Archive | July 31, 2018

the end of the story


I am, as a friend said, ‘Appropriately homeless’.  It happened.  After over a year of the house selling phase; we closed with a whisper, not a bang.   It was a very very hard week both physically and emotionally.  I don’t really have time (nor tissues) now to do it justice but if I know myself by next week I’ll feel like the story is too old to tell so split the difference and here is the short version;

The kids were great. They didn’t fuss or fight the process.  They went to camps, even a camp they turned out to hate, with reasonable grace.  They enjoyed staying with friends on the last days and they each processed it in their own way but nobody was out of line from expectations.

The movers were worth the money.  They came, they moved, they are Tetris masters.  The guys were so nice and sweet we enjoyed having them and Lars really enjoyed the ability to work while the things disappeared around him.

The process.  Well, I’m sure I was not in a unique situation with all the stress but it was unique for me.  The plan did work.  There were minimal monkey wrenches overall and I just kept working, not stopping, and I’m glad because it was done on time but I was falling apart by the end.  On the final day I woke up at 4am  and could not sleep so I went to the house to finish and I am glad I did because I needed all the time.  The final things, the last cleaning, they just take longer.  I was solo the whole last day but I did have phone in support from my sisters and a final visit from vacation mom.

The new people.  We did meet them, they asked to move in some boxes on Thursday (closing was Friday) so I was there with the kids to say goodbye to the house and hello to the people.  I hope they are happy, the wife seems super nice the husband was a ball of stress.  Can’t say I don’t understand but he did not make a great impression on me.  To further it, they came up with a list of petty and odd complaints the next day and our real estate agent earned his money by calmly diffusing the situation and gently telling them to go jump in a lake.  I like him.

The rest of life.  Well, timing is such that we are at Pennsic, the giant SCA camping event that usually takes all the brain power for prep and this year got tossed into the stress soup.  I’m very glad to be here, there is no better place to be displaced to (because new house is not ready yet) because I can’t go 10 feet without seeing someone I know and like.  I also really enjoy the mini-city feel where I can walk everywhere.  I also filed for candidacy for the school board.  Step one on the political ladder.  As an example of my brain is at max capacity; I put my childhood home zip on my form.  While correcting it via email I misspelt my own last name.  I think I’m out of RAM.  So if I look a little dazed or miss something, I think my brain is being flooded with the ‘forget the horror’ hormones that it produces for things like labor/delivery.

I’ll be enjoying what is in front of me and not borrowing trouble about unpacking or all the rest.  I’m glad that project is over, it was a great house and I’ll miss it but I hope our new one will be worth all the trouble.