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Halloween House Tour

I’m taking it down and I’m ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas but I wanted to share a few fun bits.

Pro Party tip – put a tablecloth on the wall as a splash guard.  Ask me how I know….  This is the drinks station from the party and to further protect my paint I stuck up the plastic table cloth with wall decals.  Big impact and the best part was no spills on the wall and the white table cloth is still white.


The ‘thing’ of the year this year was the skeleton animals.  I had zero to start and I collected about 7 over the weeks coming up.  They are so creepy but in a classy way, like I’m an eccentric collecter…  The bell jars for my specimens are vases.


This was my really out there creation for the spooky boo-fet at the party.  The original one on Pinterest looks so much better but I did ok.  I searched the internet for ideas of what to put in the middle of the meathead and got zero answers so my meathead is on a cabbage – dense, inexpensive, and isn’t too weird looking when you start eating it.  The one it the pictures uses mini sausages maybe?  I used a giant summer sausage cut up into strips.


This mobile could be its own post.  I was trying to get something to suck up some of our echo in the room.  I think it helped, hard to say.  The family each made a glue and fabric ghost and I strung/balanced them onto 2 6f pieces of metal.  I’m thinking of changing the ghosts for snowflakes soon, we will see.


This is a fun substitution – where the skulls are used to be flower baskets.  They were an impulse buy and gave nice color to this odd corner.  I peeled off the basket and added skulls, for the 22 seconds, it took to actually do it got an admirable amount of attention.


A better shot of both my new picture rail (I’m very excited) and the collection of all our costumes from the last 11 years.  I took them down and the wall looks so empty but I have a plan for Thanksgiving and then this is the future home of all Christmas cards we receive.  We also moved a bench that we use as seating when we have big dinner parties into this room, it really works.  It is also the #1 place for sneak cat attacks, beware what lurks behind the drape….


What do you do with outgrown treat buckets that actually have holes in the bottom because we had them on our porch lights at the old garage?  Well, I put them on top of a cabinet for a cool pop.  I see this as soon as I walk in and it made me happy all season.


I could not take a picture that did justice to this window.  The candles are LED flicker style and I think it is simple, spooky, and elegant.  We don’t have a mantle or a fireplace so this ‘piano window’ is my go-to centerpiece spot.img_2654

Final picture – we did have lots of Halloween shirts but these two are favorites of mine.  I made them 3 years ago and they are still going strong.  Lace, ribbon, and zigzag stitch.  img_2804

Halloween is officially going into the boxes.  I’ve picked my fav’s of the photos to print for next year, and the giant haul of collected candy has been divided 80% to be donated, 20% to be kept.

Anyone else do something cool for Halloween?