Wish List 2008

6. Anything on Tim Gunn’s list – my wardrobe is getting a bit worn since I’ve been the same size (6ish) for a really long time and now everything I wear gets baby yack on it so my wardrobe is suffering from over washing.  My personal clothing rules: must be washable, must not require ironing, and no pullovers or turtlenecks please.

5. A baby backpack (to put the baby in, not for the baby to wear nor a baby size/shape backpack).  The one I really like is this one because a blog lady I have read for a few years loves hers and uses it all the time.  She points out that it is great because it is also a regular backpack too so you can carry stuff plus kid, or, just stuff and not look like you are ready for an alpine adventure. Got it!  thanks Mom and Dad

4. A Roomba battery, my current one is getting short on life.  I totally do not recommend purchasing on the I-robot site but it is fun to look at and I wanted to be sure I sited the right battery for my model.  It is much better priced on amazon and many other places.  Got it, Thanks Sinead!  Now roomba can rumble around and clean my house while I eat bonbons

3. Black socks, not just any socks though I really need black socks that are just above the ankle, 100%cotton, and look more like sneaker socks then dress socks.  My current supply is developing holes. Kinda like this sock but black. Sorry, I heard these were no longer being made and then I saw them on black Friday and I got them.  I’m still in the sock market but just not black anymore 🙂 Edited to add – I noticed I also need white socks, just incase anyone is reading. – re edit, I have way too many black socks now, I’m set for a few years 🙂

2. I would really love  a new power cord for the camera (Sony DSC-P100 I thought I lost but then found; http://computerlogin.com/sales/productfilePHP/Y_SonyAC_LS5.php

I actually found the one I had!  Awesome!

1. Ok, this is silly but I really do love Latte’s and hot chocolate.  I even buy good coffee from Gevalia so that is where I found this item but I have not checked if it exists.  Got it for my birthday, thanks mom and dad

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