I got the flu

I did NOT fall off the earth but I had a nasty flu.  THE flu, tested and everything.

It all started well, Monday the 16th, I had a power cleaning day.  My goal was for the house to be clean before my birthday on the 18th and ready for us to go to NY on the 20th.  I brought home plague monkey from school that afternoon sick and by morning I was right there with her.  Somehow she recovered more quickly, I got the full death feeling of the flu for 7 full days.  So, I did not have a fancy party for my 40th birthday, I had the flu (I do have a reclaim plan that is awesome but that its own post).  I am super lucky Lars took the week off with use-or-lose vacation so he could do all the things I normally do.  This included the majority of the packing…. it was ok.

The moral of this story is don’t procrastinate!  The house was fairly clean, I actually had the majority of Christmas shopping done and packed ready to get in the car very early.  Our teacher gifts were ready, I had the laundry done and we had just sorted out fancy outfits and shoes for the Christmas concert so we were in pretty good shape even if I couldn’t raise my head off the pillow.  There were things that just didn’t happen like a few little gifts I was planning on hand making and some last week activities like finding cool Christmas lights but nothing that wrecked the holiday.  #1 and Lars ended up doing the wrapping in NY, I wish I could have but I just couldn’t and it was nice to see #1 step up and do a good job.

We did drive 20 hours over 2 days to get to NY.  It was a very dull drive with no excitement at all.  I think the kids watched about 5 movies and were 90% well behaved.  By the end of the drive, Lars was showing flu signs and I was feeling better so I drove a chunk.  He succumbed to the flu the first two days in NY and then #2 and then #1.  #2 only had about a day of feeling bad and #1 had 3 but they included Christmas so she was not top form for opening fun gifts.  Good thing their major gift from us was a kindle each so she holed up in her bed with endless Netflix and Tylenol.

I was (fortunately) the only one that got the whole classic flu and I’m still not 100% two weeks later but I’m feeling much better.  It is hard to drive that far to see people and just have no energy.  I wasn’t contagious by the time we got there but part 2 of the flu is general inability to do what you think is a normal amount of activity.  We got enough festive visiting in but nowhere near maximized.   It also did not help that Mrs. Math was also sick and so were a few other NY friends so we all either didn’t feel up for it or didn’t want to cross infect each other.

We got home last night after a slightly more harrowing drive home.  We dodged a major snow event, for the most part, it hit MN and was moving east so we beat it for the first day and a half of driving and only hit snow in the last 3 hours.  Lars is a good driver but it was nice to get home and stop moving.

I didn’t take many pictures at Christmas but I’ll sift through what I have to see if it is worth a ‘Christmas post’ even though it is a week later.  I hope your week of December 25th was all you wished it would be, or, at least you didn’t have the flu.  In the end, it really was not all that sad.  I felt bad but nothing fell apart, we have plenty of good medicine and comfortable beds, I even watched a few episodes of a show I like in my conscious periods.  We did make it to Christmas, we saw the people we wanted to, we did a few things in NY and overall it was a good holiday, germs and all.

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