Archive | April 6, 2018

Building House day 26 and Selling house day 1


Status; We have ROOF, or, most of one

Next step; finish the roof, shovel out the snow, dare I say floor? 

Current level of competition; 30 of 100


Status; Active listing, have pictures, are living in a sparse tv set

Children; actually decent at bed making, wishing they had a mom that was less stressed

Showings; 5 so far, another today, another tomorrow 


I dove deep into the mania of making the house ‘perfect’ and there was even a spring snow storm that thwarted my plan for powerwashing and deck touchup.  We were at 99% in time for the pictures, I did the last few things that day and then the showings started fast.  We had 3 on the first day *before* we even had pictures up?!  It was an exciting start but unfortunately, no offers yet.  Today is day 2.5 of listing, I hope the weekend picks up and we have an offer because it is really hard to live like this.  I’m very very glad the kids are in school and we have friends helping out all over to make it work.

I nearly don’t know what to do now because the house is clean, and, I can’t start anything too major because at any moment we might get a showing text.  It is a relief in a way to actually get some down time.  The past week(s) I’ve been hardly sleeping and going crazy with house projects and floor scrubbing and window washing.  I’ve been doing  the equivalent of 3 hours of planking a day in floor cleaning.  My body needed a break so not showing too much yesterday was a positive for body healing and self-care.  I feel much better for it and had a far better outlook on today; 80% less yelling this morning!

The house BUILDING is going really well in my opinion too.  Day 26 was two days ago and I actually went yesterday to bring them brownies and somehow didn’t take a picture but they were even further along in just one morning.







Love the lines and angles



The snow we got over easter and that delayed my power wash contractor also put a bit of snow into our living room…..  I’m sure they have a plan for removal and maybe thats why we don’t get floors until later.


One thing on my dumb list of worries (the DLW abbreviated) is that at our current house we have a ton of birds in the trees and bushes and we all love watching them.  I was worried that without trees we would have nothing so I was extra glad to see these guys strolling around the yard.


I don’t know if they will stick around when there is a dog, 3 kids, and no mud but I do hope so.

Today I feel like I have a little of my sanity back.  I have plans for tonight and this weekend to celebrate Niamh’s birthday and that is falling together nicely too.  I think next on the list is giving the dog a bath because she does not smell good and then I need to clean the car for our adventure tonight.  Everyone send good thoughts for lots of showings and offers!