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Working on the shelfie game

Every box of books in the house or garage is now nearly unpacked.  (Fiona wants to do the kid books personally) I feel like we are missing a few boxes so they may be at our friend’s barn that we have not emptied yet (but will soon!).  This isn’t all the books in the house, there are some upstairs too, this is just the majority.

I’ve missed my books….



Anniversary weekend

Yesterday we sent the children off to Kamp Konrad and we enjoyed just over 24 hours of child-free time.  That time did not include blogging, oh well, I’ll just do more in November if not 100%.

We went to a massage and then to a couple of shops, out to lunch AND dinner where nobody disagreed or didn’t eat.  We watched a movie and puttered around.  I read 3 whole chapters of my book.  This morning we slept late and didn’t get out of PJ’s until 11.  Even after the kids got home things were pretty nice.  We checked a few things off the to-do list in the house and the major one was parking 2 cars in the garage.  Niamh has a big school project so a friend came over to help out.  He was great about giving her 100% attention but not doing it for her.

It was not a getaway or a fancy romantic hotel but it was very nice to nest here and eat cookies for breakfast and spend time with just each other.

Keto pizza

About a month ago Lars went full Keto diet.  He has lost over 20lb and is basically enjoying the diet since it isn’t a starvation type, more an incredibly low carb diet.  He misses some things more than others, there are plenty of decent subs and he can eat all the bacon he likes so that helps.  The thing he desperately missed was pizza so I tested out a recipe tonight that is a  combo of a bunch of recipes I found online.  I avoided the ones with ‘crazy’ ingredients and tried to see if I could make it work with what we had on hand;

1oz cream cheese

1.5c moz cheese

2 eggs


1/3c coconut flour

preheat 425

1. melt the cheeses together in the microwave, stirring every 45 seconds.

2. use a steel bladed food processor (I have a ninja) and pulse the remaining ingredients and the melty cheese.

3. knead the resulting ‘dough’ and add in flour until texture is firm and not too wet

4. roll out between two sheets of parchment paper, hand form a crust

5. use a fork to make holes all over the dough

6. Bake JUST THE DOUGH/CRUST 6 -8 min then remove.

7. Add sauce and toppings to taste

8. Cook 10 min until cheese is melted


The dough is sweeter than a normal pizza and the texture is more like a flatbread but it is chewy and holds together well.  Next time I may roll it out thinner and see if I can get more of a crunch.  Overall very filling and about 16 net carbs for the entire pie.

Definitely worth repeating and probably will do a pizza night for my nephew who is diabetic and celiac and visiting in 2 weeks.




There is a book in my head

Doesn’t everyone say that?  I know I have, more than once.  I have bits and pieces of books even written but in examining what I write I tend to have good ideas for worlds or cool situations but not much in the way of storyline.

On election night Lars saw a very bad accident.  Given we just lost an hour of afternoon sun it is getting dark here at 5 and it was the first snow of note just making the roads too slick.  I saw more than one car off the side of the road but nothing too bad from my point of view.  The one Lars saw was just a block away from our house and looked very final.  On the neighborhood sites, I saw a note on the driver and she is (probably) a woman who lives two houses away that we met once.  She had a sweet dog that took a walk with us.  For some reason, her accident is very much in my head even though I really didn’t know her at all.

At some point, the accident started to snowball in my head.  I imagine if I had stopped to help and call the police and I know she lived alone so I volunteer to watch her dog until her out of town relatives can come (all fiction, I’m not adopting any more dogs).  In going into the house to get the dog I notice some things pointing to a serious wrongdoing on the part of the mayor.  Of course, I’ll investigate, dig into the small town secrets, all while handing ‘problems of my own’ (gotta leave some mystery so you read the book if I write it).

Given the mud slung locally about the mayor during this campaign season he would be a good one to cast as the villain.  The croney local government that had deeper dirt than people know (fiction, I think) and as this woman was digging it up she had to have ‘an accident’…

For once I actually have the story part and even if I never write it, I feel better about her accident.  It was a fun mental exercise while I focused on unpacking all the office boxes.  I got another 8 boxes unpacked, ended up throwing out about 1 full box of paperwork.  Lars was working in a different location so I had the room to myself to spread out and file for real and get things organized.  I decided I need NOTHING from the old house improvements or expenditures like when we upgraded the furnace etc or roof.  I also probably don’t need paid bills from 2006 on…  I also got ruthless with kid documentation like report cards.  I’ve taken pictures of all the cute writings and the grades are online so I don’t need to fill a file drawer.

My goal is to get the house company ready in a week, since, company is coming!  It won’t be ‘done’ but what house is ever really done?

We Won!

Finally, a happy ending because while it was a fairly stress filled, and thus accident filled, day, in the end, the voters came through.


The levy passed by 54%

I was elected to the school board with the 2nd highest vote count (top 3 were in)


The other races I was watching did well too.  Our town has a new mayor and so does my old town, both absolutely needed it.  Only one local friend and one friend in Indiana lost their races, I know how they feel today but hopefully tomorrow they are back at it, changing the world.

Today I took a celebratory nap since results didn’t finish until well after midnight.

Now I need to go make headway on all the things that got back burner treatment for campaign needs.

Happy Anniversary to us

I always love that blogging daily in November means a good opportunity to publically remember my wedding day.

Today I’m a tad distracted with the election but I’m glad we get this weekend to celebrate.

It does not feel like 14 years but we have done a lot in that time;

3 kids

a house built

a house sold

a variety of pets

2 reigns

a million miles traveled

and all the little things that truly make up our life like the fact you make me coffee, you learned how to cook for us, you research fun topics and you find me dumb jokes (that I love) all the time.  You help me have fun, you support my crazy plans, you are my biggest advocate in most things.  I love that you do the dishes even though you hate them because I hate them more.

I hope we never stop learning and growing and loving each other.


Happy Anniversary honey

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