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Fiona’s first person

  Fiona drew her first person today, followed closely by for second two people, and then, three babies. From the ” draw a person test” she did really well she included arms and legs and mouth and on Lars those squiggles are beard.  

Fiona says the person on the left is her, the person in the middle is daddy, and, the person on the right is me. We are all holding babies. The lines on our faces are teeth. She says that her sisters are invisible and so is the house and our eyes. 

Fiona is three years and seven months old. 


The good camera

Nothing against my iPhone but I got the pictures from the last few outings off the good camera and they are so nice!  Pixels to spare all over.  This is only a small selection…

What to do with talant

So a friend emailed me with a virtual kick in the butt about photography.  He declares that I have talent now go “do something”.  I know I have artistic talent… I was impressed early on that false modesty was a sin so I know I have a good eye but what does one do with that when I have no desire to do it professionally?

Same with lots of things I do reasonably well but I’m not quite sure how to, or if I should, go to the next level.  Today I did 150lb on the squat rack and it was hard but I know I can do more but should I?  I can write a blog more or less daily and I’m glad for the record of my life and for the vague internet kudos I occasionally get but should I focus more and write something of note? I run fairly well but should I train for something?

Up until now I’ve used all my time to either move through daily life, or, dabble in things but there is a possibility that I might have slightly more time to focus on something with all the spare time I have now that they all spoon food into their own mouths and put their own poop in the potty.  Sometimes they even clean!

I think I just need to keep my eyes open for a local gallery or whatever opportunity comes my way.  That’s worked so far (just not all that fast).

While flying kites with the kids today this was on my mind so of course the kite becomes an object lesson – you need talent, luck and wind to do something that looks simple but is really hard.  It also isn’t all that fun unless it happens to work.

P – is for a Plethora of P

I have been thinking of P things all week, it is one popular letter in my life.


P – “Painting in a private collection” – that is how this painting is labeled on the artist’s site.  It is in MY collection!  This piece of art was created by a friends father, I’ve been collecting and sending him landscapes, barns, interesting clouds for a couple years and so he Presented me with a Painting.  Ironically, no part of this particular painting is from material I sent him.


P – Plated – this was actually a surprise add for today, we finally broke down after all the target marketing and got a box.  It is Pre-Portioned ingredients for higher end meals.  That appeals to us since we don’t get to go out much and Lars is much more into cooking.  We do live within range of very good markets so we can get most odd ingredients but not having to treasure hunt, or, deal with the leftover bit or whatever seems like a good idea.  I actually like the look of Blue Apron a bit more but they are not in our area yet.  When they are I’ll give it a look.

IMG_5090 IMG_5092

P – poison and Play – as in I accidently poisoned myself yesterday at a play!  I am intolerant/allergic to cranberries and boy do I sympathise with all the allergy moms out there because the all natural dried fruitbit gummies have zero mention of cran but I ate one single gummy and had an instant piercing puking migraine.  I happened to be out with the girls at a Play, put on by the facility of the district, and Niamh’s teachers act was last.  Overall it was a good show, really not a play but a collection of short pieces so good for short attention spans.  A few were painful, a few were really good, the other in the middle.  It was cool to sit up front and Fiona really get into the dancing


P – projects – A never ending string in my world but right now I finally got my ‘custom’ curtain rod up and the curtains are on deck to be sewn.  Yes, that is electrical conduit – For $8 I got a 12f long bay window rod – just had a little DIY time.  I actually don’t have many big Party projects cooking  but I still have a week.  I’m also eyeing the garage and yard for projects that had to wait for decent weather.  I’m going to hold back until after the parties but I have plans~


P – Pantry – I don’t know if I ever put a decent picture up, it is really hard to take a decent picture of the inside of a 7×14 room…  This is what I can do 🙂


P – Party!  2 for 1 party weekend is in 7 days and I need to get the house in party order.  I really really wish that RSVP etiquette was a bit more on people mind – I have no idea if I have 4 or 20 kids coming to Niamh’s or 2 or 10 to Zoe’s.  Bright side is that their best friends already replied yes so I’m sure they will be happy.  PS. Pray for good weather Please

P – Potty – checking in on the status of my littlest.  She is getting there but I would say just needs to mentally get on board 100%.  Being sick every other week isn’t helping but it is a positive that she tells me when she has to go (sometimes).

That is Plenty of P things.  I am sure I’m forgetting a few that were on my mind, I should probably make a list for things like this.  Hope you have a fun weekend and see you Monday with Q (a letter I need to give some thought to…).

Weathered Wood – Cee’s Fun Foto

I wish I was near my parents house since my dad has a hoarder level pile of wood in various ages.  He has a good reason, he turns chunks of wood into pretty objects


My artist friend is on the handicapped spectrum and while spry(ish) he does not get out and about the way I do so I supply him with a steady stream of pictures for him to turn into art.  I’m a fan in general of art and challenges of any type spark my interest so I’m always on the lookout for barns for him, so much so that my kids now point them out for me!  Its like roadtrip bingo but with a purpose.


It is hard to pick just a few but here are some fun barn wood from the highways and byways of the central united states for this weeks Cee’s Challenge Foto

barn at the pumpkin farm


between here and NY route 80

FL sun does nothing good for a bench

if you have something to add to make the world more fun, link it up!

Weekly doodle – Love

Celebrating Valentines day here so Love is a fitting doodle title.


Jen the Artist (happy birthday!) sponsors this weekly fun but there are not a lot of participants so I’m going to challenge a few people to post a doodle in the next 3 days.  Any doodle on the theme of love, no skill needed, just want to share the fun 🙂



Mrs Nerd from my Thursday challenge

Miss Zoot who has been doodling a lot lately according to instagram

and a new blog I found while researching the Bloggies; Alison

AND YOU – if you are reading get a napkin or the back of an envelope and doodle a love doodle!  Link it back so we can all see.


Happy Valentines day!  more on our day later~