Wish List 2009

Links; Niamh wish list

1. A tripod for my camera.  Apparently they are universal for cameras so a nice adjustable one would be great

2. A new wallet – needs to have room for credit cards, cash, and ID – I don’t really like the very bulky styles but a change area is ok.  It needs to fit in coat pockets.

3. Nice black boots but that may be hard to get me since I can’t find many I like this season.  These are sorta it, would perfer a zipper…

4. Sheets, Queen size, ours our getting worn out from being washed too often

5. Luggage, especially carryon/roller bag – we travel alot so they ware out over a few years.  Any color but black (or embarrasing, I travel for business).

6.  I would love my blog printed, not sure if that is easy or not but it would be nice to have a hard copy.

7. fun bags or boxes, I really like storage

8. Tea – Irish Breakfast, I have my own tin already just needs filling

hum, thats all I can think of specifically…  I like sleeping, reading, organizing/organized things but the impending #2 kinda puts clothing out of the running for the moment.

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