Vacation brain (different than stress brain)

We are all here at Pennsic.  Lars arrived and brought a ton of heat with him so now it *really* feels like Pennsic. That first week was just way too temperate, I didn’t sweat nearly at all, how can I lose 10 pounds if I don’t dehydrate myself?

I’m taking fewer pictures than average because my fav three subjects are all running around semi-independently.  We brought Rental Child and she is almost bored because they don’t ‘need’ her as much as last year but they manage to keep her busy going to the park and to stroll the shops and then they disappear to play with friends in camp.  They have not met too many new friends but they are happy enough to play with the ones they already know.  All I know is I have to make sure they have sunblock before I set them free or I may not see them until dinner.  Rental on the other hand, HAS met friends and I’m very glad she has found some people, that will make her want to keep coming back (and I want her to want to!).

Niamh is earning her keep by running errands for a friend and she is even more independent.  She is allowed to make her way around the familiar parts of the camp and it is fun to see her pop up when I wasn’t expecting her, and, she can trot off to help do water on the field and fetch ice and so many useful things.  It is cutting into her free time and she has not done a few things she wanted to, but, learning that balance is part of life.

The rest of the world is in that pleasant vacation haze.  I’ve been here long enough that I’m not thinking of other things.  The magic of vacation really takes over about day 5 and even though this is not a lap of luxury relaxing vacation, I’m not worried about my normal set of worries.  Pulling myself back to the computer to do the things I have to do is hard but necessary, someone has to pay the phone bill on time 🙂  I have no idea how the house is doing either.  Lars did a walkthrough on Friday and there were lots still to get done.  I trust they will get it done, all except possibly the front porch because a bird built a nest there and none of us wants to evict baby birds to put up the final bit of siding there.

This year I’m taking it a bit easier here and to that end, I’m not going out all night to the many many parties so I can keep recharging.  I have gotten to see a bunch of friends and I’m having a good time overall.  It is hard to not try and go non stop but I’m happier being less crazy overall even if I miss out on a few things.  With that, my work hour is over and I’m going to go find some lunch and then more people who just arrived.

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