Archive | September 7, 2019

Happy September

We did it!  We got through the summer and they are now back in school with, I think, the perfect level of excitement for school and sadness for leaving summer behind.

I just wrote a giant update with all the things we did and while I was uploading the pictures Lars felt the internet was ‘going slow’ so he refreshed it, therefore, bouncing my post into nonexistence.

well, here are the pictures at least.

Nose pressing excitement to go back and see friends and teachersimg_2285


starting 6th, 4th and 2nd.  Everyone is very excited


enjoying a backyard fire over the last official weekend in the summer

Last weekend we went to the Minnesota Renaissance fair, one of the biggest and best, and met the mermaids, fairies, jousting knights and lots of great performers.  I wouldn’t normally go to this since our SCA is the ‘real thing’ but it was fun to pay tourist. Our friends suggested it and it was a great thing to do with the group.



Two weeks ago we did another super Minnesota thing – we went to the state fair.  Our state fair is like what you see in the movies, it is giant and full of outstanding things from giant produce to crazy food to tons of livestock.  We even found out that cows like to cuddle.


I had written a lot more, we did sleepovers and played in dozens of parks and started the wizards unite phone game.  We biked and cleared out the garage and found stuff in boxes we forgot we had because at a year later no box is allowed to remain unopened.  I’m annoyed that I lost all my words but I didn’t lose the summer and on this precious weekend I’m not going to waste time being annoyed or redoing things.  I’ll post again soon, I have time now to actually do stuff!