Archive | November 13, 2019

Useful during politics

I listened to the impeachment trial today.  All of it.  I have a feeling I might need to renew my current audiobook because this was 5 hours straight of fairly interesting talk.  I also feel that as a member of the public, for whom this is being put out for, I owe it to the system to listen and bear witness.

I’m not really going to comment on the content, it was actually pretty well done, I think the two men testifying did a good job of being cool under pressure.  I also think both sides were 99% respectful and while you could see what they were looking for it was done in a clean and decent way.  I actually have a ton of thoughts on the process but this is not the place for any of that; as my favorite college professor would say “that is for discussing with a rum and coke on the back of a boat”.

Maybe I’m conditioned to work out or clean while listening to a book, I usually bribe myself with an hour of book while I do something I don’t like and then after an hour I go do computer work or something else.  There is no pause to this though so I either listen or miss it.  Since I was listening I had to keep moving so here is a list of what I did;

  • finished putting away Halloween
  • cleaned the Volvo
  • vacuumed a ceiling fan
  • organized under the sink
  • got my storage room under control and tidy again
  • all my normal daily thing like collecting dishes and putting pillows back on chairs
  • hand sewed the last bits on a dress for this weekend
  • packed a bunch for the weekend trip
  • spent 5 min in each kids room picking up
  • swept the upstairs
  • moved a ton of odds and ends to the places they belong

I’m not positive what I’ll do tomorrow if there is more live coverage but the result of the trial might be that my house finally gets super clean and organized, I’ll just neglect my online stuff a bit. I did over 8000 steps, all in the house, I’m not joking about not stopping all day.  Now I’m going to try and balance it out with some yoga

Until tomorrow~