Archive | July 4, 2018

Day 132

Current Situation; Siding is (finally) going up.  Floors at 99%, COUNTERTOPS are in.  Me- 100% of knobs/pulls now ordered and 28 of 35 light fixtures ordered/in the house

Next; (me) buy the last few light fixtures, (them) finish in process things,  get the driveway and patio put up lights and ‘trim’

Status; 900 of 1000 – My toilet mark might actually be the finish line, who knew they were last?

Progress pictures first;


storage room, the future home of our extra fridge and freezer and all my sewing!




Front hall floor, I happened to get a pic before they covered it all up like the other floors.  I like my Navy walls more and more


Shower.  still needs the glass wall but the tile is done

I was good to my word and on Tuesday, after putting in the laundry and telling the kids I had to focus, I hit the list of things to get done for the house hard.  There are so many categories of things but I’m making progress.  Luck was with me because I found a few great deals on knobs on Amazon – tip – look at the 10packs, they were all way less expensive than buying the single of the exact same thing.  For example, I needed 6 for a particular bathroom, 6 single pulls were $20ish and 10 of the same thing was $14.  If you only need one, get one, but I saved about $100 overall carefully over buying.  I know I could have saved more if I was willing to have basically the same thing in every room because the savings were even greater at 25 pack but I like different things in different rooms.

The fun continued with lighting.  We dropped the kids off with friends and went to Menards.  They weren’t really having a sale, but, we loved a few things that were ‘the last’ so we got the floor model.  The poor sales lady was very gracious even though it looked like she was tortured up on the ladder getting the fixtures down.  We kept finding great deals and by the end, we had all but a few on our list.  I needed to pump the breaks because I wanted to do a budget check, and, see some sizes in the house so we brought all the boxes to the house and put them in the rooms they belong for install.  It was a bit of a force of will by the end but I’m happy with our choices.  The last few are being tricky, I need the master bath and 2 outside lights and those ‘matter’ and we also need the laundry room, master closet, and a hallway – I can’t quite decide if I should get the ones that matter first and just make the other 3 work in the budget left, or, the other way around.

I also did a ton of paperwork.  I mentioned this in my vacation post but just in case you are building or moving it is a good idea 1 month out as you pay bills,  call or go online for each thing to update the address.  You might need to stop or start service and you might get a nasty surprise like your internet service isn’t available at your new address!!!  Yup, that’s us.  Well, we have a month to deal with it.  I’m busy now but less busy then I’ll be the week I’m moving so this is a thing I can more easily do in advance.  A mail forward will catch the stragglers but I don’t want that to be the only method.  I’m also planning on doing our Christmas card super early this year as a change of address note to all the family and friends.

Today is the 4th of July but our parade plans got rained out.  Instead, we watched Iron Man 3 and bbq tonight.  (and I might just go get 1 more light I saw at Menards…)