Zoe milestones

I need my nights back – cry it out – March 8-12 10m

crawling up all the steps (in pursuit of a can of antiseptic) – Feb 6 – 8m 3w

Sippy cup drinking – Feb 6 -8m 3w

Standing solo for a 5 count – St Louis airport – Feb5 – 8m 3w

Second tooth (much easier then #1) bottom right center – Dec 25 – 7m

First tooth (was not as traumatic as it could have been) bottom left center – Dec 17 – 7m

Pulling up and almost crusing – mid Dec – 7m

Crawling! – early Dec 2010

Rolling and rocking (but not actually crawling) – Nov/Thanksgiving – 6.5m

Loves Peek-a-Boo – Late Oct/ early Nov 6m

Sitting up and not falling over like a weeble – Nov – 6.5m

eating people food – Oct – 4m

Rolling from front to back – Sept 3 – 3m 3w

Grabbing with intent (and ability) to cram in mouth – Aug – 3m

Sleeping through the night (11pm-6ish and) – July 29 – 10w old (only happened like 2x)

First plane ride – 6w – July 3rd

Sitting in the bumbo – June 28

First babysitter – Katarina – July 1 2010

Sitting in the bumbo – June 28th 2010

Can hold her head up – decent at birth, very good by 1 month – May/June 2010

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