Archive | May 7, 2019

Volvo, not meeting expectations of quality

A few years ago we purchased a Volvo s50.  Plenty of people love them, people we trust.  They also advertise high quality and service.

We actually don’t drive the car much, a few times a week, mostly it just sits in the garage.  I took a cleaning cloth to it the other day and discovered that there is a really ugly situation going on with the dashboard piece chrome.  I called the number figuring they would be happy to have the opportunity to fix this issue.  Chrome adhesion can be tricky and failure happens.  I got a semi-polite stonewall because I am out of warranty.

They went so far as to say it was probably my fault and/or environmental.  In that case, it is my duty to warn everyone that there is a possibility that after 5 years of lite running around town and garage life, your dash could look like this.


Please note – no other chrome part in the car looks like this.  Apparently, the heat or cold or O2 levels or humidity or phase of the moon that created this issue was ONLY concentrated on one part of my car.  It does seem FAR more likely that this single part had a bad wash cycle and after a few years the adhesion started to fail.

When a company says they want customer satisfaction, maybe don’t treat people outside warranty like this.  I wonder if other people have the same problem?  I start to question the parts I can’t see when the ones I can have really obvious issues.  We were going to buy another Volvo but that isn’t going to happen and I advise you to think twice.  Given the price point, I thought we would get just a bit more than 5 years ‘like new’.  Our 11-year-old Honda minivan has better-looking chrome (but worse carpets, that is the kid car).  Maybe Honda set the bar too high Volvo.  Sorry, you are not meeting it.

(This isn’t a nick or a bang, that I would absolutely own as our fault and wear and tear)