Archive | March 5, 2018

Monday update

Guess what?  The kids are not in school!  In 2018 they have only gone to school on a Monday 4 times…  They also have next Monday and the Monday after off for spring break.  Today is a snow fear day, like it is going to snow, but isn’t really doing much yet.

Oh well, I’m glad they are getting old enough to mostly entertain themselves so I did get laundry in and kitchen and bathroom clean.  I still have things to get done not just normal stuff but things for the trip.

Remember that spiral from last week?  I was semi-hesitant to even post about that but I did for a few reasons;

  1. I want everyone out there to know that I don’t have it all together all the time, I know I feel so much better when someone I know talks about something like this because I don’t feel alone in the world.
  2. Talking about it puts it out there so people can cut me a little slack.  (as well as themselves)
  3. Sometimes putting your fears out into the universe delivers some sort of a solution


Over the past 3 days I’ve pulled myself out a bit, and, life has chilled a bit.  Even with kids on a Monday, I’m still keeping it up because I’ve been more careful about food and sleep and I’ve been chugging along on projects instead of hiding under the covers.  I also got a bit of a gift from the universe – my townhouse might already be “rented” and I don’t even have an official move out date from the people there right now (but they have had their own good luck and found a house and should be moving in 30-60 days).

In other news – my oldest has discovered online games like Words with Friends and so we have a game going.  I have discovered that while she is a bad speller, she is a fabulous game player and picked up on the way to win really fast – I can’t be easy on the little shark or she will eat me alive.

Ok, the natives are restless and it is time to change the laundry so off I go marching ever onward 🙂

Happy Snow Day!