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IKEA birthday spree

With meatballs and small land!



Here are all the words I didn’t write over the past 3 days

It has been days and days of no words from me!  Anyone worried?  Technically you all choose to read this therefore you must care a little ~

Well; Thursday I paid the price for not going to the dentist in an age (the age of my youngest child).  There is nothing innately hellish about dentists in my opinion but in a weird way I’ve just put it off because I ‘could’.  I’ve spent years scheduling and creating time for all the things I HAD to do like endless kid doctors and taxes and stuff that if I didn’t do something bad would happen and I just got tired of finding time for something that I didn’t really even want to do.  Going to the dentist means either a careful manipulation of time and space to create a magical time I could get to the dentist solo, or, taking kids and trying to parent while there are other peoples hands in my mouth.  Dentist visits were just one of those things that were easier when I worked!  Anyway, I’m doing it now, so better late then never but my mouth hurts and is in for a bunch more hurting,  hopefully the end result will be good.  ps.  I also have to floss now 😛

Thursday I also took the fastest trip to Ikea ever.  I needed 1 thing, I left with only 3 and the cherry on the top was that Zoe AND Fiona were able to go to Small Land at Ikea!  I was able to get the things, look at something I was curious about (it didn’t live up to the magazine pic in my opinion) pay, put everything in the car and come back for the kids and we all enjoyed a well earned lunch.  Nap time was in the car so not much time for blogging, plus, my face hurt.


my Ikea selfie. I’m not showing teeth because they hurt. I do like the picture though, maybe pain looks good?

Thursday was actually super busy because I had my board meeting/ mom night out that night and there is nothing to help you get over an icky dentist diagnosis then laughing so hard you cry with a bunch of friends.  I came home and more or less kissed the kids and went to sleep because that was a long day.

Friday was another doozy of a day.  First – my mouth still hurt – smashing way to start the day.  Then I had a long long list of special things to remember to pack for kids and I wanted the last day of school picture so it was a rush around morning for sure.


teacher gift – a pretty clipboard and a gift card. Yippie scrap book paper and modpodge

To the gym for the workout and that was a win.  If you follow me on Instagram (it’s also in the side bar –>) you can see that I’ve been seduced into the heavy lifting world.  A friend talked me into it and so far so good.  The machines I was working on are constantly full of octogenarians (not exaggerating) so I have far better luck with the squat rack.  I’ve gotten a few people giving me tips and feedback and between that and youtube I’m slowing getting better.  I deadlifted my body weight on Friday and that really felt like an accomplishment.  I hope that over time I’ll get stronger and lighter so lifting my body weight will be less and less of a big deal but it made my Friday.

I gummed some lunch with Fiona and got her down for a nap just in time to turn around and put her in the car so we could go see Zoe’s last day program at school.  She really had awesome luck with this class and teacher and she is totally 100% ready for kindergarten.  I also lucked out and got to see Niamh for her field day that was happening outside at the same time.  We missed most of the events but her teacher told me just how big a lead Niamh had on her classmates in the quarter mile race, she is the fastest runner in first grade. I collected both kids from school since it was nearly the end of the day and that was a good thing because the traffic going north was so bad that I would have missed the bus stop time.  There is only NY like traffic about 4 times a year here so that really isn’t bad, but, it is annoying to take 3x as long as normal to drive.


One last craft, preschool is all about the paint.

Firday I also started working my kid karma.  I watched a set of girls for a friend and they were no trouble but just 2 more variables to move through the evening but virables all the same. Today I’m continuing my streak by watching another friends 3 kids overnight so she can work.  It is after 11 and the boys are both asleep but the girls (my 2 and her 1) are making a real sleepover of this and are all still wispering.  For having 6 kids in the house there is much more peace than I would have expected, we will see what breakfast for 6 will be like.  This is just a preview for my summer where we will spend a few weeks with my sisters and their kids so there will be a collective of 8 kids ranging from 11year to 1 month.  The two youngest will actually sleep at their own home but I expect to see tons of them and I plan on at least 1 picture of Kate+8.

Today my mouth finally stopped hurting but my body was reminding me that I lifted heavy weights yesterday.  I shook it off with a morning dance party and then spent most of the day painting the garage creations.  I had ‘help’ so it was a slower process but I’m more then half done with a primer and first coat. I’m also doing the tedious task of going through all the garb to see what fits and orginizing it in general so the guest room can really be a guest room and not just a giant garb depot.  I’ll be glad this is done when I’m packing in a month!


kid storage.

Plans for the weekend include more of the same.  I would love to actually finish a big project but progress is always welcome.  I think I’m giving up on the giggling girls and just going to sleep myself.  I hope your memorial day weekend it good and/or productive.  Tomorrow we are grilling with friends and who know what we might do on Monday – Zoe carefulls, and legably, penciled in the word Zoo on one of my to-do lists and who can’t resist an add like that.

First 59min

Ikea asked today what color do you spend your fist 59min in.

I would like to say black, the black of predawn….  I am awoken by the demure calls of my youngest who has mastered removing herself from her crib.

Then the next 45min are spent in the dim glow of Dora or UmiZoomi where I skim the news of the day cuddled on the sofa.

Eventually the sunrises and I make the coffee and rouse the others and start the ringleader act.

But that first hour is the color of dim, calm, sleepy, and dawn.



Refreshing my house

Our ‘green room’ (named that because it is painted green) was once our office and when I started to stay home we played tetris with the house and moved the office down to the lowest level and the green room was supposed to be a playroom.  Open areas for dancing or bouncing.  A cozy chair for reading.  A futon for watching the occasional VHS and for visiting relatives.

The reality of that was that the open space got full of random stuff.  The cozy chair was used to read bedtime stories but it was not a favorite place.  The futon sees plenty of use but the room lacked that ‘something’ that makes kids want to be in it.  It became a pass through room.  The kids would play pony or barbie far more often in their room that is a quarter of the size and aside from a few fun dance parties the space was never really used.


A few weeks ago we decided it was time to create a space for a kid computer.  Niamh can use a computer just fine and Zoe is getting there and Fiona is a key smasher so the desk had to be tall.  We also lacked storage in the room so I thought about solutions and figured out how to meld the storage with a desk and divide the room into a more cozy set of areas BUT the divider is not too visually dividing so the room still feels open.


Here is the before

and after (don’t mind the bediapered baby, she was fresh from the bath)

The space has been used 100% more even though the computer is not actually set up yet.  They have played in the space, I’ve chosen to sit in the chair times other than reading.  It must be a room that just craves a computer 🙂

There is still a barstool style chair to add (on the way) and I need to tidy the shelves a bit and do something with cords but it works.  Not shown, the pink table is on the other side of the divide so there is still a nice place for Fiona to chew crayons color.  The shelf is deep enough that I have two rows of books, each facing out on a different side.  Overall I am very happy with this change and I’m just as happy with the price and I know in the future I will be happy to repurpose the pieces since none of this is permanent.

In a related story I’m working on summer plans and floated a few to Lars and his reply was; “Isn’t the computer the summer plan for Niamh?”.  No honey, I might be frosting 3 nerds, but not 3 potatoes.


If you want this combo;

Expedit Ikea shelf, 2 row, on its side – $85

LINNMON desk top WITH pre drilled holes – $5

Olov legs – $15.  We needed these because they adjust tall enough.

Floor mat – $25 *the mat is clear, the ‘rug’ under it is fabric.

Rug and pillow – Joann’s fabric and sewn by me

Not show; 4 3M velcro picture hanging strips that attach the top to the shelf.


Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America; grade D+

A Mom friend suggested we venture out to the Mall of America for Tot Tuesday to see the Bubble Guppies.  I’m game for things like this even though there was scant info on what would actually happen.  There is an impressive list of ‘kids eat free’ restaurants but most say “with adult meal” and since I semi hate eating full meals with my kids, and, there are 2 of them and 1 of me that isn’t quite the deal it pretends to be.  She had a great time at another one and I 100% believe it was a good one but this one was poor at best.


The line was 30min at least for the photo op with 1 bubble guppy.  You didn’t get a choice and they rotated and we had 2 sad girls when the one we liked went on break when we were nearly there.  They made do.

Bubble Puppy

Then there was ‘games’ and they were basically nothing more than carpet shapes on the ground.

The craft was laughable.  It was a paper plate and some pompoms handed to us by one of the most dejected looking guys out there.  He had a look on his  pouting that screamed “I have an MBA… grumble grumble”.  We were given zero instruction but we figured something out.

The girls said they had fun and I did too.  Possibly more than the lady who had much bigger expectations since she went to a good one that had a movie (our mega screen played a loop of upcoming events) and a swag bag (nada).  The biggest redeeming features were #1 I like the people I went with, going alone would have been super dull. #2 on the way I called a friend and had a great chat.  So, the two things that were good I could have done in town but sometimes you just have to give it a go.

I did have an ulterior motive, the mall is right next to Ikea who also has Kids eat Free Tuesday, with no adult purchase required, and they redeemed themselves for my fail of a purchase.  They went to my car and got the big heavy thing, they returned with zero problems and extreme apology and we got free ice cream coupons for our trouble.  We got what we needed and had a nice walk through the market and ended before any significant poor behavior.  I can’t wait until I can complete my building and get a good picture – should be soon!

good bye kiss to the cool but impossible to use GLASHOLM fingerprint table top

Everyone is napping but me and I think I may go join for a quick rest before we move on to phase 3 of the day; Niamh pickup and ever after.

Ikea Fail

So far in life I have been very very lucky with Ikea.  I’ve read horror stories about the products and the stores but I have always had a great time at the store and an easy time assembling.


I even successfully hacked the bunk bed to be just a top bunk with a tot bed and storage under!


Yesterday we had our first epic and expensive fail….


We went with a plan.  We needed the Expedit shelf

That we planned to turn on its side and add a desk top with two front legs and use it as a room divider with a computer desk ontop.


These legs are adjustable to the height  we needed  so off we went to pick a desktop from the 20ish options all promising they had ‘predrilled holes for leg installation‘. (spoiler alert, that is a lie)


We get there and all it well.  We check out some other things with Fiona in tow and she cutely drags this tiny adorable pink wineglass everywhere.  In the desk section we find a cool NEW set of glass tops and specifically ask the desk area lady if they work with the legs.  Here is where I want to punch myself for being so believing because in retrospect I think she just wanted us to move along…  She assured us that while the sample they had there didn’t have leg holes, the one you buy does.

So we decided to buy the most expensive one because it really was a cool pattern.

Home again after winning car/ikea tetris and Fiona falls asleep at 5:30 and I take the found time to assemble the shelf.  Super win there, easy as pie.  Then the desk top.  You guessed it right?  No Leg Holes!  I spend half an hour trying to figure out how to safely rig it but it isn’t safe or easy so the decision will be to bring it back.  Fail fail fail.  The thing is heavy and big and fragile and I need to return it…

I also had to buy the more expensive version of the legs because the others were out of stock and I figured it was easier to buy the 2x expensive legs rather then come back.  Guess what else is getting returned!

To conclude;

Dear Ikea

It is preferable to say you don’t know and will check then to tell me what I want to hear.