Niamh Wish List – age 20m

Niamh has less specific desires as areas of interest….

As of 20m she likes;

Art stuff including paint (watercolor) playdoah (non toxic) crayons (washable) and she loves bingo daubers but we don’t have any at home just at daycare so I don’t know if there are special kid ones.  She will eat, lick, and paint herself with whatever so please let it be washable/non toxic.

Dress up – but simple dress up like hats or pretty skirts she can pull on herself – maybe a cape.  No need to go crazy with sets she just likes to play with outfits and dance around.

Music stuff – not that I’m asking for maracas but she does love music.   If anyone can find headphones to fit her head that would be awesome, ours are all too big and she likes to listen to her music.

Dogs – she loves stuff with dogs on it or in it; I’m considering buying ‘I dont’ want a posh dog’ since we have checked it out of the library so many times.

Books in general – she likes all books and she is growing more into the story books.  So far she is gentle enough to have ‘real’ books not just board books.

Blocks, baby dolls, hair pretties, anything grown up (like the broom).

I think she likes the colors red and yellow best. Her head is 18in.  She is wearing 24m size.  Shoe size 5 (but wider and she might grow soon)

She does not like stuff that is loud, obnoxious, can’t be turned off, too big, or too messy.  (but that might be just my interpretation….)

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