Niamh milestones

Record compiled way too long after the fact but for future reference

Can write the letter N, M, and O all by herself – June – 3y

Shower alone and get mostly clean – Spring 2011 2.5-3

Can recognize all the letters of the alphabet – Spring 2011 – 2.5-3

First sprained ankle – Dec 30 – 2.5y

Can operate Netflix and DVD players better then my grandmother – Dec 2010

Potty trained all day (including nap) – November 2010 – 2.5y

Underwear (Dora) day – Sept 6 – 2y 4m

walked around our whole block – ran half – July 27

Can sing the alphabet song and reliably count to 10 – July 27,

Imagination play; using anything as a phone and ‘rescuing animals’ that were really just blocks from her shape sorter; June -26m

Can dress and undress herself as long as no buttons are involved (can do pants zippers); June – 26m

– this includes socks, shoes, and unfortunately diaper.

Somewhat sings the alphabet song and counts to 10 in english and spanish; April – 24m

Can understand things in reference to time (before or after; tomorrow, this weekend etc); March – 23m

Put on her own PJ’s (backwards?); Feb 26 – 22m

Good at zippers and can put on own pants (mostly); Feb 2009 – 22m

Move to a toddler bed; Jan 2009 – 21m

Weaning for good and sleep all night; Oct 20 2009 – 1y 6m

Pee in the potty; Oct 11th – 1y 6m

Go to sleep by yourself! Cry it out… – March 17 2008; 11m

Walking; Feb 23 2009; 11m 3w

standing unassisted; Dec 29 2008; 9m 3w

top two teeth; Dec 25 2008; 9m 3w

up stairs, and, table food; Early Dec 2008 – 9m

Crawling forward on purpose; Oct 30 2008 – 7m

Creeping; more ‘solids’, 2nd tooth – Oct 2008

Sitting up; Sept/Oct 2008 –  6/7m – too slow an evolution to document right

First tooth; Sept 28 2008 – 6m (no post again but it is a night I will not forget, nor will the people camped near me at Rose Tournament)

reaching with purpose; Sept 2008 – 6m (no post, just mentions)

under pre-pregnancy weight!; Aug 2008 -5m (so this is more me then Niamh but I’m writing the list and maybe people are interested in how fast you can nurse off 10lb)

Rolling over;  Aug 28 2008 – 5m 3w

first fever; July 25 2008; 4m – quickly followed by her first emergency room visit on July 26

To Daycare; July7 2008 4m – and my first days back to work

Rice Cereal; on fathers day June 15 2008 – 3m 2w

Airplane ride; June 19 2008 – 10w **she also slept through the night a few times, this didn’t last past me going back to work

1st shots/8w checkup- 12lb 23in; June 6 2008 – 8w

Coos; May/June 2008 – 8w (and within 10lb of pre pregnancy weight)

Smile; May 2008 –  5w

Born; April 7 2008 – 0y 1d

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