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100% vegan turkey (craft)

Last year I did this too, but, it is so easy and the kids love it that I did it again.




The center part of the ‘turkey’ is a large lunch bag.  I filled it 3/4 full of popcorn and crunched the end in on itself and rounded out the edges.

The legs are actually made from brown packing paper that came in an amazon box but could easily be from a strip of brown grocery bag.  Last year I used small lunch bags but I didn’t have them on hand this year.  My parents actually brought fancy turkey chocolate pops so I put them in the legs but you can fill them with anything.  To make the shape we rolled the paper around a beer bottle, removed the bottle, then filled, then folded then end in on itself.

To make the white pretty end this year I used coffee filters that I cut the ends into a frill, but, last year I used normal white paper.  I taped it shut around the ‘leg’.

I pulled out a tray, plopped the ‘body’ in the middle and squished the legs into it and it looked pretty natural. They are not even stuck together, just pushed into place.  I think that will work better for eating it tomorrow, zero risk of ripping the bag of popcorn open when a leg is pulled off.

Other Thanksgiving prep is underway, we have all the food in the house and plans are detailed.  Shopping was no problem and we found everything we needed in under 2 hours.

Now we just enjoy company and cooking!

Thanksgiving craft

Waaaay back when Pinterest was super new, this was one of the first things I pinned.


titled the craft patch but pin goes to this site; http://makelifedelicious.com/2011/11/waffle-sugar-cone-cornucopia/

Every year I got to thanksgiving and just never got around to doing it, or, decided we had enough dessert and I didn’t want a whole box of cones just to make a few.  This year we were looking for school snack ideas and Vola!  this finally came to the top of the pile.

Since it is for school, I’m not sending a cone of candy, so I decided to fill them with popcorn instead.

I went back to the original pin and read the post and there is a bunch of conflicting information on how to actually bend the cone.  I can’t say the other methods don’t work, but for us this DID work easily.

  1. soak the cone tip in water for 15 seconds
  2. put the cone into a glad ware container (microwaveable and sealable) and microwaved for 15 seconds
  3. Immediately on removing from the hot steamy box, bend the tip by hand slowly and then hold it for a few seconds.
  4. Let dry on the counter


Niamh was in charge of soaking, Zoe handled microwaving, and I did the bending since it was a little hot but not burning.  We did all 20 in under 10 minutes!


We found that the cone really does not hold much popcorn.  Oops!  so we just put a scoop of popcorn in a bag and nested the cornucopia onto it and taped the bag shut for easier opening on the other end.  I didn’t want them ripping the bag and spilling, or, getting frustrated with ribbon.  I happened to have some pumpkin candies  so we added that in too for color.


By all reports the kids liked the popcorn, didn’t actually eat the cone.  Oh well, it looked cool, and I think they were all happy to get something fun.

I’m pretty glad I finally tried this and it was actually really easy so I’m sure I will do it again.

Where is my relaxing time?


Weather – I don’t want to jinx this really perfect streak

Bathwater – dirt dirt – why do they like muddy feet?

Nap – I tried today, I was beat, I believe I slept in 7min increments between requests for about an hour.

Workout – Todays workout shorted courtesy of plumbing issues! So fun.


Next week I have almost nothing on the calendar except for a SOLO trip to NY on Thursday night (returning Sunday) and Lars has a birthday next week too so we need to celebrate but  no every day kid activities.  This week was nuts, as bad as last week.  We had something every single day and every single night.  My vow to not rush and shout “we are late!” is out the window (but I renew my attempt every morning).

The Y near by has been like an attractive nuisance.  We don’t quite have it figured out yet but Shoreview took time to dial in too.  It is just so close that the kids want to go every day and that is seriously cutting into the ‘lazy time’.  Oh well, I’m glad to not have lazy kids!  All my extra time is going into sewing still, I think I’ve finally gotten a pattern I like that fits Niamh, she is just really muscular, there is a 3in difference in her back and front.  I know in the next 5 years that ratio will change but I’m used to the other way – kid muscle is crazy.

Yesterday we crammed in a date night.  Literally, we sat down and told the waiter that we had an hour and 15 to be done.  They made it!  That restaurant disserves its own post but in case I never get to it check out The Cork in Anoka, they change their menu weekly and use only seasonal and fresh ingredients.  The most awesome feature is the chef menu, we got 6 tasting courses and each one was fantastic.  The surprise element was just as good as the actual food and I only made it to course 3 before I needed boxes.  The waiter there was a hoot, he knew his stuff but also made it feel like he was a buddy was cooking  up something just for you.  I highly recommend it for anyone in the area, I know we will go again if for no other reason then to get a slice of cake to see who is better; the chef or his grandma who makes the cake….


I’m looking forward to the weekend because we don’t have major plans.  We decided not to go to SD for an event so maybe I’ll get time to take a breath.

April Fools

Not my favorite day really, the kids are so easy to fool I feel bad!  I also believe all the things I read all too easily… my old boss used to say “why would they lie?” (to basically mean, they always lie.)


I am working on a real post that was requested by a finance website but I’m not publishing it today for fear of it being lumped into April fools issue.


I could not resist one little prank, I emptied a set of Hershey kisses and filled them with raisins.  They are not perfect but they are actually about the same weight.  I’ll see how it went over when they get home.  I also did the old cut up the banana with a pin so when Zoe opens it, there will already be slices.  Worth the 5 min of trouble in the morning 🙂


Happy St Patrick’s Day!


nap – I believe she is sitting on her bed eating peaches and watching the kindle.  But ‘in bed’ counts?

House – Quite clean actually, sick kid can go either way but I’ve been at it while she was down.

Lake – entirely liquid again

Diet – gained 1/2 a pound over the vacation etc so back to counting.


Today is an odd day.  Since Fiona was sick we didn’t do any of the fun last day of break things on Monday  so I did the impossible; I did ALL the laundry ALL the way.  Tuesday we didn’t have plans because the plan was to catch up as it was the first day back to school but most of that was done so we actually did the random errands that have been piling up.  Wednesday filled up quick with work and volunteer things (like taking pictures of 70 baskets) BUT I had time to eat lunch with the kids at school, making their day. At the end of the day Fiona was super tired so went to bed early enough for me to get the kitchen really clean AND premade all the green lunches.  All that minutia means that today I actually don’t have much to do?  Weirdest feeling ever…

Don’t worry I filled the time.  I talked to my mom and my sister.  I found a few things we needed at the grocery.  Next up I intend to make some Irish soda bread  – have not done that is years but my choices are either clean out a closet or bake, I see a clear winner.

Isn’t life exciting over here!

I didn’t get good pictures of the kids outfits today and they are picture worthy so later…. regardless, here are my 3 St Patrick’s day things that make me happy.

1.) here is my yearly wearing of the “kiss me” tee shirt – I’m glad I’ve never been kissed by a stranger actually, but, it is probably because I tend to go places like grocery stores not bars while wearing the shirt.


2) Here is the all green lunch – I hope they like the rice crispy treats


3) I’m reserving this spot for the Soda bread that is in process.

4) Since I named a child Niamh and have had to endlessly tell everyone how to say/spell it I sent this link to her teacher today.  If you are interested in a well-accented man saying all the Irish names right, and, hearing the story of Niamh, click here… I suggest only listening to the first 5 minutes so you don’t hear the sad end.  Niamh is fine, poor Oisin turns to dust.  The Irish are like that.

Later today the kids plan on making a leprechaun trap.  Most people did it last night but Niamh logic was that today is the day they are romping and they are most susceptible to trapping at the end of the day.  They, at least, have low expectations because they have expressed to me that rainbows are #1 refracted light and #2 circles and #3 Leprechauns are magical and they can probably magic out of any trap.  I like to blend magic and science… and hey, you can’t prove a negative therefore you can’t tell me there are no magic creatures just because we don’t see them in our yard ;).  I also have a trick for them, more on that tomorrow…




This was originally a bit of an accident post but I’m going to fix it up now for Pinning purposes.

This week I tried to Halloween up the lunches and snacks and dinners, all the ideas came from Pinterest but way too often they are just a picture and no explanation so here is how I did it;

  1. American cheese ‘Jack-o-lantern’
    1. Supplies a slice of cheese and a sharp knife and a cutting board.
    2. Cut out a few shapes from the cheese (feed them to a child at breakfast)
    3. put the cheese on top of whatever else you pack.  (Mine are on top of a napkin filled with pretzels, I wrap up the pretzels to keep them fresh)
  2. Ghost popcorn
    1. Supplies a bag, a sharpie, ribbon or twist tie and popcorn
    2. Draw on the bag first
    3. Fill with popcorn and tie with a ribbon

3. Mummy Dogs – there are actually tons of videos on this.  For the record I used scissors to cut the dough and all wrapping was done by a 3 and 5-year-old.  I added blue sprinkles post cooking.