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Why blogging works for me

I have recently felt a little meh about recording things here.  Who reads?  Who cares? Do you really want to know about my weekend or what got done in the house?  I know there actually are a good bunch of people out there that read and I’m happy to share my life with you all but today I was reminded why I blog for MYSELF.

analysis blackboard board bubble

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(cue the violin music)

This past week has been hard.  A holiday mid-week, kids hitting the wall of ‘summer fun’ and I’m looking at the pile of things I need to do and buy and make and what I’ve already let slip and my brains are starting to leak out of my ears.  Work is hard on Lars so he helps where he can but he is sometimes part of the problem too (husbands!).  Anyway!  2 feet under water here and suddenly the kitchen light starts to blink like it has decided to its life’s passion is the rave scene.  No kitchen light, no!  You are not a party machine!  However, I seriously don’t want to replace a light in this house….  #1 I just got 38 lights for the other house.  #2 I have gone to the big box home store every day for a week.  #3 I just don’t want to pay another $50 for another fixture that is practically new in a house I’m moving out of in a month (eeek! 1 month!!!)…

Let’s mitigate this – maybe it is under warranty?  ::search store website:: Yes!  it has a 5-year warranty!  Call store; “How do I do a warranty return?”  “with a receipt?  Ok…”.  Thankfully this store actually has a cute machine that will spit out receipts but you have to know the date.  ::Search blog for reference to kitchen light because I remember noting that we did that as a weekend project::  TA DA!!!! post found, Jan 16, 2017, I congratulated us on fixing our light by replacing it.  YES!  Score 1 for my blog 🙂

Nothing like a little validation to make yet one more trip to the store a little bit more ok.