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Daily funny

For once. Niamh is not responsible for this fashion don’t.

Saturday Sun-tzu

I just had to write a paper on this and while I semi dreaded it – Sun-tzu is really very easy to apply to business.  I think it is just basic enough it can apply to anything, plus, most of the ideas come down to common sence really.  I dutifully re-read this for the class although I have read portions at least 2 other times because for some reason it just does not stick all that well for me, way to much is actually about military flanking tactics that I don’t care much for.  In the end I googled business quotes and found a nice list to choose from and wrote my paper.  Here is the number one quote for me;

“When one treats people with benevolence, justice and righteousness, and reposes confidence in them, the army will be united in mind and all will be happy to serve their leaders.” 

(here my opinion on how this relates to my role in my company) It is very difficult to get anything done in our role without the aid of engineering, quality and logistics.  The challenge is that you have no direct control over any of them; you must inspire them to work together in a team.  As engineers, many of them do not have strong teamwork skills but respond very well to being treated as experts. Do not pander, but, if you treat all with kindness and confidence they will unite for the cause you bring to them.

After reading too much Sun-tzu it is hard to not sound like a fortune cookie –

On the good side, the paper is done, the simulation round is done and I just counted – 4 more classes and then I’m done!!!

First Dentist Visit, and, conclusion to the travel saga

Niamh did GREAT at the dentist yesterday.  For a girl that refused to let her own grandparents hold her or any stranger look at her for the first 2 years of her life this was an amazing feat.

First she watched me get a cleaning, something I personally don’t love but I put on a good show for her.  Its amazing, I’ve been going to the same dentist since we moved here and they do a good job remembering people so they remember me pregnant with Niamh.  Seeing them 2x’s a year you build a certain type of relationship and they are all really nice people – the one lady dentist I didn’t like is long gone – and I think they were actually happy to see the result from the baby bump. They set up a special little chair for her to watch me and then when it was her turn she was very happy to open up.

The minimum expectation was that she would ride the chair up and down and maybe get her teeth counted.  She let them do that, and, polish her teeth, and, floss them.  AND they even picked a little at the odd marks on her front teeth.  The opinion on the marks is something must have happened  when I was pregnant but it was not going to be a long term issue and would not be on her permanent teeth.  The only negative from the visit was that they declared the Nook has to go… her teeth are starting to form badly from the habit.  We are in negotiations on when the Nook goes… that will not be a fun day.

I was deadly tired from getting up so early and not really getting any real sleep the rest of the day.  We did eventually get the pilot (and the rest of us) on the plane – actually it was the pilot that was the problem solver in the end (a rare trait in my experience, they are usually strict rules followers).  He said if the credentials were the issue that he would call into to someplace and have them fax the documents to the gate.  That saved the day.  So yeah him!  The transfer at Philly and part two was ok.  The major issue was idiots who insist on putting things in the overhead bins that could easily fit under the chair.  I wish them the karma they disserve because I had to check my little bag.  Retrieving it from baggage claim and then navigating from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 where I was forced to leave my car because there was no space in terminal 1 took another hour.  THEN the stupid Prius had a weird error about not parking somewhere flat.  That was the last thing I needed but we figured out how to fix it.  The last issue was at the pay station – I picked the 1 out of 10 that was out of order and had to back out of the whole thing and try again.  Oh well, I survived and got home in time to eat something and then go get Niamh.  Nothing like starting the day at 4:20 (3.20 CST) to feel like a zombie but I really did get an energy boost from picking up Niamh and then another when we got Zoe after the apt.  I made it all the way to 9pm before I was out.

It was a good thing I got to bed early because around 3am I snapped awake to the terror inducing phrase ‘my tummy hurts’ followed by that ominous sound of puke.  Puke on me… in my bed.  oh well, I wash.  Today I’m working from home with a sick Niamh but there are worse fates in the world.  She actually feeling pretty good, we are keeping her mellow and I’m sure she will be fine tomorrow.

Marathon of life

I am finding myself mid marathon  – like a good runner, I have trained for this, I am doing it on purpose, but its still hard somewhere around mile 15.

Today I’m flying to VA for work – anyone in Richmond want to say hi?  This silly trip has been rescheduled 3 times so I will get it done just so I don’t have to worry about getting it done ever again.  Originally I was supposed to go with other people but they all ended up bailing on me (this also happened on try 1, try 2 timing didn’t work for approvals) and I was not going to cancel again so now it is just me and the supplier.  Off to the airport this morning, arrive there mid afternoon, dinner tonight with the supplier and then sleeping ALL BY MYSELF.  All day at the supplier tomorrow and then a super early flight (5am) on Thursday to get back home in time to pick up Niamh for her first dentist apt.  I have a cleaning and she has an introduction.

This weekend I’m not sure what we are doing

Next week is Thanksgiving so I need to pack for our family and drive drive drive to Oklahoma on Wednesday.  Holiday celebrating with family will ensue.  Then drive drive drive home again.

Then there is what I feel might be a break in the action but I know it will be busy with school and exams and Christmas prep.  Not to mention my December Graduation dinner with the Dean.  The marathon culminates in our trip to NY for Christmas, finally planned, that will not include New Years.  Once we get back to MN, that is my finish line.  I think that after NewYears we have no firm plans for months.  Until then, there is a flurry of activity but all good thing.  If I don’t look rested in my Christmas card picture you will know why… Oh, gotta add that to the list too, don’t want to miss another year~

11-11-11 at 11:11

I’m making a wish – are you?

So many of mine have come true, but, can’t waste an 11-11 like no other to wish a little more