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3 quotes; #1

In my ‘work life’ of social media I end up seeing and creating sooooo many quotes and memes that this is a semi-hard challenge.  The other hard part is picking 3×3 bloggers to tag so I took some time to think and I’m ready for the challenge.

Rules; Thank the person who challenged you, post a quote, tag 3 others, for 3 days in a row.

Thanks to my blog friend in Ireland who tagged me.  Fancy Paper posts are always fun and a glimpse into mom (or mum) life in a different country.  Its pretty much the same with some key differences and that is the thing I love about the blog world – genuine looks into the story of the lives of real people.

Quote; It is Always Darkest before the Dawnpexels-photo-927017.jpeg


Chosen half because it is in a song stuck in my head, half because I’m in a semi-constant state of anxiety about one house or another.  I trust a dawn will come.  It always has in the past.

Tagging; This is the hard part, I’ve had some poor luck with this part of a challenge before.  I am picking a trio that I read all the time and I hope will accept.

  1. Webner House – a Dad in Ohio with some cool thoughts on things.
  2. With Love Kate – a fellow Kate I found when we were both pregnant with #3 and I love her journey and decorating style and general can-do attitude.
  3. Home sweet Abbott – a new blogger who just got married and is building a house with a ‘due date’ about the same as ours.  Her building posts are fun to line up with mine because just like parenting and pregnancy and work etc – we are mostly the same but just a key difference or 3.


I hope to get 3 in 3 days here.  I at least have more downtime with the house in ready to sell mode all I need to do is maintain and be ready to leave at a moments notice.  Good thing I have a laptop and a phone and a nice car to sit in.  Cross fingers for the showing this afternoon, I have a feeling this might be the right one.


House day 21

Status; We seriously now have a second floor, with stairs and everything

Next step; Roof!  I’m fairly sure on this since they graded the mud pit so the crane can come in to lift the roof bits.

Current level of competition; 25 of 1000


** This post is about the PAST ** Day 21 was last week Thursday but the days after were super full so I didn’t get pictures up.  We also went to the house on day 22 and it was more of the same and over the weekend I doubt they did much but I’m sure today they will be at it again.


either we have a house number or they are counting the numbers of redbulls the crew plans to need to finish this.  Look up and see those faces looking out Niamh’s future room!




there is more to this picture, the story will follow hopefully soon!



Excited to see the outline of the rooms upstairs


and to go up our stairs (less excited to go down them).


We realized the kid bathroom has no windows… oh well.  Still no floor but I’m not doubting their method.  I’m sure someday we will have floor.  I do like seeing how the walls go up and the construction method, I had no idea there was so much space between one floor and the next.  I only get a snapshot and I have to draw my own conclusions but so far so good.

Today I need to keep focused on the current house and getting it ready but after we ‘go live’ and certainly after we get an offer I can visit more.

The fast part of house building

Status; going up fast! has a foundation and some framing

Next; More framing

Days; under 2 weeks from the first speck of dirt moved


This is actually old news already, on Tuesday the kids and I went by the house and were super excited to see first a delivery of wood;

And a very necessary tempory site improvement….

The HOUSE (not garage) now has all the vertical parts.

Wider view, you can see what will be windows and also the rocks are our future driveway (I think it will get more paved)

This was supposed to go up yesterday but we made the decision to get the house back on the market ASAP so I spent the day really getting vacation put away and knocking off tasks on the pre-sale list.  When the kids got home we had a batch of boxes for storage so we decided to swing by the house again and they had made so much progress in JUST ONE DAY!  I suppose having an on site potty means productive workers.

Driving up we have a view before we even get there (note to self, we do not have a private back yard…) and you can’t miss the work done in just one day.

There are wall like things around the main house, the garage is framed.


Our future windows are giant, using a child for scale.


Up there is the start of the second story and if you look closely you can see my last minute piano window addition.  We had a meeting Tuesday morning to talk windows and future details and I asked if we could have it and in under 24 hours it exists!


This last one is a view of the future office.  I had one where Lars was pretending to sit at a desk but without a desk it just looked…. um… wrong.  So imagine a wall about where that angled wood support is, Lars gets his own door and window.img_5602

Thats the tour so far, pretty cool to go every day and see progress.  I know soon the big steps will be hard to see and/or take pictures of so until then we are living it up.

Hope you all don’t mind joining the process.  Other things are actually happening, maybe I’ll end up writing more?  On the other hand, my real computer is failing to start so I’m working outside of my native habitat.  We have a hope a friend can resuscitate it this weekend, or at worst salvage my hard drive, so cross fingers with me.  I’ve got enough change going on, I can’t have this too.


Status; hole in ground with foundation outline and insulation.

Next step; fill, arrange plumbing and in floor heat and pour slab

Current level of competition; 5 of 1000

Here they are looking at our dining room/guest room area, that central rectangle is the stairs. Other side of the stairs is the kitchen and living room

Here is our future front porch. We asked, it gets filled and there is no trapdoor option available.

Exciting stuff even if there are still tons of details to figure out.

Putting them to work – playhouse in 5 days or less

Another perfect weather day today and I had a goal; finish the outside playhouse project!

We had a bit of a kid turnstile – Lars and Niamh took off early to an all-day archery event.  Zoe had a birthday party 1-4 (but Fiona and I were invited to come early and hang out) so in the hours in between I needed to

  1. Varnish the benches – the girls really wanted to help and help they actually were.  I muttered to myself that this isn’t ‘world class’ wood working anyway so a drip or a streak is not a big deal.  While we were working Zoe said the sweetest thing, she said I was a great blend of my parents; quiet time and reading like grandma and a really good builder like grandad.  Sweetest kid!  I stained them yesterday… look much nicer in ‘royal oak’ then ‘inexpensive pine’IMG_8883
  2. Put on a roof – Apparently it has to have a roof…  I went with the inexpensive and easy canvas tarp method.  Menards has 8×16 canvas drop cloths for $14 and that was the perfect size for my 8×8 area.  The plan was to sew pockets on either end and insert 2x2x8 wood ‘bars’ and using screw bolts mounted to the side of the house in the convenient wood surround of the random extra garage door – make holes to tie the wood to the bolts and drape the fabric over the top and down the opposite side.  The bar on the other end is enough weight to keep it steady but I’ll probably tie it down to the bottom of the fence.  A lot of this construction is less planning and more working with what is there.


    Roof!  Ignore the debries… I’m reusing some old wood from a failed project

  3. Finally, I wanted to do the marble in the fence thing.  I think it was one of the first things I pinned about 6 years ago and finally, today I did it!  It is an easy project; find a drill bit that is the right size for your marbles – to find the right size use scrap wood – and then just push the marbles in.  Our marbles were $5 for 200 so there is some quality control issues and not all our marbles were the same size but we found enough for it to work.  Zoe even took a turn with the drill 🙂

And we actually did all these things!  I need another coat of varnish but we also ate lunch and cooked dinner and drove to and from the party etc.  We also went to the store for drill bits and we picked up an inexpensive carpet so I have one more project; painting cool designs.

Oh – Don’t think I’ve actually mentioned much about this except in passing – I got it in my head to make over an odd section of our yard into a play space.  It was full of leaves and stuff to throw out so day one we cleaned.  The space used to be for a hot tub and had a garage door into the garage (weird?!) and three sides of privacy fence.  We took down one side long ago so I have 2 solid sides to work with.  I added two benches and cut out a window.  Started this all on Tuesday and today I feel like I need to clean up the tools and the kids can move in!

Three Things Thursday


Weather – outside all the time weather

Naps – aka movie time at nap time and pass out at 5:30 watching a show with sisters while I cook dinner **no other tv between btw**