Melaleuca Info

Thanks for your interest in Melaleuca!

In one sentence Melaleuca is Trader Joe (or Whole Foods) quality at Target prices with Amazon ease of ordering.

Winter Special!  Fill out the form below for an entry to win* a super awesome Melaleuca top item

I am a real user and a real person, check out my main page for my regular life blog.

I started using the products in February 2013 because I was intrigued by the low to no chemical products that are safe for the pets and kids. I like the business model and as an MBA with manufacturing and purchasing background I did not find any holes in the system. Don’t take my word for it, please fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch right away. If you don’t like it don’t worry, I’ll still be your friend

As I blog about Melaleuca I’ll link here….

551323_10150284639139957_2013404500_nHi anyone coming over from Queer Landia welcome to my bit of the internet.  I reached out to your community hoping to meet new people.  When I saw the fun content I decided to be a sponsor and hopefully you will support me back.  I know the internet is full scams but I promise I personally run this, I’m not doing it to ‘get rich quick’, I am bringing it to people because I think it will help improve their lives and health.  My second goal is to earn enough to make up the gap made by staying at home.  If you want the story behind that go here

*Winner will be chosen from first 50 who enter valid info.

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