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On my summer vacation I am

Hey, we made it!  One short day and one long day and a healthy dose of luck and we were pulling into my parents house almost exactly when the GPS said when we set out.  Not bad for all the potty stops, rain and a billion miles.  And now we are here!

We arrived to a much more quiet house then we were expecting because my sister and her kids were attending an emergency funeral on her husbands side of the family.  Not that any funerals are exactly planned but this one was for a person who didn’t get all that long on earth so…  well, at least we can say that every other part of the trip will be better than that.  It was almost funny that they had been waiting for a week for us to arrive and then we waited for them for 2 days and finally everyone was together just in time to celebrate Lars’s birthday!

Ice cream cake with crunchies AND NY pizza would normally make his birthday a total success but for the first time in  ages we were able to go out with a recommendation from my foodie sister to a restaurant with an executive chef (not just a cook) and we were both impressed in general with the experience.  Topped off the night with a board game and that make for a happy man. (and the kids were all sleeping, that was like a cherry on top)

Otherwise our NY vacation –  what I’m calling summer part II – is largely unplanned.  I want to see NY friends and family, go sailing, go to the beach, and enjoy ‘living’ here for a few weeks.  Living is really the right word because I’m joining a gym for a month and Niamh is enrolled in a month of karate and Niamh loved her first class tonight.  When you are toting kids to classes it is living somewhere not vacationing 🙂 Regardless, it is very nice to be able to be here and experiencing this brand of summer.

There is a bit of inborn chaos from all the kids but once you embrace the fact that we are a field trip group it gets easier to just roll with it.

Oh!  I’m also trying something fun with my walks.  Lars and I have been trying to get 2mi walks in daily and given the crazy of the house putting Fiona down for a nap seems unreasonably optimistic I’m combining them.  I’m also seeing if I can make my walking map look like alphabet letters – so far I’ve done A and B

And I’m hopeful that the next few week will be just as good and since I even found a spot to set up my computer I also hope to keep up here too.  (we will see)


Baby shower

Fiona had so much fun she fell asleep and the only flat spot not covered by baby shower people was the bar so on the bar she went. Lets hope this is the only and only time she sleeps on a bar in her life.

Ps.  yes, my sisters baby shower was in a bar but it was a really nice bar with excellent Ziti


Practice baby

8m pregnant sister using Fi to learn how to multitask.

By way of explanation of the naked baby…. it is very hot here and my parents don’t have AC.  I grew up here so I’m mostly used to it but I also remember spending many afternoons parked in front of a fan to prevent myself from melting.  Fi does like it hot but she does not like it humid.



Fresh grapes from granddads porch vineyard


it is like a snack bar all the time here, it is great

Stevens point

See in the background the twin towers going back up.  Note to self, don’t tell 4 year olds about airplanes flying into buildings, it leads to no end of questions you can’t answer.


Ny in sight


Major note from this section of the trip is that NJ needs some paint but it was so nice to see this skyline.