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Foreign objects


health – still have a cold, so does Fiona

naps – we both got one! (because we are sick)

house – staying in 2 days in a row does good things

diet -weighed in down .5 of a pound, so 8ish total


Yesterday we decided to not go out since we had colds and I didn’t want to get worse and I didn’t want Fiona to spread it around by licking unsuspecting citizens/shopping carts/doorknobs.  I have a list of things to do, one was sew a set of blankets and while I was doing that, and, Fiona was about 2 steps away doing a puzzle she pulls a new one out of the kid disaster bag;

“mom, there is a pony tail holder up my nose and its stuck!”

For the next 45 minutes we got to know the inside of Fiona’s nose very well.  It was a clear tiny pony holder, not easy to see, really not easy to grab.


On top of it all she is a snot factory at the moment.

We tried many things, booger sucker, tweezers/flashlight/magnifying glass, and even a small straw attached to the Dyson hand vac.

In the end, the snot did it.  She ended up falling asleep and when she woke up she had a ton of phlegm and after that the problem was no more.  We believe she swallowed it…


I’m hoping this is a happy ending and if you found this post because you have a similar problem my nurse sister (after she stopped laughing) reminded me that your nose and thought are way more connected than your nose and sinus so it is far more likely to go down than up.


ps.  her breathing was never ever impacted, there was no blockage.

pps. she probably breathed better after aggressively suctioning her nose…..

ppps. Later that night she had a scrap of fabric and I asked her “where are you going to put that?” and she said with an evil gleam “in my nose!”.  Then she said, “no, never in your nose, that was a bad joke”

Got hurt? Hurt myself? Am Hurt?

What phrase is correct?  I don’t know….

Saturday after a complicated round at Costco that started with me parking in the ‘special’ tire center parking spots that is far from the main entrance and navigating the cocktail hour of samples, to finally buying a picnic bench that I needed assistance to not just get off the shelf but also get to the car I was at the end of my reserve when I finished finally getting everything – table, food, kids, lunch, hats, cats etc into the car and I looked to put away the cart and there was NO PLACE in eyesight (remember I’m far from a normal spot) so I opt to pull the cart onto the sidewalk and triple check that it isn’t going anywhere when a guy shouts from a few spots away “Hey, are you going to leave that there?”.  Silly me, with all the YEARS of polite and nice people (and also being one myself) I thought he must just want the cart – they do get sparse on a Saturday.  When I said “yes, would you like it?” he started berating me about how the “rules don’t apply to you!” etc etc.  He was loud, he was mean, and I got mad.  I got my phone and took a picture of his car to let him know that his bad behavior was now on record…

I know, that was dumb.  I should have just acknowledged that mean people suck and he was probably  having a bad day and maybe his dog just died or whatever.  However he escalated to standing behind my car, video taping me in my face walking by giving me the finger the whole time.  Most of the ‘banter’ was dumb but he did say “well thank god I don’t have kids” and I had to reply “please don’t, ever.” and he got in his little blue Fiat (that should be a hint) and we both exited the parking lot.  He, rule follower that he is, cut off a woman mid turn to zip in front of her and out onto the road.  I, the cart deviant, waited like normal human who follows traffic LAWS and ironically still ended up behind him at the next light waiting to turn left.  He chose to ignore the green arrow… to make me mad?  because he was on the phone?  I don’t know but I counted to ten and then honked, then honked again because I had already stopped short because he was stopped when he should be going.

I finally did get him to move and when we made the left thank goodness he went straight and then I could go right onto the real highway but all the while he was flipping me off as I went by.  This all made me incredibly angry – adrenaline, thing I wish I could have said or did that I’m glad I didn’t really since I’m not a mean or violent person but my muscles in my neck curled into a rock.  Maybe I got minor whiplash from stopping short or maybe it was crazy suppressed hulk rage because I had to spend 20 min explaining to a 3 year old that when I say “cut someone off” doesn’t mean the lady is cut or bleeding, and, that man was mean and a bad driver….

The result was a neck cramp that is so painful that it crept into my arm and elbow and hand and days later I’m finally able to use my arm without too much pain after tons of trigger point pressure, ice, and heat.  The further result was not wanting to type thus lack of blog entry.  To top it all off, today I got a root canal and while my dentist is fantastic, it is still 2 hours of jaw cracking, tooth annihilateing fun….  But Zoe really loved her dentist visit and sat like an angel for over an hour while I was still in the chair.  I ended up going to work out and that actually helped a bit (or maybe it was the novocaine?) and I came home and took a nap while Fiona napped.  Pain in my neck and mouth for the past few days mean that I have not been sleeping well either.


Hopefully this weekend I get back on track.  We decided not to camp but we are day-tripping and I’m looking forward to seeing friends and for Niamh to get to fight with her new gear.

Focusing on the positive of the week – other than the new addition – I had a few great playdates that took my mind off the pain and plenty of play time with the kids while I was avoiding heavy chores 😉

we call this one an ‘oldest’ problem

You know how people say the youngest is spoiled and gets everything and the middle is always looking for attention and the oldest is always bossy?  Well yes, that is all true but there is more to the oldest story – sometimes you have to wait, and wait, and wait.


Poor Niamh is only 5 but we expect a lot of patience from her.  This weekend we were at an event (that was a great time all around) and her littlest sister hugged her and firmly stuck a lollipop into Niamh’s hair.  Niamh didn’t notice (how I do not know) but I saw it some time later and it was super stuck in there.  At the event there was basically nothing around to fix the situation so we had to say “just wait until later”.  See, the oldest does benefit from the salutatory neglect that comes more easily the more kids you have.  Really, freaking out would not have helped and she was not concerned either.

can’t really see it but that is a very stuck lolly pop

The next day dawns and thankfully all stay sleeping for just a bit longer.  The event went well meaning we stayed until late so there was no time for much when we got home.  Niamh calmly asks me about the sucker in her hair and we go about the 30 second fix that is super easy as long as you have access to very hot water


Step one – boil water and find a container the right size so the kid does not need to stand upside-down to get into it.  Lucky for us Niamh has long hair and it was in the bottom quarter

Step two fill container and then stick hair into it.  The unsticking magic starts fast

Here is a picture about 20 seconds after we started just so you all can see just how big and stuck it was

and that was that.  Two more seconds in the hot hot water and the sucker was dislodged and all was well with Niamh.  She ran off to continue bossing her sisters while Zoe did tricks for attention and Fiona was fawned over like the princess she is.


ps. Someone decided to pull the stick out at the event, I’m not sure who but thanks, I was not willing to even pull that hard for fear of yanking hair.


pps. Yes, Fiona did try and claim the candy from the water once she saw it.  She was denied that special treat.

Busy and abused Mommy

Today I tried to catch up on some sleep debt and I believe I was literally hit in the face every few minutes so no extra sleep happened.  Fiona is becoming a demanding little dictator and because she is small and sweet looking she is getting away with way too much.  Fortunately Niamh is no longer as clumsy as she used to be so in the past 24 hours I have sustained no injury from her.  I know the majority are accidents and the rest are because she does not know better but here is my injury list;



Bite to the shoulder

bite to the thumb

bite to my nipple

smacked in the head with a small toy – repeatedly


kicked – she likes to run her feet as fast as possible in the air when nursing, it might make nursing a calorie neutral activity



bonked in my face with her jumping head

scratched with her scratch nails (total accident)


By the way, Lars and I went out at 3pm so this was not even a full day.


I have to find a way to get Fiona to stop but she is at the age that she is just out for the reaction and even a negative one works for her.  She actually laughs sometimes when she bites me.  I flinch when I see her mouth coming at me now.


Just to balance the equation, they are both loving and fun girls but just not all that careful.


Speaking of Fiona growth she has entered the crazy tot phase of becoming a kleptomaniac.  She hangs onto wet washcloths forever, when I go get her from a nap she gathers all her blankets and toys and won’t let go.  She is incredibly ‘vocal’ when there is something she wants to keep or wants in general but she can’t actually speak so mostly she speaks in shrieks.  That is a bit unfair, she says mama, dada, OOOH! (Zoe), shooo (shoe) da-do (thank you), babye, dadat (tick tack) and she has also made up a few words that are not any language I know but they have specific meanings.  I think she may be a bit behind in language but nothing to be worried about, Niamh didn’t talk much at this age either and everyone looks mute next to Zoe.  Zoe said the other day; “I’m a talk talk talker and I talk.”  Back to baby Fi, she is super ahead on physical.  She climbs like a monkey and she has to because she is so short and has to improvise or she would never be able to get up on the back of the sofa and pound on the window and scare the birds.  She learned how to go down stairs over the past two weeks and now she is pretty expert, she can even haul her blankets down the steps now.   Fiona is still a peanut, not 19 pounds yet, but it is not for lack of food.  I think the fact that she goes up and down stairs 40x a day, does nothing at less then a run, and the aforementioned running feet while eating.

I’ve focused a bit much on the abused section of the title but I am actually far more busy then beat up.  In the past week I bounced from thing to thing.  I think that with just the two kids I feel like we can do more (and we can) but I end up cramming in more then I did before.  I am doing a morning activity every day like normal but 3 of 5 days last week we did something in the afternoon AND we all have to go get Niamh at the bus and since we are out some days I go out post pick up.  I’m still doing what I can with all my jobs including Mom’s club and “wellness company” not to mention trying to read and write blogs but it is a fun busy most days.  Today we took a break and revisited the car buying project and I think we might have actually made a decision but that is a different story.  the coolest thing that has been keeping me busy is a Mom’s club friend who has a kid that just started kindergarten too has started coming over and hanging out with me.  It is fun to have a friend during the day!  Getting into this new routine is going pretty well so far.

Well this is bumping into the 1000 word limit I put on myself and it is getting late (I’ve been writing bits all evening) so I think I will save the rest for another day.


ps. I still love my baby even if she seems to be a biter at the moment

Looking Forward

Everyone I see now that I’m back asks me about my vacation.  How does one describe of month with 3 distinctly different parts?  I just boil it down to ‘very nice but long’ because that is in a nutshell.  I also want to forget about that fail of a few days plus it is far more interesting to talk about the things to come.

First, my previous years of feeling of incompleteness about September will be over because Niamh starts Kindergarten!  We went to the open house yesterday and I hope I made the right decision because apparently I made a POPULAR decision – Niamh is one of 110 Kindergartners in her school.  They created 2 new classrooms so now there are 5 classes of 22 kids.  The teacher we got seems nice but disorganized, this is her first year in the Kindergarten teacher role but she is a tenured teacher.  Hopefully they don’t eat her alive and more importantly I hope she starts all the kids on a good path.  The real negative about the school is no AC so sundresses for the foreseeable future.  Good thing Niamh got used to heat in PA and NY…  Niamh is ‘scarcited’ (a ponyville word) and she is going through the list of things that she will miss out on and I had to solemnly swear last night we would do nothing super-fun without her.  She actually will have a pretty posh schedule.  The bus gets her at 8:45 and that is well after when we are all normally up, dressed and fed.  She will even get to play or watch a show or something if the dressing and feeding go in a timely fashion.  She will be back at 4:25 and that is not so far off when we actually get out for afternoon things anyway so half the time she will probably get picked up by the crew and we will all go do our pm activity.  She will miss things but hopefully the fun of the day will balance that out.

After school starts we have a zone of establishing a new normal.  I’m scarcited about just having 2 kids to troop about town.  Niamh is honestly a help with lots of things, she plays with her sisters, she fetches things, she is good at remembering lists at the grocery store and she is great about deciding what thing to do next and helping get ready for it.  I worry that Zoe will just aimlessly wander and talk to herself but I’m sure she will rise to the occasion.   When I started staying home last year Zoe was my weakest link since she could not be counted on to sit still in a story time but she has come a long way and is not too far behind where Niamh was when I started.  Funny how the aging thing works in such a linear fashion

I realized Wednesday that my last ‘normal’ week was last month.  This week was odd with no daycare and extra things to do and next week Niamh to school.  There is a few months of the new routine and then Fiona is set to start daycare 2x a week after Jan 1 and what will I do with 2 days a week with NO KIDS?!?  I’m putting the day on my calendar and I will sleep the entire day, that will be my shining beacon in the future and my chance to catch up on a years worth of sleep debt.  I plan on getting all the things done but I’m not going to dwell too much in the future


Today we are looking forward to getting our siding fixed.  Years ago the installers did a poor job but nowhere near as bad as I thought.  When I called on the issues I noticed the estimator/boss guy came and inspected and was appalled by the crew (no longer with the company) and we are getting the job fixed now.  They had to re do the peaks to salvage siding to match but I’m not sure how I like it.  Thoughts?


One neighbor likes it but I would like other opinions too.


Ok, Zoe needs me – she fell out of bed last night and sprained her neck.  She is learning the wonder of Advil and ice….



What I learned from Brett Michaels

Brett Michaels was on the Celebrity Apprentice a year or so (or 3?) ago and he said one very important thing when he was coaching someone on talking to the press; “Never say ‘I’m tired’ “.  The gist of the statement was that nobody wants to hear that, there is no real way to carry on a conversation with that offering, and it is just plain dull.

Brett Michaels – Royalty free 🙂

So, to avoid the ‘tired’ trap but still faithfully record the weekend in one word; Flu-pocalypse (like the Apocalypse but from the flu).  Fiona puked for 12 hours and we are not going to even talk about Lars.  I (so far) have avoided it but all in all the weekend was mostly tv, video games, and laundry.  If you put it that way, Lars might have really liked the weekend except for the bathroom:video game ratio was not skewed the way he wanted.


In other news, I am working on UFO this week.  March is creeping up and after March we start our busy season of birthdays and travel and outside and fun so I don’t have much time to get all those to-do things done.  One would think I would have more free time with the stay at home life but it is not true.  On top of maintaining ‘alive’ status and striving for ‘happy’ status with 3 humans, I am attempting to do a few other ventures.  So far Textbroker.com has netted me $30 so that is nice, and, I’m in revision II of my Vita for a hopeful teaching position.  We are Bank pending on a town house so that might happen any time (bank as in it is a short sale so they need to say yes, not our bank giving us money).  I am also making a go of the “wellness company” thing but my go isn’t going very far.  All good things come with time right?


#3 is still passionately resisting napping so I should go tend to her.  More on UFO’s later