Archive | June 5, 2019

the last before

For some reason, so much of my world is measured in where it falls in my world.  It bothers me when I can’t acknowledge that something is the first or the last and only realize it after the fact.  Sometimes you can’t help that, like the super sad thing Lars told me once that there will be a day when you pick up your child for ‘the last’ time and you won’t even know it, you just never pick them up again because of so many possible reasons.  Those are sad but don’t bother me as much as just missing something like the last full week of school – that was 2 weeks ago and I didn’t know at the time because I completely forgot about a Monday holiday and school ending on a Thursday.   Water under the bridge – this week though I KNOW it is the last week (well, 4 days) of school.  Of my ‘normal’ schedule.  As of Friday, I will have full charge of all my children until September.

To that end, I’m trying to half savor and relax the quite and also cram in as much of the to-do list as possible.  Anyone else see how that is doomed to fail?  So this is my last Wednesday before summer and I have a list of things to do but somehow not my normal list of Wednesday stuff?  There isn’t an on/off switch, it is like a slider bar into summer.  The past 2 weeks have been field trips and fun things outside at school and I’ve been there so much I feel like I work there.  Really, nobody going to school will give me back time in some ways, but, that time will inevitably be used in kid management.

One more ‘last’ happening – we are closing in on our last birthday in the trio.  #3 passed from 6 to 7 years old happily at the children’s museum field trip with me there beside her.  Instead of a ‘fancy dinner’ that we normally do she choose pizza at zero gravity.  the clever girl really just wanted to go to the giant trampoline and indoor play place and she got her wish.  The cake ended up a bit late in the day but it was an enjoyable birthday.  This weekend is her friend party and we are doing an archery theme.  I did intend to set up an archery range in the yard and this just gives me a good push to get it done.  The perfect number of kids are able to come so we won’t even need to share bows since I was able to borrow 6 from a friend.

The archery party plan is to have the kids run around on a scavenger hunt for the gear hidden in the yard so they can learn about the equipment as we find it.  Then some target shooting where hopefully they have fun and get ok at it.  The finale will be a target pinata where they will need to work together to shoot it open.  I can’t say I ethically like this more than beating something with a bat to get candy, but, it is slightly more skill based.  Depending on mood and flow there will be cake and gift time and I’m sure it will devolve into just running around and playing (without bows) and that is ok too.  I’m going to put #1 in charge of the range, she might only be 11 but is good at rules and will keep people safe.

I know school ends for everyone at different times so if you are already on break good luck, if you are not yet; savor the days.  I’m actually looking forward to the fun of the summer, the kids are older and we have no naps to work around.  I have a couple things already planned and next week we will work out chores and ways to prevent the summer slide.  If anyone has good ideas throw them my way!