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The more we do, the harder it is to balance.  Sometimes I think the universe builds in balance, you just have to look at it right.

We had a super social 6 day weekend last week with guests arriving Thursday and we celebrated by going to a trampoline park.  If you want the place to yourself, go an hour before closing on a weeknight, we actually had races across the entire place and we each got our own lane.  Friday the houseguests did the tourist thing and I ran around getting ready for the event.  Saturday, the grand event day, went very well and ended even better with a great party at our house where everyone was happy and nothing got broken.  15 of our house guest departed on Sunday and the remaining group just had a nice day hanging out.  Monday (we had off) the last friends leave and I started resetting the house back to normal.  A friend called on Wednesday and asked what I was doing and I said making the 25th bed in a week and I thought I was being hyperbolic but actually, I was underestimating when you figure I made up beds for 25 people to sleep, I just did mine too because why not, then I unmade the majority and remade 6 so in the span of 7 days I made 31 beds.


Monday night dinner party

To balance out that frenetic weekend of social activity this weekend I’m solo with the kids and we have no firm plans but I’m sure we will have a good time and I’m looking forward to a peaceful weekend just as much as I looked forward to the crazy fun weekend.

In a micro version of balance today I started off with a very aggravating morning where because my plan last night didn’t work out per plan so the minivan got left out of the garage overnight and it was -40 (windchill).  This morning it did start but was cranky and there was ice on the window and the side door sensor refused to acknowledge that the door was shut so it made a LOUD BEEP the entire way to school and finally quit on my way to a school board thing.  In balance, I left the meeting and drove home and had a green light at every intersection the whole way home.  That is amazing timing, first in my life for here, absolutely blog worthy and actually this entire post is so I can tell the world that I had green lights from one side of town, all the way across the highway and the other side of town – I think about 10 lights in a row.

The sun is shining and although is it arctic cold outside, our passive solar is doing its job so I am going to take the opportunity to go sit in a sunbeam.  (balance is that I spend too much time running around in the dark since it gets dark here by 6 these days


Learning about board stewardship

The past two days I’ve been in an intensive crash course on how to be a school board member.  Given I have a ton of house guests coming this weekend it was not optimal timing but I am very glad I went.


There was one quote that truly resonated; “being on a school board is never what you expected”.  I’m getting the impression that is very true.  In some ways I think it will be easier, I was expecting to do more ‘work’ and really, the board is supposed to keep a broad view, an eye on goals and hold the superintendent and staff accountable.  I vaguely thought it would be like the Parent Teacher Organization supersized.

After many many hours of seminars, there was really nothing super NEW or truly surprising but it was an exercise in gaining more clarity.  Like the difference between learning algebra and then seeing why algebra exists in higher math.  Now I see much more clearly the role a board needs to play.  Seeing is one thing, the next step is doing.

The negative note for the situation though is that I may have irrevocably traded in my ‘cool helpful parent’ role in my kid’s school.  I joined the board to have a positive involvement in their lives and I might have just created a situation where their teachers will never quite know how to deal with me.  If any teacher is reading this; my plan is to do my very very best to be a normal mom when in the schools for my kids and only wear the board hat if asked.  By the way, the board seems to have very few magical powers so I can’t say I’ll be able to pull out any rabbits for anyone.


Last week was very very busy and I hardly got near my computer to say what was going on in life.  It was the first week of the winter schedule with choir and gymnastics and while all the children love their respective activities they are across town from each other and at nearly the same time.  It was also the week I got officially sworn onto the board so that was a fun event.  Inbetween I actually got myself to the gym, and, we dove into the final battle with the boxes by infiltrating the storage room stronghold.  I also managed to get our massive window covered in curtains and I can’t seem to take a good picture of it but it’s done.  It does cut down on the crazy loudness of the room and the sun in the face by TV situation some minor parties in the house have been disgruntled by.  Personally, I liked to see their solutions, you can’t not laugh at them sitting with pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals balanced on their heads to block the sun in their eyes.  Life didn’t slow down on the weekend and this week made last week look easy because I had to call in my support team to help with the kid needs while I went and drank from the firehose of learning.

It is a great sort of busy and I feel like this is going to be a good phase of life.  Great start to 2019.

Happy 2019!

In the mornings, pre official wake up time,  I surf my reading list on my phone.  Over the past few days the big theme seems to be resolutions.  The opinions range from “yes! clean slate, do the things!” to “resolutions are stress inducing and dumb” and a semi unique tangent this year seems to be ‘alternative’ resolutions like declutter or go on more social outings.  All the opinions have merit and I’m not really going to add to it other then say; you do you, I’ll do me.

The last post talked a little about projects in the works.  Like most of my projects I end up doing a little bit on a lot of things and nothing gets done until suddenly one day they all get done.  Putting a big party* on my calendar really helped motivate too, and, Lars really helped by feeding us all so I could focus.  He also checked in to see if his lifting skills were needed and he toted many many boxes (my nemesis!!!) to recycling, donation, and trash. I’m happy to say there is only one last major battle against the boxes on the horizon; the storage room.  Here is a list of my recent conquests;

  • the pantry. Was epically disorganized and desperate for a purge.  It also harbored 2 unpacked boxes.  It required 1 trip to menards and 1 trip to ikea to tame.img_9155
  • my closet.  This was a box stronghold, there were at least 6 very large boxes and 4 totes.  You could not touch the back wall even if you had long arms.  This required a dive into pinterest, a trip to Menards (yes, a different one), a trip to Tom’s where we still have some stuff (less now), an amazon purchase, and a trip to walmart for hangers.  Changing that light fixture was really annoying but worth it. I added to the existing closet system but now it works for us.img_9160
  • my room!  This is less a single battle and more a general campaign.  It is now box free (there were about 6 medium ones) and almost ‘done’.  There is still furniture to paint in the spring but it is now functional and pretty.


As all people with homes and children know, the daily skirmish against the creeping clutter is never ending.  I’ve read the how-to’s and they all boil down to a 2 part plan; get rid of most of  your stuff, including any messy hobbies, and, clean every day.  I don’t want to do either of those things so my modified version is to get to a point where things have a place to go away and that is what I’m working on.

In this oddly short week I feel pretty good about where I am since I really did spend 2 weeks working toward organizing it does pay off for a little while.  I even had time to get through the piles of paper around the house.


*The Party – we hosted a new years day open house and we had a great time, I hope our guests did too.  There were about 50 or so people over the day and while I missed a few that couldn’t make it I was super happy to see everyone who did and we even got to meet our elusive next door neighbors!