Archive | March 2, 2018

bit of a spiral

I’m in a bit of a spiral.  I probably need a good nap because Fiona has gotten in the habit of waking me up around 2am and then 6am to ask if it is 7am for the past 4 days.  There is a clock in her room, and, the clock next to my bed can be seen from the hall, AND she can tell time!!!

The start of this spiral was Tuesday when the builder finally admitted that the timeline slipped and our new house won’t be ready until August.  This dominos to so many things including the fact I had 5 people lined up for a rent to own preview in 3 weeks for a June move in.  The real estate market is now starting into the HOT phase and the plan last year was to sell in March.  Like now.  Now is when we should be selling but if we do then we don’t have a place to live for months.  I put this angst on Facebook and got plenty of support and a few valid suggestions but no, I’m not going to move to NY or TX because I can’t just be absent from the process or the builders might just decide to go on a holiday or something…

I have half my house in storage, that includes all the next size clothing for my 3 kids. (and easter and a tote I need for our upcoming vacation) We were supposed to be UNPACKING that storage unit in time for summer clothing and now I need to either mine the storage or buy more.  We were supposed to be enjoying our giant extra-long summer in our new house and now I need to entertain 3 kids in a house we need to be packing up, or, in option B, living in a townhouse locally so we can sell now, buy a little place that we could rent easily after.  But summer with no yard and less space and making new friends just to leave them….

The spiral continues to create a giant dog pile on me when I consider other variables of moving including the fact that I’m probably going to have to deal with flipping one of our rentals at some unknown time in the future.  I also have a big trip I’m looking forward to but it takes to prep and a long drive and an unknown site at the other end but all my time now is in a war between vacation prep and house selling prep.  I probably sound like a crazy person but the finance math, timing, examining what is the best choice while missing two-thirds of the data is making me a crazy person.

So things that are normally easy and fine are now added to the pile.  I volunteered to be in charge of a big 2 night potluck and accepted a position on a finance planning board (I’m actually decent at money stuff) and both would be no big deal if they were the only extra I was doing.  My temper is short, my ears are more sensitive to loud games and fighting, I’m just not feeling capable to handle it all, all the time.

Oh!  and our dryer died so I got a new one and I don’t know if something is wrong or it is just weak but it is semi-pathetic in its only job – making clothing dry.  It also put me a week behind on laundry. I’m sure things will work out, I am going to go take a nap instead of sewing or cleaning or packing.  Maybe I can reverse the spiral with sleep and coffee.