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Other Kate!

3 in a row!  Don’t get spoiled people 😉

I know at least 1 reader out there adores the ongoing saga of my Other Kates.  I’ve collected a few over the past couple months that together make a fun post.

Recently AUKate has generously offered to cover for a coworker, I’m assuming for a good reason like having a baby but who knows with Australia, they get something like 20 weeks of vacation a year.  Anyway, I’m alerted to this by the normal method of reading her misdirected mail.  This alone was not going to make a post but I just got another fun one for her.

AUKate is cordially invited to a holiday party…. in November.  Save the date!  Technically *I* was invited since the invite came to me and a BCC list of what I can only assume are fellow Doctors and Staff but who knows, maybe her hospital is throwing a random invite international party?  Why else give 11 months notice other than to allow for travel.  I should really show up to one of these parties I get invited to.  They don’t give too much info but they do say there will be a dinner, tempting, I’ll see if they follow up with notes about entertainment or an open bar.

UK-Kate has been quiet lately except she signed up for StitchFix and even loaded up her credit card info but not her address and somehow used my email as the login.  I was asked, very nicely via email, to fill in a survey so they could accommodate my taste.  The temptation to go wild was there, but, I’m not that kind of Kate.  I hope she got it straight and they don’t just send her generic stuff.  I did dig a little to see if I could find her actual address on the site but that section was not visible and so I did the kindest thing and unsubscribe saying I didn’t ask for this.  Maybe somebody will call her or something, I do hope UK Kate gets the fashion she desires, my sister loves the service.

Thus completes my semi-regular update on the people who accidentally use my email address.

Other Kate continues

In my list on Monday, I actually forgot that I have been saving up some Other Kate material.  I almost feel bad because at this point AUKate is like a friend.

(check the “Other Kate” tag for more on the story but basically I have a common email address so I get other peoples mail accidentally but way more frequently then you think)

In this episode of Other Kate, she gets a new boss.  The Australian heroine we already know is a fancy doctor, my reader who loves this storyline best should know that ironically, AUKate could work at her hospital as that is her practice area.  Anyway, in a very mass email, the new “acting” CEO of the hospital introduces himself.  I feel that is a nice way to reach out to everyone, good move hospital administrator.  Good luck though because your name was not followed by an ‘MD’ or a ‘PhD’ and the adjective ‘acting’ isn’t really a recipe for respect.

I forward it to the right address with no comment, AUKate, she can decide if she wants to ignore him or send him cookies.  I don’t know what doctors or Australians do.

A few weeks later, Mr. NewGuy, writes to inform that someone has resigned after years in the position.  Intrigue?  Did this person leave in a huff because she was passed over? Was she fired for some soap opera reason? Is Mr. NewGuy a really bad boss because you know, you don’t quit a job, you quit a boss….  The person who left was named Fiona and of course, that struck a note with me.  I sent along the email and this time added a note about my Fiona, because AUKate is my friend now, and also let her know that maybe she can tell Mr. NewGuy her real address.  She is super nice and replied saying she didn’t know this Fiona, likes mine, and wonder why people still get these things wrong!

As an aside – AUKate also gets stalked by drug reps and people wanting her to participate in studies.  They get one forward each and then they are direct to the trash.  We, Kates, stick together to avoid spam.

Super fast Other Kate installment

UK Kate is in charge of her company Christmas party (Holiday?  how picky is the UK about that)

UK Kate choose a very posh looking place with a very nice menu and party area.  Know how I know?  I get all her requests for confirmation from the resturant~

I dutifully emailed the place back when I got the first request for confirmation but today I got another that actually asked if she got the first one.  Um…. so yes, I wrote back again because I don’t want a Kate, no matter how poor her penmanship, to look like an idiot for not actually booking the Holiday party.  I can’t imagine a group of English office workers in cocktail attire expecting open bar would be a pretty mob on the street when they arrive and find no place for them… (actually, I can imagine and its funny but not kind so I do try and be kind)

The same Kate (I think) is also getting into the habit of getting e-receipts when she goes to lunch or shop.  UK Kate, you eat out too much!  How do I know?  guess….

Other Kate Overload!

AU Kate has been pretty mellow recently (now that I know her it is easy to send things her way).  The only stray item of note for her was a financial advisor trying to get her business, even tossing in personal hooks like asking after her kids, and I dutifully sent it to her but advised AGAINST an advisor that can’t get your email correct…

Another other Kate – who I have been calling EU Kate – is getting feisty with her drop box…  Yes, she registered her own drop box, auto linked to her phone, to my email.  I checked it out last year or so when it started to see if I could glean any data that would let me contact her and nothing popped so I forgot about it until yesterday she seems to have run out of free data storage and I got the reminder.  I had to look, just to see, and she looks like she is happy with a daughter who goes to lots of swim lessons and I think she got a new car (because why else would you hug and kiss a car in a picture?).  I’m confident of the not US location because of accents, and, the steering wheel is on the wrong side.  I just re-looked at her pictures for more clues and I found this one – I’m sure she was taking a picture of a rainbow (I hear ya Kate, nice rainbow) but look! a street sign!  I think it says ‘Helensville’ and there is a red icon next to it with ?6… The top sign looks like ‘Atatu 5th Henderson’.  I googled that and I think she is from NewZealand.  From now on we call her NZ Kate and hope for details some day so I can let her know I have all the pictures of her zoo trip etc.  Thank goodness NZ Kate isn’t using her cell camera for anything I can’t unsee…. I still wonder if this is the same Kate that was looking for construction bids or if there is a UK Kate too?

Fullscreen capture 11132015 45041 PM.bmp

And finally, another other Kate, location somewhere in the US, is looking to adopt a puppy.  She has signed me up for a puppy adoptions service.  I think she has narrowed her search to Chihuahua pups because that’s what I get the most offers for now.  While I’m writing this, I went back to my email and found a link to edit her profile on nextdaypets.com and I must have missed this one before because when I clicked it I got directly into her profile and it has all her info!!!  Woo hoo! It even has her right email so somehow nextdaypets.com messed it up not her, so, next step is to contact her and let her know all her pup mail is going to me.  I bet she is thinking that there is a chihuahua shortage…  And I’m not going to give out her data but she is from VA so I wonder if she is the Kate with PA connections?  Is she the soccer player?

Niamh will never have this problem…  Nor this opportunity to meet the Kates of the world ~

Off to email VA Kate and see if I can knot up one loose Kate thread.

Other Kate – UK

Once I found AU Kate it was like finding a fun friend, and while the emails for her didn’t actually stop I had an address to forward them on to so the mystery was gone.

However…. there is still the mystery of UK Kate and PA Kate.

I’ve been zeroing in on UK Kate, she has kids, she online shops, I actually even have seen a picture since she used my address to sign up for a drop-box and uploaded a set of pictures.  Yup, I looked, but I was seriously worried that I might see something emotionally scarring.  Luckily she just looked like a normal mom type.  I actually like one of the news services she signed up for, but, there is such fun in trying to find her.

Tonight I got a note that a builder was interested in my project.  I’ve used contractor services like that and wanted to make sure I closed it out so nobody spent time on a closed job and then I realized it was UK Kate!  I clicked into the service and noticed that all the prices were in pounds, and, all the locations were in England so that was a big hint.  For the record, she wants a ‘tap’ put into her garden.  Lucky for me, my Irish dad instilled the knowledge that a faucet is also known as a tap…  (Although a beer tap in the garden would be cool).  I have no idea if she means garden like we do with flowers etc, or, if it just means yard because that is another US v UK thing but that isn’t the point.  I feel that if you use my email I’m entitled to slightly invade your privacy to try and figure out who you are.  SO she didn’t have her address but she did have her cell so I texted her… lets see if I get a new Kate friend 🙂

Follow ups

With all the new challenges and things I have less time to write chatty posts that include follow ups so sorry if this is confusing for new readers but….

1. Potty training – Fiona is now fully capable but 100% unwilling.  I think we missed the easy window and now we have to wait her out.  She will use the toilet in all new and fun places so ask me where the bathroom is in ANY PLACE EVER because I’ve seen them all.  She will also go on command in order to get to go into the hot tub or swimming pool, or, in order to get a chocolate chip.  I know this won’t be forever but it is getting old.  She is now officially taking the longest of all 3.


2. Other Kate(s).  AU Kate has been pretty quiet lately except once she emailed me something she intended to mail to herself~ However, I have a Kate in WI getting comcast cable installed and I have all her appointment data.  Another Kate is getting a survey on how she likes a program she probably never uses since my email is attached to it.  I somehow got signed up for JET (a wholesale buying thing) that isn’t even live but a Kate out there was a beta and now I’m ranked and getting a free membership…  The majority of all these are in the past week!


3. Pantry – wonderful addition to our house!  We use it daily at least 🙂  I still need to take pictures and there are a few things I might rearrange long term but after all that work it is totally worth it.


4. Other building/remodel – semi officially on hold until we figure it out


5. Sewing – top hits to this site are for my how-to’s and I’ve been not sewing much but soon I’ll be breaking it out again and finishing some WIP that got put away for the holiday season.  I also have a post half done on how-to SheRa


6. Bread – I’m still baking all our bread and recently moved over to a new technique for ‘5 minute bread’ and the results are tasty


7. Workout – everything in constant change about when and how but I get at least 3 cardio and 1 strength in a week.


8. washing machine – still awesome and still something Fiona will watch for a solid 5min


9. writing a novel – need to do that…. on the list


10. blogging more – promised I would and I feel like I’m doing it.  Thank you all for reading 🙂


Am I missing anything?  Any loose ends you want to know what happened to?  No births or deaths or major changes to report so here is a picture of a fun new game we just started playing~  It is a total logic ‘clue’ style game but way faster and easier and more fun than clue 🙂