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iPhone wall… send help


Eye – nearly normal

Nap – got a little one, it was grand, better news; Fiona put her own head down in her own bed and took a nap!

House – still clean ūüôā

Cat – getting a kidney nutritional supplement and diet rather than a shallow grave (so far)


I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been instigating communication and family togetherness with a Sunday Text String. ¬†Its worked well, we have good participation and I feel like I know my cousins way better than I did in July. ¬†The problem is there are 11 of us… ¬†11. ¬†Like one more than 10. ¬†Did you know that 10 was the limit for text recipients?

For a while the answer was simple, one of our cousins didn’t like texting and constantly lost her phone anyway. ¬†She ended up off the list and I’m ¬†not sure she even knew… ¬†Recently she has changed her mind about text and communication (I heard at least) so I renewed my efforts to find a way to include her.

So far no dice. ¬†It looks like an ATT thing according to some articles but whatever it is I’m stuck for a solution.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Is there such thing as an auto forward for a group text?

Two of the cousins still share a house but they are pretty independent people so I don’t want to tell them they need to share the text…

I’ll keep looking but every app I’ve tried fails too so signs point to ATT.


If you leave sticks laying around…

They will build.


2 years ago I trimmed the bushes and saved some primo sticks for ‘building’ and they were interested for a few minutes but not really. ¬†Last week I trimmed the same bushes again (BTW, Lilac bushes grow tall and fast if you are looking for privacy) and there were LOTS of leafy branches that I had not taken care of yet. ¬†Apparently those 2 years, and a good dose of STEM at school, inspired Niamh and Zoe to build…


structure created


adding leaf walls


It is now a cozy den

I gave no help, no instruction, I didn’t even remind them about the primo sticks that have been dwelling in the back yard – they put it all together themselves.

I suppose I have faith that in the wilderness they might not instantly die…

Three things

It’s hard to pull up 3 things because my face hurts. ¬†Some mean bug/virus/voodoo bit my face – in my eyebrow to be exact – and now I look like I went a few rounds or got an ill advices piercing from a shady shop. ¬†Due to the instant nature of invasion of my face, my body is pitching in to fight by creating extremely¬†painful swollen glands directly on my jaw hinge right below my ear making my jaw, ear, and neck hurt. ¬†This adds to the boxing allure of my features and also gives me a wicked headache ~ ¬†Advil and decongestant seem to help. ¬†Googling my symptoms does not since according to google I have a sudden face tumor, however, the real evidence of swelling reducing powers of Advil and a compress indicate it is probably not a tumor. ¬†Rule 1. never google a symptom….

Anyway!  For real it has been just fine of a week.

  1. Halloween was last week and has been celebrated to the fullest.  (and already documented)
  2. We found a babysitter! ¬†In a round about way Fiona pitching an epic and stereotypical tired 3-year-old fit led to the fortunate find of a real teenager with a car who will gladly watch our kids. ¬†We were thinking of bringing the kids to a party – they were welcome but it was late – and at a closer party the night before we tested the theory. ¬†Distinct failure. ¬†Leading to the conclusion that we either had to find a sitter or not go because we value our friendships enough to not bring a loaded preschooler into a party. ¬†A frantic text and facebook search turned up a daughter of a friend of a friend who I’ve even met at mutual friends parties and she extended the offer to babysit (over a year ago) and the stars aligned and she was available and it all worked well. ¬†We will have to call her again and I’m so glad when good things eventually come of bad tantrums.
  3. This totally self-centered app! ¬†It’s called InstaBeauty and I took a picture of my face last night – all full of issues, lack of sleep, end of the day, no makeup and it fixed me 110%. ¬†I feel vaguely dishonest even using the app but it does make pretty pictures. ¬†Mostly it fixes skin but it also adds makeup and can make your nose smaller and your eyes bigger and your face slimmer… crazy. ¬†Worth playing with and certainly made me smile last night.


A little less social meadia to keep social

Yesterday I praised the megga that is FaceBook but we all know it has its flaws (including the perpetual hoax that it is going to publicize all our posts). ¬† One of the reasons I have a selfie of myself with the moon is because I took it to send specifically to my cousins. ¬†Why? ¬†Well – it ties into one of the main reasons why I blog – to¬†keep in touch with my family in NY, HI, ME, and CA etc. ¬†HOWEVER, due to who know why reasons my cousins do not write an equally verbose blog so I don’t know much about THEM. ¬†I have two options; let my cousins drift off and turn into people I only see at funerals and occasional holidays OR do something about it. ¬†What I decided to do was start a Sunday Text Share.

I got everyone’s number, held my breath hoping that they would go along with it, and texted a little intro and a picture of my kids on Sunday morning.

What followed was beyond expectations…. ¬†of 9 people on the list all but 1 replied. ¬†And not just replied once like I hoped, many of them texted throughout the day and it felt like we actually spent the day together in a way. ¬†The best part is that by reaching into each of my sisters and cousins lives I get to see their husbands and friends and kids so from a 10 person list we get a snippet of life from 30+ souls. ¬†We all grew up within a mile of each other and now we live all over half the globe but on Sunday I feel like they are neighbors again.


kid cousins in the stream I played in with my cousins… Because we can’t do this often we can do the next best thing…

We have kept it up for a month now and I find myself taking extra pictures on Sunday¬†to share and I’m always glad I have them later. ¬†After I started this project I started seeing articles on the general subject of ‘keeping in touch’ (good old red-car syndrome) and the one that was most striking was that friendships are often¬†about the little normal moments. ¬†Of knowing that someone cooked steak or that just replaced a doorknob. ¬†The mundane details that would never ever make a Christmas letter (of chit chat at a funeral…) but make a person real. ¬†That’s what I’m looking for with my family and I think we are going that way. ¬†Some of them are fantastic about posting on facebook, others not so much, but we can all* text and do ūüôā ¬†I hope we can keep this up, the technology is there and all my cousins have a phone so we are a very lucky 1st world family and this works for us. ¬†I thought I might share since I know lots of families are spread out over the country and this is a way to use our current tech to keep in touch – who knows, maybe someday they will perfect the transporter and we can all do coffee weekly but until then this will have to do.


*ok, one cousin apparently can’t – you can lead a horse to water…. still not bad overall

The moon is what we are all talking about

There are many many reasons I like facebook. ¬†The reason I like it today is because yesterday morning a friend posted a semi-mocking¬†post about the upcoming eclipse but hey, that was the first I heard about it. ¬†In my defence, I don’t get much time to read news and I don’t like to turn on the news when the kids are around for fear I need to explain what a triple homicide is, or, genocide – we have already had to have some of those discussions but I don’t want to make it a common theme in their life. ¬†So if the news does not make facebook or the John Oliver show I don’t see it~ ¬†Back to Facebook, I heard there WAS a moon thing and then when I went out for a run I SAW the awesome full moon rise but all I had was my iPhone… ¬†I took a few lame pictures and resolved to take a better one but then I got home and it fell out of my head.

IMG_6638 IMG_6640

Then after dinner, after kids in bed, after my shower I was scrolling my feed and another friend commented on how cool it was that everyone was posting eclipse pictures and I got up off the couch, in my pj’s, and went up on the ladder that happened to be up because I need to roof a bit, and took pictures. ¬†None are awesome but it was fun that Lars and I stood at the top of a ladder, leaning on our roof, watching this event. ¬†I messed with settings and things and the clouds held until the second half of the event so I have to trust that the moon came back ūüėČ



So thank you Facebook and Friends that post cool things.  

Pre cellphone life lessons

Dear cell phone for life kids,

You need to know a few things about life before cell phones and not just about the fact that IRL is more than just a text phrase. ¬†What happens when you are at a concert, say a 311, and your phone refuses to text in any reasonable time and the battery percent drops before your eyes and you have NO IDEA where the person with the car is…

And now your phone is dead;

1. don’t panic, life happened for a long time pre phone.

2. Enjoy the remainder of the show but keep your eyes open for the other person

3. stand in a choke point Рa spot where everyone must go through Рand stand still looking for the other person.  You will either see them walk by or all the other people will leave and you see them standing waiting for you.  **this has to be a person you trust to not just leave you**

4. If you still can’t find them, proceed to the exit and look around.

5. Call a 3rd party from a payphone (or a nice stranger) but the key is memorize a few numbers…. ¬†hopefully they can either tell you that the other person called, or, take your message for them to get when they call (I didn’t say this was phone free, just indirect). ¬†Lucky for me my sister had gone to the car and plugged in her also dead phone and my mom got ahold of her and I found out that she was in her car looking for us.

6. Stand still on a well-lit intersection as close the entrance as possible.  Be ready to dash through traffic when you see the car!

So yes… the concert will always be just a minor part of the crazy night. ¬†Crazy #1 was taking a 7 and 11 year old to a concert that started at 8. Crazy #2 was getting to within 3 rows of the front of the 311 concert – they are a ton younger than I expected! ¬†Crazy ¬†#3 was not having a designated meeting spot because I actually do usually do that and just didn’t that night. ¬†Crazy #4 was the plethora of non-standard humans all around and finding tactful ways to explain falling down drunks, people tripping, gratuitous PDA etc to kids but what actually made them both mad was the litter – it actually was pretty disgusting.

In the end the music was fun, the people we did manage to meet up with were great to hang out with, and we all got home by midnight. ¬†The kids kept their cool and didn’t even whine too much~ ¬†Now Niamh can say her first concert was Mighty Mighty Bosstones and 311 and that is pretty cool, not to mention that we had a unique night where she was on my shoulders dancing and happy~ ¬†(and learning valuable life lessons about finding people without cell phones)

pre 311

This photo taken by my friend right next to me before we retreated to the back because the pit swuriled our way