15 year Anniversary

Blogging daily in November the past bunch of year I don’t ever have to worry about the topic for Nov 7th.  This is a ‘big one’ in some ways, 15 years is a lot of time.  If you step back, as of my birthday in December we will be a couple for 20 years and heading into the ‘more than’ half my life era.  Each day goes by one after another.  Some have super sucked.  Some have been unbelievable, awesome and fun.  The vast majority have been normal good days.

Eating lunch together today we were talking about what we have done or lived through in the past 15 years and we ended up making a fun little count up;

1 dog (Prima)

2 reigns (SCA big deal thing that took a year each)

3 kids (all doing pretty well by most metrics)

4 houses (owned at the moment – 3 investment, 1 we live in)

5 cats (Jingles, Dexter, Doocie, Mr Pink, and Serbert (alive) *Dexter is technically MIA, he ran away and I think he moved in with a neighbor because I think I saw him)

6 immediate family deaths; Lars’s Mother, Step Dad, Brother, Grandmother, My Grandmother and Grandfather.  I feel like this stat should just stay steady for a loooong time

7 cars purchased together (current; Volvo and Pacifica, previous; Honda, Saturn (sold), Blazer, Prius (trade-in) Golf (crashed).  Really good stats for 15 years I think, only killed 1 car, way better than our cat stat.

20 states visited together; NY, NJ, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, IO, NE, KS, OK, TX, LA, MO, CO, ND, SD, MI, HI, MI.  This isn’t counting that we live in MN and have had a layover in CA and most of these we have been to multiple times.

We couldn’t think of something we had (only) done 8 or 9 or 10 of any significance because at 15 years, if we do something more than a few times we are likely to do it well over 20 over the course of time. We have also been super lucky because things like ‘nights in hospital’ add up to 5 and 4 of them were in the business of producing kids.  Other things we just don’t count like I have no clue how many trips we have taken without looking through blog records.  Even low stat things like nights we have spent apart I’m not too sure on because it’s reasonably rare and never that big a deal enough to count up.  Most of the time we do stuff together and quite often all 5 of us are in the game.

We did something right getting married.  Our partnership has worked well for both of us as we grow up together.  Helping, supporting, challenging, and loving each other.

Tonight we are planning one of those normal good nights.  He is doing jujitsu.  I’m powering through the housekeeping and have a dinner planned we all like.  We will eat together and watch our current family show Parks and Recreation.  We will put the kids to bed and snuggle for an hour before we go to bed.  Our ‘big trip’ we plan for a getaway is on the 15th.  We are even leaving the country, kids at home, and hope to have a fun trip with friends.

Finally, the picture for my tradition of wearing my wedding dress at least yearly;

The view from the front.  Picture by Niamh


The reason my dress really really does not fit – she hulk muscles!  (and 3 kids, and it didn’t fit the day of either due to miscommunication with the person doing alterations)


Bonus!  3 cute girls in the wedding dress.  For the record, Niamh said it was tight on her now too.  See! it was a wedding miracle that it stayed sewn shut the day it really had to.a02668e0-9df7-4bb7-b7fc-43b5786583a0

Until tomorrow!

One response to “15 year Anniversary”

  1. Jennifer aka Coquette says :

    Happy Anniversary to a great couple. I love your photo traditions.


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