Archive | November 11, 2019

Happy Veterans Day

Very pleased to say my favorite Veteran is back on American soil enjoying her family after her little working vacation for more than half a year.


Thanks to everyone who’s job makes the world a better place.  Today we recognize those in the US military for their commitment to the goal.  My second favorite veteran said something really insightful that I want to put out to more people in the world;  He feels very appreciated and thanked every time he wears his uniform and is glad he lives in an era where the military is respected.  He, unfortunately, sees the disrespect and scorn heaped on police right now and asks that you also thank them for their service and recognize that every day they are at risk and that risk is for the protection of us all.

I’m sure there is a crossover between military and police and today is for the military but since he said that I’ve been extra careful about also thanking my police and I’m marking my calendar for January 9th to give them their due.