did not fit my normal pants so I knew I had work to do.

I let nature do most of the work.  Baby food production took a bunch of the weight off.  I don’t have a huge appetite either so unless food is put in front of me I will wait until I’m starving and then eat something steller like a Chibani and a cookie.  Lars decided to take on cooking a few years ago so our food has gone from ‘college dorm gourmet’ to real gourmet.  I’m on a tangent here but Lars cooks better then most of the restaurants we can afford to eat at regularly making going out to eat not a great treat for me.  Not only is he good at cooking (now) he also knows all the things I like and don’t like.  Going out for me is an exercise in skimming each description and then bouncing to the next item when I hit an ingredient/adjective I don’t like.  Usually I end up re-reading to find the thing I dislike least.  Honestly it has gotten better as I’ve gotten more adventurous in my eating but my former co-workers teased me about my granola bar stock pile I took on every business trip because when you don’t like spicy food China and Vietnam and Malaysia are hard places to eat.  Travel tip; eat as much as you can at breakfast, it is the most safe meal of the day.  ANYWAY, back on track, of the 30ish pounds I gained I was back to pre pregnancy weight more or less in December but not the right SHAPE and shape is what fits in my jeans…

I’ve written about my bootcamp that I go to 2x a week and I also try to run a few miles on Friday so with that and a generally active life I give you my 1 year later belly picture

ta da!

So not the thinnest I’ve ever been but I’m maybe in the best muscle shape since college when I was actively coached and had nothing better to do then work out.  I’m back in my prepregnancy jeans and I have no idea about my work stuff because I have not worn any of that in a year either.

It has been a YEAR since I set foot in an office to do any work.  I use my laptop anywhere I want in my house or deck or yard and I have a nice desk next to Lars if I wish to do desktop style stuff.  I wonder how long I should hold onto my work wardrobe since my timeline to go back to work is like 5 years so who knows what will be in style or fit (who am I kidding, I don’t really do ‘in’ style, I go for dull button downs and nice pants/skirts).  I miss some of the people I worked with, fewer then I thought I would and that goes to show how genuine my work friendships were.  Occasionally a date passes that I know was a milestone for a project and I wonder how it is going but I don’t feel much ownership over it anymore.  I feel a little odd wearing any stuff with Polaris logo or name because I don’t even have any products but I still think it is a good company so I’ll just wear the hat in general support.

I like my giraffe ears, they don’t come standard with a Pure Polaris hat.

Everyone said it takes a year to get used to being at home and they are right.  I’m comfortable in my routine, we figured out the money stuff balance, and I don’t feel like I’m swimming in the deep end with sharks.  There are plenty of days that are not perfect but most are more positive then not.  Weekends are on the odd side because we have to wait around for Lars to do stuff, but, we can do more with 2 adults so the wait is worth it.

I feel like the beginning of June will always be an anniversary that only I will celebrate;  it is another time to reflect and set goals – more on that another day but I’m glad that my stomach is mostly back  to normal and that was a major goal for year 1.

the world did not end

During my first pregnancy I was banned (by Lars) from watching any tv shows about ‘bad’ things and that included the Myan end of the world, and, Little People Big World because I freaked out about any and all of the above potential disasters  I realistically know that I would neither have a dwarf baby (and if I did I actually would not have cared) nor the world would end in 2012 but you never know.  For the record, the world has yet to end  and I’m confidant it won’t tomorrow so I’m glad I got diapers today.

Thats all for now – more tomorrow

Practice baby

8m pregnant sister using Fi to learn how to multitask.

By way of explanation of the naked baby…. it is very hot here and my parents don’t have AC.  I grew up here so I’m mostly used to it but I also remember spending many afternoons parked in front of a fan to prevent myself from melting.  Fi does like it hot but she does not like it humid.



My ‘Other Kate’ story is now complete

Friday I got another e-mail intended for O.K. but this one was a reply to her – how I got onto that I don’t know, apparently hitting ‘reply’ was not this guys strong suit since he manually added an address for her.  Since it was a reply I can see the real e-mail and whole name and Kate is indeed a woman and she might be getting married (unclear from the em, she might just be helping with a wedding).  Anyway I wrote to her and related the outline of what has happened over the past few years and now I have a real e-mail to forward misguided mail to.  OR (in a twist) I might have replied to ANOTHER person named Kate that was just on the e-mail trail and the real O.K. is still out there….

In other news, motherhood continues.  This weekend we went to the Zoo on Saturday and hung out locally on Sunday with a visit to a local park and then the mexican place we love but I had to boycott while pregnant because eating anything there gave me very very very bad indigestion.  Fiona had a hard night last night, not exactly up and needing walking and rocking but restless and requiring patting and re-nooking semi constantly all night.  How I’m going to deal with this plus the other girls I do not know but I’ll find out in July…  We are dropping daycare down to 2x a week for them so we can have more time, and, save the many thousands of dollars we pay to daycare.  I wrote up the notes on the change today to give to daycare so we are making real decisions and actually taking action, amazing.

I’m also pleased to say that maternity clothing now looks silly big on me.  I have a pair of shorts that I’ll still wear because they are the under belly type so that translates to a wide elastic band but otherwise putting away the big stuff is now officially on the list.  I have a friend who is pregnant too, due in Oct and as of yesterday our bellies were the same (yes we measured).  My waist 3 weeks post baby is 35 inches…  room for improvement but the bridesmaid dress I’m supposed to wear in September should fit and might even be big.  Nothing like dress shopping 9m pregnant.  Next week I plan on starting to actually exercise more then just leading my life but I’m not ready to go back to Insanity yet at all.

Thats the update for today~