honoring the last Monday

You know how you often don’t know that you did something for the last time until after it happened and you think “hey, I would have taken a moment to saver that”.  Lars had an insanely sad list on the subject once like one day you will pick up your child and put them down again and never pick them up.  You never know when that will be…  there were about 20 others but they were all sad.  The semi-solution to that is to take joy every time but that is more an aspiration then something you can actually do.  Anyway, I realized last week that I had missed noting the last full, normal, week of school.  Last week they had 5 days in school but I was there for all of 1 watching field day.  The previous week I put on the teacher breakfast so I was at the school for a couple hours. The week before that I spent half the day volunteering, so, I’m a month past my last full normal week.

However!  I am savoring every moment of this last Monday.  This isn’t just my last Monday before summer, it is my last Monday home, child free, in this house….  because, we have sold our house.


We actually sold it a little while ago but like so many things, announcing too early can lead to having to take it all back.  The new people appear nice according to my facebook search of their names.  I think they will fit into the neighborhood well and I’m happy they choose this house.

It was a really stressful month being on the market.  We held it together and I think we did admirably considering everything, but it was like final exam week stress for 4x as long but with the added stress sause of having no way to truly affect the process.  The only tip I can give for living in a house you are selling is to get nice luggage and use it to store laundry.  I would put our daily laundry into the suitcase and then wash every 3 or 4 days.

The other reason I didn’t post earlier is that I wanted to have the next chapter ready for you.  I’m sure everyone is wondering what combination or permutation of moving out and in actually will happen.  I know I had virtually a different scenario suited to every day between June and August rattling around my head like the worlds worst mosh pit.


We are selling our house on Friday, July 27.

We are buying our new home on Monday, August 12.

The good side!  We can live here most of the summer, no interim move like would have been necessary for a June closing.  There is a bit of a gap though, and actually, more then you see because to sell the house we need to be 100% moved out of it so really we need to be out by (goal) July 25.  Technically the builder can have things ready for us on July 31 but unless it could be done by July 20th giving us time to move, we have to get a storage solution regardless.  Our normal yearly 2-week family vacation is set to begin on July 28th so, I’m taking the hint from the universe and going on vacation instead of harassing the builders to be 10 days ahead of plan.  We will come home from vacation to a hotel for 1 night and get our new house the next day.

What about July 25-27?  Well, we are bunking in with a friend and given it is only 2 nights I think it will be fun and a nice transition from one house to the next.

That is the plan.  Given this actual framework, I can move all the other parts and pieces into order around it.

Not a minute to spare though, I’m so glad the kids were safe and happy at school for the majority of the selling process.  I’m going to try not to pack them into boxes over the summer but no promises….

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One response to “honoring the last Monday”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Congratulations and well done! Massive step forward x

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