Party beta test complete

I now completely failed blog every day in November but oh well, no cookie for me.  I think I spent my time well with prep for 8 house guests, none of whom I’m related to, for the weekend. Then I spent all my time with them or sleeping and writing just got bumped for the weekend.  I’ll still try for more this month regardless.

It is the best that my hobby group is full of people who travel so we get the opportunity to hang out all weekend not just at the event.  Since we had 8 extra and I was cleaning anyway, we decided to host the after party as a beta test for future parties.  I think it went well, we had about 35 people and it went until way too late but there was fun had by all and people were very neat and there was virtually no mess the next morning.

Something I ate or drank Saturday didn’t agree with me.  Now I know you are thinking I’m pretending overindulgence in wine is a ‘flu’ but no really, I had something with an ingredient that made my tongue start to swell.  Then all day yesterday it was still swollen and constantly hitting my teeth and by evening I had an ulcer that made it so I could hardly talk and definitely not eat.  It was not fun.  Today I’m compulsively doing all the things to heal it and the swelling is gone so I have hope for a normal day soon.

So now I need to hit the list for today before I go get family round 1. I’m glad to have worked the kinks out of the party flow in the house, now we can do round 2 with family and hopefully sometime soon do an open house for local friends – it has been on my list since before we moved!  I keep waiting until this or that is done but truly, is a house ever ‘done’?

Box free room

This is a constant battle ground but I’m winning today.

And here is the box pile of the past two days.

Proof I’m emptying them regardless of how they seem to regenerate.

The box war

I had at least three things to blog about but my brain is too tired.  I’m tired because I am in a war; the box war.  I am attempting to rid rooms of boxes and I’m doing pretty well, today I finally got Niamh’s room done and the playroom as tidy as a playroom ever gets.  Sometimes I feel I win a battle but when my back is turned they regroup and there are boxes in the room again!  Like they are stalking me…..  The worst part is that they seem to be increasing in number in my room in particular.  Surrounding me while I sleep.  I have done nothing in my room yet so I think the boxes must be feeling safe there, they are settling in, I actually dusted a box the other day.  They must be stopped or else!

My revenge on the boxes is throwing them down the stairs when they are empty.  They take a pretty satisfying tumble but their retaliation is then they lay in wait for me to try and walk down the stairs.

I’m not sure who’s side Lars is on.  On the one hand, he escorts the boxes out of the house on their final trip, the ultimate room clear.   He breaks them down flat and plays judge and jury deciding who is fit to be given to the next mover and who gets recycled.  However, I think he is also the one that is toting in boxes from the garage and putting them in the spots I JUST CLEARED.  Sometimes he puts them in closets or ‘out of the way’ places so I open what I thought was an empty closet and it is a giant stack of boxes.

This is a critical week, I hope to turn the tide on the boxes so I can move on to the next battleground; curtains.  Isn’t my life exciting 😉

Working on the shelfie game

Every box of books in the house or garage is now nearly unpacked.  (Fiona wants to do the kid books personally) I feel like we are missing a few boxes so they may be at our friend’s barn that we have not emptied yet (but will soon!).  This isn’t all the books in the house, there are some upstairs too, this is just the majority.

I’ve missed my books….


Anniversary weekend

Yesterday we sent the children off to Kamp Konrad and we enjoyed just over 24 hours of child-free time.  That time did not include blogging, oh well, I’ll just do more in November if not 100%.

We went to a massage and then to a couple of shops, out to lunch AND dinner where nobody disagreed or didn’t eat.  We watched a movie and puttered around.  I read 3 whole chapters of my book.  This morning we slept late and didn’t get out of PJ’s until 11.  Even after the kids got home things were pretty nice.  We checked a few things off the to-do list in the house and the major one was parking 2 cars in the garage.  Niamh has a big school project so a friend came over to help out.  He was great about giving her 100% attention but not doing it for her.

It was not a getaway or a fancy romantic hotel but it was very nice to nest here and eat cookies for breakfast and spend time with just each other.

Keto pizza

About a month ago Lars went full Keto diet.  He has lost over 20lb and is basically enjoying the diet since it isn’t a starvation type, more an incredibly low carb diet.  He misses some things more than others, there are plenty of decent subs and he can eat all the bacon he likes so that helps.  The thing he desperately missed was pizza so I tested out a recipe tonight that is a  combo of a bunch of recipes I found online.  I avoided the ones with ‘crazy’ ingredients and tried to see if I could make it work with what we had on hand;

1oz cream cheese

1.5c moz cheese

2 eggs


1/3c coconut flour

preheat 425

1. melt the cheeses together in the microwave, stirring every 45 seconds.

2. use a steel bladed food processor (I have a ninja) and pulse the remaining ingredients and the melty cheese.

3. knead the resulting ‘dough’ and add in flour until texture is firm and not too wet

4. roll out between two sheets of parchment paper, hand form a crust

5. use a fork to make holes all over the dough

6. Bake JUST THE DOUGH/CRUST 6 -8 min then remove.

7. Add sauce and toppings to taste

8. Cook 10 min until cheese is melted


The dough is sweeter than a normal pizza and the texture is more like a flatbread but it is chewy and holds together well.  Next time I may roll it out thinner and see if I can get more of a crunch.  Overall very filling and about 16 net carbs for the entire pie.

Definitely worth repeating and probably will do a pizza night for my nephew who is diabetic and celiac and visiting in 2 weeks.