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After 2 weeks in the house, nearly 3, we are getting used to things here and it isn’t all ‘so new’ anymore.  Although the timing of the move was not per the original plan, it worked out ok to have these ‘dog days’ of summer as a transition time.  This zone between coming home from Pennsic and the start of school is always an odd time for us, why not pile on with moving.  My time hop is treating me to our final weeks of summer from years past and we usually do something but I think we are all ok with the laid back no-plan plan we are doing.

Even with no-plan, we still do stuff.  One can not stay in a house with 3 kids 24/7 and remain sane.  We have gone to a few playgrounds, played with the new neighbors, library visit, Menards every other day – the usual.  Niamh has leveled up to Mothers Helper and has spent a few nice little chunks of time being the playmate for a 2-year-old while mom gets time to get something done.  She can’t stay solo with them yet but there isn’t a stay at home parent out there that couldn’t use someone to occupy the kid(s) for a few hours so they can focus.  For me, it is great to have something special for her to do, to make her feel in charge in a time when there are so many things she can’t honestly effect.

Big milestone, the first for the house; Fiona can now bike.  The story of her no training wheels journey is longer then her sisters and in the end, she blamed me for holding her up (literally, like holding the bike) when just the week before she freaked if I let go.  I don’t care what changed but I knew that if she just focused on it she would get it.  The first week in the house she decided that she would do it and I would watch and in less than an afternoon she was done.  The amazing part is that she now wants to ride every day, as often as possible.  She goes out alone (I can see her from the windows) and rides in circles in the dead end about a million times with side trips up and down the driveway.  Niamh and Zoe were inspired by her and they all bike now way more than ever and even devised a few synchronized biking shows for me and they are more impressive than I was expecting.  Yesterday Lars got home from training and he and I walked the dog and all 3 kids rode bikes and we had our first real family walk in the quiet little neighborhood we moved into.

Otherwise, we are mostly keeping to ourselves.  I am looking at the month ahead with activities and trips and visitors and school starting Tuesday and my campaign and looking at this time as my opportunity to connect the family to this house.  I’m looking forward to getting back to my workouts and meetings and going out with friends and having people over but quiet is good for now too.

I’ve had a hard week/month

I think it is catching up with me but I don’t actually have the option to stop or I create different problems.

To focus on what we HAVE accomplished is a more positive outlook but a shorter list. Too often over the past month (of moving) or week (of actually being in the house), something I thought would be an easy thing to get done turns into a massive game of this then that and then another thing and possibly finally, after a trip to the store, something gets done.

I had to step back and choose a thing to see through to the end because all the half way was killing me.  The biggest thing on the list was to empty storage and so I gave the kids free reign of the TV and did many many trips in my intrepid minivan.  Apparently August is the month of rental because I could not find a trailer or a big truck anywhere BUT an awesome friend loaned us her trailer and an even more awesome friend helped do the final push with the big things I could not do solo.  Between Tuesday and Friday this


became this;


the scale is hard to see but if you look in the top picture, that odd blue floral pattern thing is a queen size mattress and box spring that are extending long way into the unit and they are about 1/4 of the way from the front.  Anyway!  glad all that is now in my garage ready to be sorted through.

I wish I had more pretty pictures to share but it was a fast-moving team effort to empty the onsite storage so things got crazy fast.  I can happily post that we have all beds now up and assembled – Niamh’s was in the waaaay back of storage – and I’ve done laundry and many meals have been cooked and cleaned up, we are living here now, even if we don’t know where 1/4 of what we need for any given task is.


Master bedroom and exercise spot.  


Fiona’s room, top bunk is just for sleepovers and stuffed animals


Day 1 before allllll the things


the very first action in the new house was this load of camping laundry….


this looks more like real life.  More work to do on the boxes but getting there!


On other life-related things, I’m just overwhelmed and over sensitive.  There are people that have been excellent and they should totally overshadow the people who have basically turned their back on us but it still hurts.

I have tons to do today so I must get to them.  Focus on what I can affect, keep positive, and ignore the urge to bunker.


ps. Lars set up the internet and my computer so I’m at a real keyboard again!

pps. despite the pictures, Lars is not always in the kitchen


New House!

I write this from my *unpacked and arranged* sofa, in my *new* living room, on the laptop whos chord I *finally found* this morning.  As I’ve said to many people, we are now in the ‘install’ process, we didn’t pack in one day, we are not going to  unpack in 1 day.

Achievements thus far;

Slept in our new house – Last things packed were mattress so they were first out and in my ‘first day’ box I had fresh sheets for all the beds.  If I got nothing else done on day one we could still sleep here.  Fortunately, we got a lot more done on day 1.

The onsite container that we filled with all the stuff we were actually using, and, all the stuff we forgot we had in random hidden spots is EMPTY and we find ourselves in a 70% bigger space with 30% of our stuff so it is still on the sparse side.  I called for the removal of the container a full week earlier than I had to.

Laundry – it was actually the very first thing because  2 weeks of camping results in some fun laundry.  I had a box labeled “wash first” and it nearly walked itself to the machine.  I’m super happy with the washer and dryer.  My brain was out of power so I just asked the appliance guy and took his recommendation.  He is a cool dude and local and knew what I wanted and I will forever recommend Doug’s TV for your appliance needs.

Achieved internet!  This is a saga, I think I’ve documented elsewhere but we found out that this section of the neighborhood does not have real internet.  We found a solution that is ok for now and that was hooked up yesterday by 2pm.  The kids nearly died from lack of netflix and I entertained them with the TV antenna and ‘watching what is on’.  Thanks to Zoe, my social girl, we met the neighbor mid July and found out that the real internet was supposed to be here but got stalled by the people we purchased land from.  A few phone calls to dig deeper and the hopeful result is that we will be back on high speed by Christmas. (fingers crossed).

Next up

Installing our water softener.  Here in the midwest, we have a LOT of iron in our water.  I got a tip from a neighbor NOT to shower until grout was sealed so I did that yesterday but I’m not even risking it based on the look of the kid bath (that is an easier to clean insert) where if I didn’t know better, I would be accusing them of dying their hair red and not cleaning the tub.  We choked at the quote from the ‘water specialist’ did some research, got a unit from a local store and the plumber comes at noon.

A trip to Ace to replace all the little bits that got lost.  Lets just say it’s a good thing we are not using the top bunk because I’m short 8 fasteners.  I also have 3 fairly pressing projects; Swing set, more shelves in the closets, and, a counter area we didn’t want pay an extra 3k for so we will install it soon.

Retrieve and unpack things in offsite storage, and, 3 different friends houses.  I’m looking at getting a trailer for the next week and doing daily runs to get a manageable amount each day to filter into the house.

Curtains!  We have a ton of windows and a ton of sun.  When we sold our house we had to leave all the window treatments.  When you buy a new house it does not come with anything so we need to get on that shortly.  As soon as I find my sewing machine….

Finish the house…. *ahem* it isn’t quite done yet…  So the builders still have a little list and we also have a  year warranty so if anything needs fixing I know who to call.  I left it alone the first 2 days but I think I’ll be calling today to follow up.

Thank Yous; we absolutely could not have done this with as much sanity intact without Vacation Mom who held onto our freezer, Lars’ epic condiment collection, plants, and our electronics and who also expedited packing and cleaning with me over the past YEAR.  KLiz who as a couple watched the kids, gave us a place on our homeless days, and helped with the lifting and moving so much I think the neighbors wonder who actually lives here. Moral support also appreciated from all the friends and family who texted and called and if I missed a call, I’m probably still moving or I lost my phone.  I’m sure I’m forgetting people because my brain is still on the tapped side but I hope by next Wednesday I’ll have all the stuff here and working through the unpacking and new projects.


Ps- internet is annoying for pictures, I’ll do the upload thing soon


Vacation brain (different than stress brain)

We are all here at Pennsic.  Lars arrived and brought a ton of heat with him so now it *really* feels like Pennsic. That first week was just way too temperate, I didn’t sweat nearly at all, how can I lose 10 pounds if I don’t dehydrate myself?

I’m taking fewer pictures than average because my fav three subjects are all running around semi-independently.  We brought Rental Child and she is almost bored because they don’t ‘need’ her as much as last year but they manage to keep her busy going to the park and to stroll the shops and then they disappear to play with friends in camp.  They have not met too many new friends but they are happy enough to play with the ones they already know.  All I know is I have to make sure they have sunblock before I set them free or I may not see them until dinner.  Rental on the other hand, HAS met friends and I’m very glad she has found some people, that will make her want to keep coming back (and I want her to want to!).

Niamh is earning her keep by running errands for a friend and she is even more independent.  She is allowed to make her way around the familiar parts of the camp and it is fun to see her pop up when I wasn’t expecting her, and, she can trot off to help do water on the field and fetch ice and so many useful things.  It is cutting into her free time and she has not done a few things she wanted to, but, learning that balance is part of life.

The rest of the world is in that pleasant vacation haze.  I’ve been here long enough that I’m not thinking of other things.  The magic of vacation really takes over about day 5 and even though this is not a lap of luxury relaxing vacation, I’m not worried about my normal set of worries.  Pulling myself back to the computer to do the things I have to do is hard but necessary, someone has to pay the phone bill on time 🙂  I have no idea how the house is doing either.  Lars did a walkthrough on Friday and there were lots still to get done.  I trust they will get it done, all except possibly the front porch because a bird built a nest there and none of us wants to evict baby birds to put up the final bit of siding there.

This year I’m taking it a bit easier here and to that end, I’m not going out all night to the many many parties so I can keep recharging.  I have gotten to see a bunch of friends and I’m having a good time overall.  It is hard to not try and go non stop but I’m happier being less crazy overall even if I miss out on a few things.  With that, my work hour is over and I’m going to go find some lunch and then more people who just arrived.