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Keto pizza

About a month ago Lars went full Keto diet.  He has lost over 20lb and is basically enjoying the diet since it isn’t a starvation type, more an incredibly low carb diet.  He misses some things more than others, there are plenty of decent subs and he can eat all the bacon he likes so that helps.  The thing he desperately missed was pizza so I tested out a recipe tonight that is a  combo of a bunch of recipes I found online.  I avoided the ones with ‘crazy’ ingredients and tried to see if I could make it work with what we had on hand;

1oz cream cheese

1.5c moz cheese

2 eggs


1/3c coconut flour

preheat 425

1. melt the cheeses together in the microwave, stirring every 45 seconds.

2. use a steel bladed food processor (I have a ninja) and pulse the remaining ingredients and the melty cheese.

3. knead the resulting ‘dough’ and add in flour until texture is firm and not too wet

4. roll out between two sheets of parchment paper, hand form a crust

5. use a fork to make holes all over the dough

6. Bake JUST THE DOUGH/CRUST 6 -8 min then remove.

7. Add sauce and toppings to taste

8. Cook 10 min until cheese is melted


The dough is sweeter than a normal pizza and the texture is more like a flatbread but it is chewy and holds together well.  Next time I may roll it out thinner and see if I can get more of a crunch.  Overall very filling and about 16 net carbs for the entire pie.

Definitely worth repeating and probably will do a pizza night for my nephew who is diabetic and celiac and visiting in 2 weeks.




Happy Anniversary to us

I always love that blogging daily in November means a good opportunity to publically remember my wedding day.

Today I’m a tad distracted with the election but I’m glad we get this weekend to celebrate.

It does not feel like 14 years but we have done a lot in that time;

3 kids

a house built

a house sold

a variety of pets

2 reigns

a million miles traveled

and all the little things that truly make up our life like the fact you make me coffee, you learned how to cook for us, you research fun topics and you find me dumb jokes (that I love) all the time.  You help me have fun, you support my crazy plans, you are my biggest advocate in most things.  I love that you do the dishes even though you hate them because I hate them more.

I hope we never stop learning and growing and loving each other.


Happy Anniversary honey

close up of heart shape

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Election night jitters….

Tonight driving it hit me, tomorrow is election day.  Tomorrow.

I’m excited and nervous and ready for it to be decided.  Tomorrow is also my anniversary.  Why didn’t I think about future election days when I was picking a wedding date?  I thought about flowers, the weather, the time of sunset, cars, travel, even made sure we had unscented candles.  I live in hunting country now and I sympathize with all who have deer opener (this next 2 weekends) anniversaries or birthdays – it is just hard to be excited about two things at once!  I want to say I got married in an off-election year but no, I looked it up and it was when Bush won over Kerry.  I’m pretty sure I voted?  My blog started in Dec 2004 so no way to know for sure.

Keeping busy is always the best thing for me so today in addition to having the kids home and going to work out and swim for 2 hours, I finished getting the laundry room completely squared away.  That might sound silly to all of you but our laundry room is actually oddly large and has 2 upper cabinets, 2 lower cabinets, and 2 big drawers.  I added to the storage with 2 ikea all wood shelves that I put a drying rack between for the delicates.  It took a while to figure out what all would go in the room and in the end, it is where I’m putting a bunch of craft and wrapping and the ‘junk drawer’ stuff like batteries and light bulbs.  I also got a good swimwear center going so all the suits, towels, and bags have a place to go away close to where they get dry.  Life will really be better now that those things have a place.

While I’ve been doing this project, and its predecessor of emptying the front room of all boxes where about 75% of what was in the boxes ended up in the laundry/craft room, I watched West Wing where they are focused on the election at the end of the series.  I know how it ends but watching the campaign as I’m campaigning was actually pretty cool.  If I ever run for something national I want the writers from that show writing my speeches.  I’m saving the last episode about election day for tomorrow.

So now I go back to the project list and keep busy for about 30 more houses and then I’ll know if the Levy passed, if my town got a new crew in local seats, if my former town got the right women elected, and if I have a new job for 4 years.

Cross your fingers for all of the above, please!42227716_1987967587917583_8453766334667292672_n[1]



My chances in the election

The #1 question I get right now is “how is the campaign going?” I’m not sure if it is confidence or bad luck to say, but, I feel pretty good about it.  Here are some facts that make me feel pretty good about my chances;

  1. There are 3 spots and 4 people so my odds are decent to start
  2. I have the support of the current board and that has helped me immensely.  All of them successfully won in their turn so they know some good tricks.
  3. I ran the VoteYes campaign last year so my name is fairly well known in the community and I made some great connections.
  4. I’m on the PTA at my school, and, I go to the school daily to pick up kids so I have a bonus ‘face time’ opportunity.
  5. I have a supportive husband who reminds me to give cards to everyone, and, kids who are excited to go a lot of places around town like homecoming, trunk or treat, and trick or treating around the neighborhoods.  I’ve handed out over 100 cards to strangers in our town.

I’m not going to officially count the gender bias in my favor for school board but I also can’t ignore my very female name and the fact that ‘school’ and ‘women’ tend to get put together.    Given how often a female name can count against you in a political race I’ll take the freebie if it happens.

I’ve also had the good fortune to have great content handed to me with public town halls about the schools and the levy vote that have been weekly for the past 2 months.  Not only did I learn from them, I also had something to publish weekly that was real and important for people to know about.  Some of those articles have over 3k views on facebook!  Who knows if that will translate into votes for me, my hope is that it translates into votes for the Levy question.  If I don’t win, maybe about 10 people will be truly disappointed.  If the levy does not pass it impacts everyone in the district and I don’t even want to talk consequences here…  This is a fight for the life of our elementary school and/or the music program and both are very worth fighting for.

Just 4 more days to wait!


Hello November!

Blog every day in November is going to be extra challenging this year since I’ve fallen down to once a week recently…  I occasionally reflect on the fashion of webpages/blog/online journals that have come and gone and feel like they are maybe coming back again.  Oh well, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing here in my corner.

Today you join me on the day I celebrate the lives of the people who have left this earthly coil.  A little All Saints day, a little Dia de Muerta, a little bit all my own.  The point is to remember the people and teach our kids about those they never met or those that died when they were young.  Sure, as a memory comes up in the year I share it with the kids but this is the day we make it a point to go through the book.


Speaking of the book.  I was worried I would not find it in time…  Last week was the push to get the book shelving up and over the past few days, I worked on clearing all the ‘house stuff’ boxes that were hanging out in the room.  Today I went and got the top 5 boxes in the ‘book’ pile in the garage and it is luck or fate but the 3rd box opened had my album for today.  I added my grandmother, the first addition in years, and now I’m thinking about what to get to celebrate her.


I usually try and bring in a special food for the person to share with the kids.  My Grandmother though was on a perpetual diet most of my life with her, with a memorable highlight of a liquid shake diet that looked (and smelled) like chocolate cement.  She uniquely liked to eat maza bread but I know that isn’t exactly something she enjoyed for the taste, and, isn’t really available in our area.  When I lived with her in Malta she cooked a bunch of things that blur together in my memory except for when they were super spicy.  My grandmother was absolutely not a baker (to me at least)…  When I give it real thought most of what I remember is that she enjoyed what was put in front of her and my grandfather making her toast and tea so to honor them both I think that toast and tea might be what we do today.

I’m excited about the challenge this month, good timing since it will be a crazy and fun month to document.  The election next Tuesday, a giant group of house guests coming mid-month and our first official party at the house.  Most of my family will visit for Thanksgiving so it will be plenty of running around, family events, and getting the house ready.


NaBloPoMo day 2

Hi!  Look at this, 2 days in a row.

Yesterday I went to find the ‘official’ link up and had some trouble.  I guess I’m not paying enough attention to the internet, and, I’m not on the “A” list of bloggers so I didn’t get the memo about where the party started.  I dug around and found a nice list so that is the one I joined and I plan on visiting my blog list neighbors over the month.

I  want to take a second to introduce myself to any new visitors.  This is my spot to write down what is going on in my world so when I forget I can look back (and I do often, love the search function).  Somehow other people beyond my own family also like to know what goes on is what is in my opinion, a pretty typical American house.  I live in Minnesota.  It is a state ‘up north’ for us but I’m not sure how the entire country of Canada feels about that phrase.  It gets cold her but does not actually snow a ton, our falls and springs are really nice and I like the summer – never gets much above 80f.  It is an outdoors type place, lots of hunting and fishing and hiking and camping.  I do 1 of the 4 because what I consider camping does not fit the average opinion and I like my food preskinned.  I like the state though, I moved here as an adult from New York (near ‘the city’ but not in the metropolis) and I still travel there plenty to see friends and family.  Coming full circle, moving is pretty much why I started blogging so my mom and friends would know what I was up to.  I started this blog while I was working and when I had my #3 I started the stay at home mom life.  I can let you guess what one is harder!  Anyway, around here for the next few days you will be subject to my angst at a political race I’m running, election day is next Tuesday.  After that, it will be more focused on whatever is going on in my world.  I thought stay at home life would be dull but it certainly is not.


Just for kicks – here is my agenda for today

6:30- 8 = computer work for the campaign

8-9:05 = motivate 3 children to dress, eat, brush, remember backpacks, pack lunches, sign homework, get out the door, pick up carpool, deliver 5 kids to school.

9:05-9:20 = the most peace I get all day driving home solo.  (This is usually when I call my grandmother)

9:20-9:30 = intake of food while reviewing all the things for the day and then walk the dog

9:30-11 ish = work for people who pay me, campaign, and today blogging

11ish = hot tub w the husband.  hey, gotta have the perks!  We actually use the time together to make sure we are on the same page on things.  Can’t bring a phone into the water so distraction-free time.  Plus, it makes me warm and helps sore muscles.

post hot tub to 1 = more computer work interspersed with chores and dog walk and lunch.

1-2ish = today I will attempt to make my hallway look like less like a boot and snow pant explosion.  If I get really lucky I’ll make a garage that a car can fit into (this has been an ongoing project for a week)

2-3 = workout – arms day. Also my yacking time with Vacation Mom

3-3:45 = try and avoid the computer and get the laundry sorted out and the kitchen under control.

3:45 – 5 = parent!  homework, snacks, referee duty, adviser duty, harass them into doing chores.  Be hugged and snuggled, maybe read some books.

5pm – out the door to a voteyes call center event, leaving the kids with dad and a note that he must make them all shower before I get home and a chicken in the oven.

8:30 – start the bedtime process on hopefully clean kids.

9ish – hang out with whoever is here (husband has people over most Thursdays for an ongoing game)

11 – go to sleep, hopefully before 12 at least.

That is the plan.  Today’s plan at least.  Tomorrows looks similar but not the same.  I promise not to post my daily chore list often, just thought it might be fun to note my life at this point – if this inspires someone else let me know, I love to read about real lives of real people.