Bloggy Blog Challenges

For 2016

I’m keeping up with a few;

Share your world – a list of questions once a week to answer.


Continuing the three things Thursday where I find 3 things a week to smile about (and take pictures of).



From 2015

I am going to try and do my best!  I’m listing them here so I know where to go for this info/badge/link/instruction/reminder  and, you could join in too.

In April I’m going to try and rock the Alphabet 🙂

For the week of 2/21-28 2015

6 comments a day at least!


Finish the story Flash Fiction challenge

Each flash fiction challenge has guidelines. For Mondays Finish the Story, the guidelines are that you write a story that is between 100-150 words; that you include the opening line of the story which you get to finish; and, that you use the photo from the post in your post giving the photo credit to Barbara W. Beacham.


Three Things Thursday by nerd the brain – Because I run into so many cool things that need to be shared!

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude –


The Weekly Doodle – by Playfully Refined – Because I need to draw with my hands more.  It might be scary rusty but I’m at least one step up from sticks.

Are you a blogger looking for a way to express and share your artsy side?  Join in on the weekly doodle!  Professionals and amateurs of all skill levels are welcome–from fine art to bar napkins, consider this a no pressure way to tap into your creativity and join in the fun.


When I can get something that works I’m going to go for Cee’s Fun Foto challenge

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